Mercury Retrograde Energy Healing Oil

Mercurt Retrograde Energy Healing Oil

For those of you who experience major mood swings, depression and anxiety, we have a Mercury Retrograde energy healing oil available to cushion off those feelings.

This is perfect for anyone who is going through the Mercury Retrograde phase which happens three or four times a year or even any kind of moon phase that affects you.

This phenomenon has been happening for thousands of years and it has affected people from all over the world. So if you have experienced a time in a year where things go wrong, then it is probably because of the Mercury Retrograde.

Retrograde Energy Healing Oil
Our special Retrograde energy healing oil.

Mercury Retrograde Energy Oil

One way to overcome these issues is by using our Mercury Retrograde energy healing oils that are made 100% by us and using various herbs, flowers, crystals, base oil and essential oil, which are also set with positive and good intentions.

They come in 10ml glass bottles which is a roll-on type for easy use. For starters, you can apply the oil on your temple, third-eye, behind your ears or anywhere you feel you need to.

You can also put some oil into your palm, rub them together and then smell the oil. This is not an essential oil as some people do make them for diffuser purposes.

Mercury Retrograde
The planets of our solar system, Mercury is the closest to the sun.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

For those who may have heard of this phenomenon or want to know more, Mercury Retrograde happens three or four times a year when the planet Mercury is said to go retrograde.

In layman terms, the planet Mercury moves in the opposite direction to planet Earth, which is said to cause the Mercury Retrograde during this planetary movement.

This causes energy to flow differently and it leads to many blockages impairing individual feelings, all forms of communication, documents, and even on our electronic systems.

Many believe that this strange Retrograde movement causes a lot of problems in terms of emotional feelings or even triggers depression, frustrations and even anxiety attacks.

Those who are into astrology would know of this, but then again, in Malaysia, there are many who still do not understand what the Mercury Retrograde is all about.

Mercury Retrograde Sadness
Feeling sad or depressed? It could be the Mercury Retrograde effect.

What happens during Mercury Retrograde?

In a short explanation, things start to go wrong in every possible way and this effect causes a lot of stress and anxiety for many people.
It transforms our astrological lives by turning a multitude of things upside down and inside out, which could be anything from home to work to even relationships.
Below are some of the common issues faced during the Mercury Retrograde;
  • Anxiety – Sudden anxiety attacks become common.
  • Arguments – For no reason, you suddenly find yourself in an argumentative mood with your loved ones or family.
  • Become Irritable – You feel irritated over every small little thing.
  • Communication Breakdown – You start saying all the wrong things creating more problems.
  • Frustrations – Things don’t seem to work in your favour which releases all kinds of frustrations.
  • Hot-Headed – For no reason, tempers start to rise and we can become hot-headed.
  • Insomnia – Suddenly you feel you have trouble sleeping.
  • Make Bad Decisions – During this time, you find yourself making all kinds of bad decisions.
  • Old Wounds – Past wounds may suddenly reappear causing feelings of hurt, grudges or even anger.
  • Sadness – All of a sudden, you feel sad or depressed for no reason or even start crying.

What NOT to do during the Mercury Retrograde?

During this crucial time, it is best not to make huge life-changing decisions as Mercury in retrograde has a way of making sure it does not work out as planned.

This applies to events like changing jobs, moving house or business, undergoing any major surgery, signing of contracts, buying a home or car, and so on.

Generally, during the Mercury Retrograde, people will be more careful and cautious about what they say and do, and it is probably the best thing everyone should be extra careful.

Mercury Retrograde Depression
Sudden depression is one of the signs during the Mercury Retrograde.

When is Mercury Retrograde in 2020?

For the year  2020, there are three phases of Mercury Retrograde and they are;
  • February 17 to March 10, 2020 (Pieces & Aquarius)
  • June 18 to July 12, 2020 (Cancer)
  • October 14 to November 3, 2020 (Scorpio & Libra)

These are the most accurate dates known but often the retrograde may even occur one or two days before the actual dates so take note of this.

For the June 18 to July 12 Retrograde, the star sign Cancer, you need to pay attention to some classic issues of communication, commerce, and movement.

Cancer is also attached to home and family, hence special focus is needed in this area as miscommunications or arguments may occur with members of the family.

Avoid selling, buying or moving into a new home or even planning to do some renovations during this time.

On a side note, this retrograde may also work in your favour by re-connecting yourself with a member of the family whom you may have lost contact with.

Mercury Retrograde Cure
The Mercury Retrograde energy healing oil that we sell.

How to Overcome Mercury Retrograde?

You can do so by using our blend of Mercury Retrograde energy healing oil where it helps purifies and purges you and your space, shelters and protects you from the negative effects of retrogrades.

Before using the oils, one has to cleanse themselves and also the area they are in. It could be a room, house or even office area.

You can cleanse an area with White Sage, Palo Santo or Sacred Frankincense by burning them and using the smoke to smudge the area.

The most important thing is that you should trust your intuition. This means that you should question yourself before doing anything and don’t second guess.

One of the common methods in this retrograde is to focus on the “Re“. This happens when we are about to say or do something, we need to take a step back and;

  • Rethink
  • Review
  • Reread
  • Relax
  • Reconsider
  • Recover
  • Repeat
  • Renew
  • Reunite
  • Repack
  • Revive


Mercury Retrograde Signs
When you feel things are not right, it is the Mercury Retrograde that is affecting you.

Is there anything Positive in Mercury Retrograde?

Many think that the Mercury Retrograde is a bad thing, but there is some good that can happen during this phase. Well, I am unable to list down here but sometimes bad things may turn into good things.

For example, if you were supposed to take a job during this period and it did not work out, maybe the next job offer coming would be a better one. That is just an example.

Where to Buy Mercury Retrograde Energy Oil?

They are available at our retail store Green Daun, in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. This blend is one-of-a-kind and is not usually made by us, but due to demand from our customers, we created the oils.

For those who prefer an amulet, we also have the Mercury Retrograde amulet where you can carry it along with you where ever you go. You can also put it in your car, bag or on your office table.

Mercury Retrograde Oil Malaysia
A close-up view of the Mercury Retrograde oil.

What makes our Mercury Retrograde energy oil different from the others?

You may have seen some sold online and just to clarify, our energy oils are made from scratch and do not contain any form of chemicals.

We use grapeseed oil as the base which is infused with various types of herbs and flowers and mixed with a special energy healing oil. The final touch is brewing them and then setting a positive intention into the oils.


If you are reading this article, then it means that you have probably experienced a time when things just go wrong and one of the causes is, of course, the Mercury Retrograde phase.

If you do not believe in astrology, energy healing or the universe, you would not be reading about this and would put the blame somewhere else.

In this day, there are so many unexpected things happening around us and also to us, and sometimes we cannot find an answer to why.

If you believe in the strange planet and moon phases, then you would understand that it does affect us in some way or another, and now we have the Mercury Retrograde energy healing oil to help you through it.

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