Metallic Gold Silver Card String Cord Rope in Malaysia

Gold Silver String Cord Rope MalaysiaGreen Daun craft shop sells them in small and large quantities if you are looking for metallic gold silver card string cord rope in Malaysia.

Usually, this kind of metallic strings or cords is used for cards, gift wrapping and many other arts and craft.

*Please Take Note – As of Jan 1, 2020, we no longer stock these items in our shop. And sorry, we do not know where else to get them.

No Longer For Sale
This item is no longer for sale at our shop.

You can use the metallic gold and silver string for tying party packs, tags, jewellery making, or even using them as a dream catcher web.

These gold and silver braided threads are highly sought after and come in a series of metallic colours.

Gold Silver Braid String Malaysia
The size of the metallic gold and silver strings

Metallic Gold Silver Card String Cord Rope in Malaysia

We sell these metallic gold silver string at our craft shop in small lots of 5 meters, and they come in metallic gold, silver, magenta, green, turquoise blue and pearl white. Usually, gold and silver are highly sought after by crafters.

As for the gold colour, there are three different tones available which are bright gold, dark gold and pale gold. For the silver colour cord, there is only one tone available.

The most metallic string is sold in five meters, but some are only sold in 91 meters (100 yards). This is because the smaller quantities of colours are much harder to get while common gold and silver are still being produced.

*Please Take Note – As of Jan 1, 2020, we no longer stock these items in our shop.

Gold Silver Cord String in Malaysia
A selection of the metallic strings we sell in our shop

The size of the string is about 1mm diameter and versatile to use for most art and craftwork, or even as card string for your invitation or wedding cards.

The string or cord is made by interweaving multiple strands of metallic threads. It has a beautiful shine and is popularly used by many different industries.

We recommend you drop by our craft shop in Petaling Jaya to see the actual product for those who want to know more about this product. You will then have a better idea of how to use them. If you have used them before, and need to purchase them, you can buy them from our shop.

Metalliuc String in different colors
Some of the metallic colours for the strings that Green Daun sells

Those who want to DIY or do their own wedding card or party invitation cards also seek the metallic string as it is used to secure the inner lining of the card by tying it at the card fold.

For those who do small party favours and who want to add a touch of class, the gold or silver string is used to tie the party favour bags. Sometimes, the metallic gold or silver string is used as tag strings for small cards.

Gold Metallic String Malaysia
A 0.3mm fine metallic gold string

Types of Metallic Cords and Strings in Malaysia

A few types of metallic cord strings are available, and the most common size is 1mm. We also have a 0.3mm gold metallic string, and we also have a 2.5mm thick gold braid string.

Depends on the type of project you do, you can now choose the size. However, please note for the 0.3mm metallic string, we only have it in gold colour. The 2.5mm gold braid string comes only in the dull gold colour, which can be used for various art and craft projects.

2.5mm gold braid string malaysia
The thickness of the gold braid string with a digital measurer

To find out more about the metallic gold silver card string cord rope in Malaysia, contact us or drop by our boutique craft shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

*Please Take Note – As of Jan 1, 2020, we no longer stock these items in our shop plus we do not sell any more craft items.


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