Macrame Classes in PJ and KL

Macrame Classes in PJ and KL

If you are looking for Macrame classes in PJ and KL, you should know there are not many of these classes available.

We at Green Daun only sells the macrame materials, cords, rings and so on, but we do not conduct classes or workshops for Macrame.

*Update Dec 2019 – As of January 2020, we will discontinue to sell the entire range of macrame materials and possibly only carry limited stock.

Macrame Classes in PJ and KL

For the millennials and younger generation, Macrame is not something new, as it has been around for centuries, dating back to the 13th century.

It was also highly popular in the 60’s to the 80’s, and if you ask your parents about this, they would surely know about macrame.

Macrame Classes in PJ and KL
One of the more interesting macrame designs

With the social media trend in the last five to ten years, macrame making is one of the niche hobbies and crafts that have surfaced here in Malaysia.

Thanks to social platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Google, people are finding out more ways to get creative with their hands too.

In Malaysia, this has also opened up the creativity in many people, especially with the information available online, many are looking into doing different types of craft nowadays.

Macrame Pot Hangers Malaysia
Multiple macrame pot hanger

This has resulted in macrame making as one of the unique and fun workshops to attend, as it purely uses your skill to do this.

With a small following, the demand for macrame workshops in PJ and KL have also grown, opening up opportunities for many people to teach them.

Macrame Bag Workshop Malaysia
A beautiful macrame bag

While we at Green Daun would love to indulge in this, we prefer not to as we want others to excel in this area of handmade arts and craft.

We only sell the many types of macrame materials you require for any of your projects. Items like cotton cords, nylon cords, wooden beads, wooden rings and even bamboo sticks are sold by us.

And no, we do not do the large quantity selling like many places. We offer small quantities of materials for beginners, or even medium quantity for seasoned makers.

Macrame Cords Malaysia
Different types of macrame cords sold at Green Daun

What Kind Of Materials Does Macrame Use?

We have to share this part, because it is very important that you know what materials macrame uses. Most people will think that macrame uses only cotton cords, and that is untrue.

Macrame is an art of knotting string in patterns to make decorative items, and any kind of materials can be used to make them.

Nylon Cords Macrame Malaysia
Colorful nylon cords for macrame

Most popular materials that everyone uses for macrame are in fact the common cotton cord. These also come in a few types, which are;

  • Twisted Cotton Cord – The most popular twist type of cotton cord in many sizes that range from 1mm to 7mm in width.
  • Braided Cotton Cord (Hollow) – These are the evergreen and classic macrame cotton cords and they come in sizes of 5mm, 6mm and 7mm.
  • Braided Cotton Cord (Full) –  These are selective and are often used for larger projects as the cords come filled with cotton inside. Sizes are 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.
Wooden Rings For Macrame Malaysia
Different size wooden rings for macrame making

Then, on the international level for macrame making, makers use various types of materials and cords to do their macrame projects. They include;

  • Nylon Cord – These cords come in many colors and sizes, and can be used for many different types of projects, namely pot hangers and bags.
  • Hemp Cord – Also used for creative macrame designs and comes in many sizes.
  • Jute Cord – Same as hemp, and used for multiple projects.
  • Chinese Cord – For a more shiny finishing, these are suitable for small projects, jewelry and so on.
Cotton Cords Malaysia
Close up of the braided cotton cord used in macrame making

Generally, there are many types of materials can be used to do macrame, and it is all up to the maker. If you have used Pinterest, you would also know that there are many designs that can be done.

For example, Green Daun has made a number of macrame pieces using denim cords, nylon rope, jute material and even satin ribbons.

Macrame Design Workshop Malaysia
Creative macrame designs that are available in the market

The misconception of the public is that macrame must only be made with cotton cords, and at times, we blame the person teaching the macrame workshops.

Why do we say the above? It is because students who attended macrame workshops or classes, visit our shop and insist that macrame is all about cotton cords or rope.

If we could put an emoji here, it would be a huge face palm. This goes to show what people are learning nowadays, and yet paying high prices.

When you visit our retail craft shop, we take the time to explain what is macrame all about, what you can do, what materials you can use and so on.

Macrame Jewelry Malaysia
Types of macrame jewelry that can be made

What Kind Of Macrame Classes in PJ and KL Are Available? 

Before you continue reading, we want to inform that we are NOT conducting any macrame classes in PJ or KL.

As you may or may not know, there are actually many different sub categories for macrame making, and it depends on what type of style you want to do.

In Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, there are various types of Macrame classes available, and you just need to know who to look for. The type of macrame projects include;

  1. Wall Decoration
  2. Pot Hangers
  3. Jewelry
  4. Bags
  5. Clothes
Kelas Macrame Malaysia
Things you can make with macrame

How Much Does A Macrame Class Or Workshop Cost?

Most of the macrame classes are conducted in group sessions. They also range between RM150 to RM250 per person, depending on the type of class you attend, and usually includes materials.

For some strange reason, most of the classes are usually for wall decorations or pot hangers. Rarely you find macrame workshops or classes that do bags or jewelry.

We believe that many of the macrame teachers in Malaysia are self taught and new, who only learned how to make macrame in the last couple of years due to trend.

We have also heard that some of the macrame classes are so basic and simple that they only teach you how to knot, and there is no material knowledge or whatsoever.

Macrame clutch bags
Macrame clutch bags are popular in Malaysia

How Do You Pronounce Macrame?

This is very important as many Malaysians do not know how to pronounce the word macrame. Here, we will give you an example on how to pronounce the word correctly.

Macrame is pronounced as “Ma-Kra-May“.

To our surprise, there are many people here that call it “Ma-Cram”, which is wrong. If you are still confused, please watch this YouTube video on how to pronounce Macrame.

And if you want to understand or learn about the origins of this unique craft, there is a great article that shares information about the history of Macrame, which is short and sweet.

Macrame wooden beads Malaysia
Macrame wooden beads sold at Green Daun

What Do We Sell At Our Shop?

We sell all kinds of macrame cords that come in cotton and nylon, and available in many sizes and colors. Apart from that, we also sell wooden rings and beads in many sizes too.

Because we are not a full macrame shop, we also sell other unique craft materials. They include crystal beads, glass beads, feathers, jewelry accessories, dream catcher making materials, and many other items.

If you are looking for where to get macrame rope cords in Malaysia, Green Daun has quite a decent collection available.

Just visit our retail shop to see and feel the cords, which we highly recommend doing before you start work on your project.

Macrame Cotton Cord Sizes Malaysia
Different sizes for macrame cotton cords sold at our shop

We know that the age of technology has improved so much, but just to remind you that we are a retail shop. We are not your Instagram or Facebook Seller that replies every message all day long.

We have a business to run, as we have customers walking in and out, hence if you would like to see the materials, please visit our shop.

Macrame Knot Malaysia
A sample of a macrame knot

Many people will call or Whatsapp and ask to send photos, and we have too many items to take photos, so here is a friendly reminder, we are a proper shop.

Plus macrame is something that a maker needs to feel and touch. This way, you will know which cord is suitable for your project.

And especially if you are just a beginner macrame maker, please drop by the shop to feel the cord materials, and bead or ring sizes.

Macrame dream catcher
A macrame dream catcher made by Green Daun

Where Is Our Macrame Shop in Malaysia?

We are located in the Klang Valley, in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. You can just key in Green Daun Craft Shop into Waze or Google Maps, and it will lead you to our shop.

Same thing goes to those taking Grab, just put in the same name above. And if you are using public transport or self driving, you can refer to this article on directions to our craft shop.

Owl Macrame Malaysia
Beautiful owl macrame designs

This article was created for those who are looking where to buy macrame materials and accessories in Malaysia. One of the reasons is that there is not enough information available.

Our new age craft shop sells quite a variety of macrame cords, nylon cords, wooden beads and rings in many sizes. Again, we do not conduct any Macrame workshop or classes.

Therefore, if you are looking for anyone who teaches Macrame classes in PJ and KL, you need to source them on your own. We only sell the materials you require for your projects.

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