Premium Green Hojari Frankincense Resin

Premium Green Sacred Frankincense Resin

One of the rare harvests from the Omani region is the premium green Hojari Frankincense resins, and these are exclusively sought after by many, especially those who consume the resins in infused water.

This medicinal grade of premium sacred frankincense is considered to be even higher than the sacred green hojari grade and is best used for consumption rather than burning.

Premium Green Hojari Frankincense Resin

This supreme quality comes from the sacred frankincense grade, harvested in one of the four regions of Oman in the Middle East.

The colour of the premium green frankincense is a combination of translucent white, very pale lemon and a very little blue. The pieces are usually much larger than the common green, yellow, brown or black resins.

The taste is rather unique, giving a deep lemon-lime citrusy aroma with subtle hints of eucalyptus and light pine. This grade is pure and comes without bark remnants, hence the superior quality. They are rare because they are not commonly harvested; therefore, if you are lucky, you may see them available in the market every few years.

Most common users of these resins may not understand the quality difference. Still, when you understand the different types, you will slowly learn to appreciate the differences.

Frankincense Premium Green Resin
The supreme quality of the Premium Green resins.

Why do people Burn or Consume Frankincense Resins?


  1. If you are reading this because it is something new to you, let me share why many people are interested in trying this alternative and traditional product.
  2. It is known to assist in removing negative energy from a space, room or home and helps to provide protection and an increased spiritual connection.
  3. Burning the resins assists in easing anxiety and stress, encourages feelings of peace and allows you to become more present in the moment.
  4. You may not know, but it is perfect for disinfecting rooms, homes and offices by eliminating 94% of bacteria and viruses.
  5. Burning it will aid in relaxation, calmness and peace of mind for those who meditate or want to relax after a stressful day.
  6. When consumed by infusing it in water, it improves arthritis, digestion and also helps to reduce asthma. It is also known to help heal the skin, prevent signs of ageing and balance out hormone levels.
  7. Some studies claim it has helped with cancer prevention by stopping it from spreading. While the medical society does not officially endorse it, some have seen improvements after consuming it.
Hojari Frankincense Premium Green Resin
The amber glass bottle packaging from Green Daun.

Difference Between Hojari Frankincense and Other Frankincense Resins


As most people may think that frankincense resins are all the same, they are not. They may come from the same Boswellia family, but each species has a different quality.

Here is a good comparison example: many apples are being sold in the market, and you know that the Fuji Apples are the best grade among them; therefore, Premium Green is the best among all the frankincense. I hope this helps to clarify the grade.

Out of the seven frankincense species found in the Gulf region, the Sacred Hojari or Hojary grade is known as the highest grade in the world. Even top essential oil maker Young Living uses sacred frankincense for their oils while they also have a lower grade: the Somalia frankincense oils, which is half the price.

Many other frankincense resin types come from Ethiopia, Yemen, Egypt, Saudi, Northwest India and Somalia; therefore, one should know the difference between them.

Hojary Frankincense Premium Grade Resin
Probably the best grade in the world, now available in Malaysia.

Where to buy Premium Green Hojari Frankincense Resin?


In Malaysia, you can buy this from our new age shop as we have available stock but not a lot. They are sold in special amber jars with 20 grams quantity. We do not sell large amounts.

We also sell it at our online shop called Green Daun New Age Shop on Shopee for those living out of the Klang Valley or unable to visit our shop. You can buy it online from there, and we can post it.



If you have been curious about consuming the sacred frankincense resin but are still unsure and want to know more, please visit our store; we can explain it in more detail. We have been consuming the infused water for over two years and have changed it to premium green hojari frankincense resins.

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