Natural Hand Sanitizer in Malaysia

Natural Sanitizer Malaysia

Natural Sanitizer Malaysia

Update 2021: We no longer make or supply any handmade natural sanitizers.

We have often heard that some people are looking for a natural hand sanitizer in Malaysia and the good news is that we have them in stock at our shop.

Hand sanitisers have been around for a long time, and every time a virus situation arises, people will rush to stock up on hand sanitisers for prevention.

Malaysia Natural Hand Sanitizer

Ever since we moved into the new age and natural products, we have been selling natural energy sanitizers that help clear up negative and bad energies while also cleansing germs and bacteria.

And in early January 2020, we started to create our own natural sanitisers for everyday common use in a liquid spray form.

We create this by using natural herb-infused oils, essential oils that help keep away bacteria and germs and alcohol.

We also have other cleansing products available in our shop, and those are the burning types like palo santo, white sage and even frankincense resins.

If you did not already know, burning those items helps with cleansing the air and space by killing bacteria and germs.

Plus, they are all-natural products, and they contain certain antiseptic compounds that help keep the air clean and free of harmful bacteria, viruses, and moulds.

Many may not know that the smoke emitted by those herbs is also defined as medicinal smoke because it can kill bacteria and charge the air with negative ions.

Malaysia Natural Sanitizer
Our natural sanitizers with some palo santo burning in a bowl.

How much are our natural sanitizers?

Our Malaysian made natural sanitizers are sold in two sizes, 30ml and 100ml spray bottles. The 30ml comes in a plastic spray bottle and retails at RM15, while the 100ml comes in a glass spray bottle and is priced at RM45.00.

And for customers who buy the sanitisers and bring the empty bottle back for a refill, we will deduct RM2.00 for the refill price.

Where is our retail shop?

Green Daun new age shop is located in Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya. The easiest landmark, which is about 1.5 km away, is IKEA PJ.

We are located in the Perdana Exclusive Condominium commercial area, which is on the ground floor and facing the main road. You can easily spot our signboard from the main road.

The best way to find us is by searching for Green Daun on Waze or Google Maps, and it will bring you to our shop.

What are our business hours?

We open from Tuesday to Sunday and from 11.00 AM till 6.00 PM. We are closed every Monday. However, there may be times when we close for a couple of days in a year due to our travel for stock buying.

The best way to find out more is to follow us on our Green Daun Facebook Page, where we post updates on our new products or when we are closed.


If you have been looking for a natural hand sanitizer in Malaysia and having no luck, then you can always drop by our shop to buy them.

We do not make large batches but make them in small batches; therefore, we usually have ready stock for the natural sanitizers in both sizes.

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