Meaning of Candle Colours

Candle Colour Meanings

Candle Colour Meanings

Since we started selling ritual magick candles, several of our customers have contacted us to get information about the meaning of candle colours. We have obtained relevant information from several sources.

Candle magick is slightly different from ‘colour magick’, which uses the colour spectrum and each colour’s intention to invoke its magical response. Candle magic is performed to cast spells or rituals, and knowing the candle colours meanings helps you understand it better.

Meaning of Candle Colours

Meaning of Candle Magic Colours
Tapered candles are the best used for rituals.


When you do rituals or candle magick, each candle colour holds a special meaning, and if you end up using the wrong coloured candle, it can alter the results of your work or ritual.

Below is a brief explanation for each candle colour to keep on hand for any rituals or spellwork you may do. And if you cannot get the desired colour, white candles can be used instead of any other colour.

Red Candles
Rules Tuesday, which corresponds to Mars. Martian energy is very masculine, active, courageous, and fiery. Mars is the leader that goes to war, the sexual savant who sways any willing partner towards their bed.

  • Passion & energy
  • Sex & lust
  • Vitality & courage
  • The Root Chakra

Pink Candles
Rules Friday, which corresponds to Venus. Venusian energy is very feminine, soft, beautiful, and gracious. Venus is the lover, the mother, the escort, the bleeding heart. Pink candles are ideal for any work involving love and matters of the heart.

  • Love (self-love, romantic love)
  • Romance
  • Friendship
  • Forgiveness
  • Emotional healing

Green Candles
Rules Friday, which corresponds to Venus. As mentioned under “Pink”, Venusian energy is very feminine, soft, beautiful, and gracious. Under the colour of green, though, we see more of Venus’ great and abundant qualities, bringing in good luck in all material matters (especially in finance).

  • Prosperity & money
  • Good luck
  • Success
  • Fertility & growth
  • The Heart Chakra

Orange Candles
Rules Wednesday, which corresponds to Mercury. Mercurial energy is very quick, talkative, energetic, and highly intelligent. Mercury is the librarian, the connector of all things, the trickster (at times), and the judge. Orange candles are great for matters that must be resolved or brought forth quickly.

  • Aides in legal matters
  • Good fortune
  • Success, action, courage
  • Happiness & enthusiasm
  • Intellectual matters
  • The Sacral Chakra

Yellow Candles
Rules Sunday, which corresponds to the sun. Solar energy is very healing, playful, confident, and creative. The sun is the young, vital child and the older, wiser father. Yellow candles are ideal for any work relating to vitality (both emotional and physical) and also represent the element of air.

  • Health & vitality
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra

Blue Candles
Rules Thursday, which corresponds to Jupiter. Jupitarian energy is very upbeat, expansive, generous, and abundant. Jupiter is the joyful and benevolent king, the kindly grandfather who always has a wise and healing story to tell, the beauty within the storm. Blue candles are ideal for any work that involves expansion, wisdom, and healing.

  • Peace
  • Healing & health
  • Inspiration
  • Dream magic
  • Protection
  • Throat chakra
  • Represents the element of Water
Meaning for Candle Colours
Meanings explained.

Purple Candle
It also rules Thursday, which corresponds to Jupiter. As mentioned under “Blue”, Jupitarian energy is very upbeat, expansive, generous, and abundant. But under the colour of purple, it shows it is a more spiritually broadside, bringing in divine wisdom and psychic intuition.

  • Spiritual growth, protection & awareness
  • Wisdom
  • Psychic abilities
  • Meditation
  • The Crown Chakra

Black Candle
Rules Saturday, which corresponds to Saturn. Saturnian energy is very masculine, grounded, restrictive, and structured. Saturn is grandfather time. He is the pull of gravity, that dose of hard-hitting reality, and the corporate leader that brings success through the structure. Black candles are ideal not only for Saturn-related work but are fantastic for anything that needs to be broken, protected, or removed.

  • Protection
  • Curse breaking
  • Cord-cutting
  • Banishing
  • Repelling negative energy
  • New moon rituals
  • Grounding
  • Releasing


Grey Candles

Rules Monday & Saturday, which corresponds to Capricorn. This coloured candle is used to ponder complex matters because it is a neutral colour. A grey candle tends to remove and block every form of negative energy without repercussions during your mediation.

  • Neutralize negative influence
  • Represent balance
    Encourage stability
  • Develop psychic abilities
  • Spiritual wisdom

Brown Candle
Ruling only the earth, brown candles are excellent for all earthly matters, grounding and magic.

  • Grounding
  • Promoting stability, concentration, and balance
  • Protect and heal animals—animal magic

Gold Candle
It also rules Sunday, which corresponds to the sun. As mentioned under “Yellow”, Solar energy is very healing, playful, confident, and creative. But under gold, the sun shines in its regality! Think of great kings, treasures, and extraordinary wealth! Gold candles represent God and are perfect for matters relating to the abundance of the masculine.

  • Wealth
  • Success
  • Vitality
  • Powerful masculine energy

Silver Candle
It also rules Monday, which corresponds to the moon. As mentioned under “White”, Lunar energy is feminine, maternal, loving, and highly intuitive. But under silver, the Lunar also shines in its regality and divine powers! Think of great queens, revered mystics, powerful witches. Silver candles represent the Goddess and are perfect for any matters relating to the abundance of the feminine.

  • Represents Goddess
  • Promotes peace, serenity, intuition, feminine energy

White Candle
Rules Monday, which corresponds to the moon. Lunar energy is very feminine, maternal, loving, and highly intuitive. The moon is the psychic witch who draws tarot cards late at night, the beautiful homemaker who infuses love into their family’s home, and the pure angelic energy of a saint.

White candles are extraordinary in that they contain all colours, and as such, can be used to replace any coloured candle that you may not have. They are perfect for bringing about purity and adding an extra dose of lunar energy to your rituals and are fantastic for spells on purification & cleansing as well as Full Moon Rituals.

Ritual Magic Candles
Ritual or Magick Candles.



The meaning of candle colours may vary from country to country, but overall, I have observed that a majority are similar. For example, a black candle will always be used for protection, while a red candle will be used for love.

I have also written about rituals and spell candles for anyone who wants to know a little more about this. It is considered something very new for most people here in Malaysia too.

This candle colour guide was created to benefit those new to this or who need to know a specific colour for a candle ritual or spellwork. You can also see the ritual and magic candles for sale in Malaysia on our Shopee online shop.

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