Palo Santo Resin

Resin Palo Santo

We sell Palo Santo resin imported from Peru for those who prefer to use this form when smudging, cleansing, or for other purposes like mixing it with various herbs and other resins.

This is another form of the famous ‘holy wood’, which is highly popular worldwide. Usually, people know about the natural Palo Santo raw wood or incense, which is readily available nowadays.

Palo Santo Resin

Green Daun imports all our Palo Santo from Peru and South America, and we are quite particular about who we import from. Thus, we have secured a reputable, ethical supplier passionate about their stock over the years.

For the record, we have imported Ecuador Palo Santo before and found that the energy and ethics used to obtain them are not as good as we think. Many in Ecuador are simply harvesting these palo santo trees unethically to make money. Hence we stopped selling Ecuador Palo Santo in 2019 and only sell Peruvian stock.

Palo Santo Resin Raw
What raw resin looks like.


You may already know that Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is a natural aromatic incense wood used for centuries by the Incas as a spiritual remedy for purifying, cleansing, and getting rid of evil spirits, misfortune and calamity. We at Green Daun have also been testing and using the resin for over a year by mixing it to create specific products and also added to other cleansing herbs and incense.

And the resin is usually found buried beside an old Palo Santo tree or oozing from the trunk, after which it quickly crystallizes. Now, we are selling the resin in our new age store and our online new age shop on Shopee for those living outside the Klang Valley.

For additional information, you can also read this article about the benefits of smudging with Palo Santo.

Palo Santo Resin Natural Form
Natural resin can be burned on top of charcoal.


What Does The Resin Smell Like?

This is a crucial question, as many people assume that the resin would smell like raw wood, but it does not. It has a more earthy scent than wood, giving it a sweeter aroma.

Some people prefer to mix the resin with the Palo Santo raw wood pieces by burning them together to create a slightly more powerful cleansing session. So, remember, this resin does NOT smell like the Palo Santo wood you are used to.

How to Use Palo Santo Resin?

  • The pure resin can be burned as incense alone, on top of palo santo wood, or mixed with other smudging herbs.
  • This pure resin can also be used to make fragrance oil for soap making or perfume or mixed with other incense to create your unique blend.


Peruvian Palo Santo Resin
We sell the resin in 15 grams and a glass jar.


All Palo Santo products we sell are imported from Peru, as we deal directly with the harvester. The products have been traditionally, legally and ethically gathered and harvested by reputable suppliers.

We do not support selling cheap palo santo products because those are usually the non-ethically obtained palo santo which is of no good use. Our Palo Santo resin is also obtained from a passionate and particular supplier of his country’s products.

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