Malaysia Manifest Oil

Malaysia Manifest Oil

One of our homemade products is a unique Manifest Oil with Citrine Crystal sold at our online store. However, if you visit our retail shop, you will also find a different size for this special anointing oil.

Manifestation is currently trending in Malaysia, thanks to the recent Covid19 pandemic, where a lot of uncertainty has clouded many people. It is about career, happiness, and abundance most of the time.

Manifest Oil with Citrine Crystal

Malaysia Manifesting Oil
The Manifest Oil comes with a Citrine Crystal.
Malaysia Manifest Oil Set
The box set.

The manifestation oils are made at Green Daun and are purely organic and handcrafted. We also use grapeseed oil as the base, and it is infused with herbs and crystals to create the intent.

Each oil bottle contains pieces of Pyrite and Citrine and is infused with 14K gold leaf pieces that provide external use for anyone who wants to manifest through meditation or prayer.

Manifestation can be used for happiness, joy, love, work, career, abundance, wealth and even spirituality. It all depends on the person’s intent who wishes to manifest it. Many seek this oil for love, money, and success in most cases.

But, we also would like to add that before you can achieve any of the above, you must also consider cleansing your space, room, or house to attract.

This manifest oil with Citrine crystal is also external use oil, meaning that you can use this externally on yourself and do not consume it.

Oil for Manifestation
The larger Manifest Oil bottle is sold at our new age shop.


To buy the Green Daun manifest oil with Citrine crystal, you can head to our online New Age Shop on Shopee. If you visit our new age shop, we only sell them in a larger bottle without the Citrine crystal.

However, you can get the Citrine crystal or other types of tumbled and raw crystals from our shop. Please also note that this item may or may not be in stock as it is all handmade by us; therefore it is also recommended you follow our online store on Shopee.

This product and information are not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease or condition. Always discuss with your medical practitioner before using any natural oil blends.

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