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New Age Craft Shop Green Daun

First of all, a new age craft shop may sound a little complicated, but this article will explain what Green Daun is all about.

We originally started as a boutique craft shop, but after two and a half years in business, we decided to change our concept to a new age craft shop here in Malaysia. 

While you may still be wondering why and how, but after analyzing the many products that we sell, they are mostly in line with modern day millennial new age. 

What Is A New Age Craft Shop? 

New Age Craft Shop Malaysia
Inside The Green Daun New Age Craft Shop

Many know what a craft shop is, and a few only know what new age actually means. Well, if you do research on the internet, you will most likely find this explanation on what new age is;

New age is a broad movement characterized by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, with an interest in spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism.

But don’t let all those complicated words confuse you. We are not a pure new age shop, but a craft shop that indulges in some of the new age interest. 

This simply means that a new age craft shop actually sells some new age materials, and yet some of the conventional unique craft items. 

We are not your regular craft shop where you can find paper, buttons, paints and rubber stamps. At Green Daun, you will find a little more interesting items and materials related to handmade products. 

Items we carry include all kinds of crystal beads, healing oils, charms, custom made crystal bracelets, earrings and necklaces, mala’s, sage, frankincense and even ready made products related to what is mentioned. 

Green Daun Shop Interior Photos
A variety of modern lifestyle and new age items that we sell

Why Is Green Daun A New Age Craft Shop? 

Below, we will share with you why we are a new age craft shop, as it would be better for you to know about our products before coming over.

Below is a list of all our main products that we sell in our new age craft and retail shop;

Smudging, Cleansing and Purifying Items – These include various types of sage, frankincense resin and palo santo sticks. The are sold in small quantities for beginners and also for seasoned users. We also sell a special smudging spray for those who dislike smoke. 

Energy Healing Oils – Our own house blends that are made entirely by ourselves with intention and infused with crystals. The energy healing oils include Chakra Balancing, Negative Away, Open Heart and many others. 

Protection and Purification Bath Salts – Made 100% in-house by us, we sell a variety of these bath salts that can be used after your shower or even as a foot soak. 

Flower and Herbal Bath (Mandi Bunga) – These are our special blends that use herbs and flowers for chakra balancing and even for new beginnings or Buang Suey as the locals call it. 

Salts for Dispelling Negative Forces – Also made with high intention to protect and keep away negative and evil forces from your space. A carefully researched concoction made to repel bad spirits, black magic, curses and hexes.  

Crystal Beads Shop Malaysia
Some of our crystal gem beads that we sell individually

Crystal Beads – We are probably one of the most complete crystal bead shops in Malaysia, where we have over 50 types of crystal beads which are sold individually.

This simply means that you can walk in and buy just a few beads, versus buying one entire strand when all you need is only four or six beads for your project.

Crystal beads are also known as semi-precious crystal beads, and not diamonds, rubies and sapphire gems. This has often been a mild confusion among some customers or even jewelry makers. 

For example, if you are looking for where to buy Tiger’s Eye crystal beads, you will be happy to know we have over five different types of Tiger’s Eye stones available. 

Kayu Raja Shop Malaysia
Authenticity of our Raja Kayu beads against a light

Other Types Of Unique Beads – For those looking for Raja Kayu beads, we carry a few bracelets in different sizes. But please note we only stock the Kayu Raja bracelets and 108 mala, and not the raw chips or blocks. 

Apart from Raja Kayu, we also have some Agarwood bracelets and even 108 mala. These are the locally known as Gaharu Buaya or Crocodile Agarwood. 

There is also Rudraksha seeds in our collection, which come in many faces or Mukhi. However, you are advised to contact us to inquire about this. 

All our Rudraksha are brought in directly from Nepal, and we bypass the middleman, hence our prices are very reasonable. If you are looking for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 15 Mukhi or even the Ganesha Rudraksha, do drop by to see them.

Again, we bypass all middleman, and our source is directly from Nepal, and they are authentic, but without certification. 

Update Dec 2019 – Our middleman has retired therefore we will discontinue to sell individual rudraksha seeds as mentioned above. We will however be custom making rudraksha mala and bracelets. 

Frankincense Resin Oil Shop in Malaysia
Frankincense raw resin sold at our shop

Frankincense Resin – You can buy raw frankincense resin or even sacred frankincense essential oils from our shop as we sell the highest grades in the world. These are called the Green Hojari Frankincense, which is imported directly from Oman. 

You may also know them as Sacred Frankincense, which is highly popular in the essential oil market in Malaysia and around the world.

While essential oils have made an impact all over Malaysia with popular brands like Young Living or Doterra, we also have the highest grade sacred frankincense essential oil for sale.

Our Frankincense resin is sold by the gram, and a glass container is 20 grams which retails at RM40.00 per container. Again, this is the highest grade of frankincense that we sell.  

Frankincense Essential Oil – At the moment, we only sell the Sacred Frankincense essential oil, which of course comes from the highest grade which is the Green Hojari Frankincense.

While there are many grades available in the market, we encourage you to visit our shop to tell the difference between the Somalia and others. 

Myrrh – For those who know about frankincense, you will be happy to know that we also sell raw myrrh resin at out shop. Our myrrh is also the highest quality Yemeni myrrh which is sold by 20 gram containers. 

Myrrh is a very selective resin, and when combined with frankincense, it becomes a balance. This is especially when you are burning them together. 

Glass Seed Beads – Currently, we sell high grade glass seed beads for your general beading work, and we also carry some Japanese Miyuki glass beads, and we also stock MGB Matsuno glass beads. 

Malaysia Macrame Shop
Macrame materials that we sell at our shop

Macrame Materials – While macrame started trending in early 2018, we speculate that it will follow through in 2019, hence we are happy to say that we are one of the most complete Macrame shops in Malaysia. 

*Update Dec 2019 – We will eventually discontinue to sell a variety of macrame cotton ropes as the fad in Malaysia has died down. For now, what we have will be the common 3.5mm and possibly 4mm or 5mm cotton cords. 

Our macrame products include many sizes of cotton cords in twisted and braided styles, and they also come in various colors for some of the sizes.

You can get the most common 4mm or 5mm cotton cord bundles from our shop, and also different types of cords which are twisted or braided. 

Apart from macrame cotton rope, we also sell nylon cords in a few sizes, which are also suitable for macrame making in Malaysia. 

Dream Catchers – Green Daun originally started as the only complete dream catcher shop in Malaysia, where we create unique dream catchers and sell them in our shop.

We are also an outlet where you can find all the dream catcher materials you need to make your own dream catcher. 

Over the years, we have supplied over thousands of dream catcher makers and customers who walked into our retail shop to buy materials, by ready made dream catchers or even custom make them. 

*Update: In December 2019, we have decided on discontinuing the dream catcher products, but we will still make our own unique dream catchers for sale. 

Dream Catcher Materials Shop Malaysia
Some of the dream catcher materials that we sell

Feathers – Green Daun sells the widest range of feathers that come in many colors, shapes and sizes, which can be used for all kinds of art and craft.

Most of the time, these feathers are used for making dream catchers, but it does not stop there as there are many other ways you can use feathers. 

Feathers are commonly used for decorations, events, themed parties like Gatsby or Roaring 20’s, jewellery making, scrapbooking, costume making, hats and many other ways to use them. 

There are even people that collect unique feathers, while some even want the rare feathers as table decorations in their homes or offices. 

Green Daun Shop Location
The location of Green Daun Shop

Where Is Our Shop Located At? 

Green Daun new age craft shop is located in Damansara Perdana, the retails shops of Block C, Perdana Exclusive Condominium. Just use Waze to look for ‘Green Daun Craft Shop’ and it will bring you here. 

For those out of town, we are in Petaling Jaya, very near IKEA Petaling Jaya, Kidzania and The Curve Shopping Centre. For those who need verbal directions, just give us a call. 


New age has been a very subjective name for a very long time, but we want to share this with the general consumers that it is all about an alternative modern lifestyle.

This will slowly being accepted by many urban people, and hopefully you the reader, understands what it is all about. If you are a healer, you are also welcome to visit us. 

If you are curious enough, please feel free to drop by our new age craft shop in Malaysia, as it will provide a better perspective to what our business is all about. 

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