Palo Santo Candles with Intentions

Malaysia Palo Santo Candle

Malaysia Palo Santo Candle

Our handmade Palo Santo candles with intentions are created with all kinds of positivity that have been set into them for anyone who loves the scent of this unique Peruvian healing wood.

Those who have used Palo Santo before will know the woody and sweet smell that this holy wood gives out when burned. And it can also be a chore to burn the natural wood at times.

Palo Santo Candles with Intentions

There are people out there who enjoy the scent of Palo Santo; therefore, we came out with a specially made version of this candle using only pure Palo Santo essential oils and the natural wood pieces that create the candle.

Our Palo Santo candles are made with the purest intentions set into them, and the entire process is not as simple as some may think. Also, we want to highlight two types of Palo Santo oils available in the market.

While many may not know, there are the pure Palo Santo essential oils and the Palo Santo fragrance oils. Both are very different in terms of price, quality and energy.

Pure Palo Santo Essential Oils – This is when the oil is extracted from the palo santo itself, and one small bottle can cost around RM100 and above. These are the natural and pure extract oils that we use to make out candles.

Palo Santo Frangrance Oils – These are the cheap oils that use the fragrance and are often passed off as pure essential oils, sold for under RM100 per bottle. Many may not know about this common trick, especially beginners. We do not use this type of oil.

And now you know why quality Palo Santo candles cost more than regular handmade candles. We use quality products that also carry good energy, resulting in the user having a good experience burning them.

Our Palo Santo Intentions Candles also burn for around 15 hours per medium jar, and we do not recommend burning them in one go. It is recommended that you burn it for 30 to 60 minutes per session, and the candles will last you easily two weeks.

Palo Santo Handmade Candle
Handmade Palo Santo candles from Green Daun.
Lilin Palo Santo
A close-up view of the candle.
Handmade Candle Palo Santo
Our special range of premium Palo Santo handmade candles.

What to use Palo Santo Intention Candles For?

As Palo Santo is well known for cleansing, purifying and so on, there are several ways that you can use these in many places, especially in your room, home and even at your business.

  • Cleansing – To cleanse away mild negative energies in your space
  • Purifying – To purify your space and invite in positivity
  • Calming – Burn to create a sense of calmness for you and your space
  • Meditation – Burn when meditation to create a sense of peace and calmness
  • Sleep – Burn just before you sleep to calm your mind and bedroom environment
  • Abundance – Burn at your workspace or business to attract positivity and abundance
  • Yoga – Burn the candles when performing yoga, as it will purify the area and yourself
  • Studying – Burn when studying to calm the mind and thus absorb positivity and knowledge

Where to Buy Palo Santo Candles with Intentions?

Because of the tedious process of making these candles, we don’t always have them ready in stock. However, when we make them, we do it in small batches and are sold in our new age shop.

We also sell handmade candles at our Green Daun online, utilising the Shopee platform for customers who cannot visit our shop. There, you can also get several other items in one go.

Also, you need not burn the candles in one go as you only need to burn them for 30 to 60 minutes at a time, and the candles will last you a good two weeks.

Palo Santo Candles Intentions
Our Palo Santo intention candles are all handmade.


For those who have tried Palo Santo, the handmade candles that we sell are a simplified version and can be used anytime you like. The candles also make great gifts to anyone who needs a little peace and calmness in their life.

To learn more about some of our products, you can always make an appointment to visit the Green Daun sanctuary in Petaling Jaya. We used to operate at a retail shop lot, and since June 2022, we have moved into a private business space.

If you need something to cleanse, calm and relax, you can always try our Palo Santo candles with intentions set into them.

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