Lingam Singing Bowl in Malaysia

Malaysia Lingam Bowls for Sale

The Lingam Singing Bowl in Malaysia is one of the rarest in the world and is very unique compared to other types of bowls. You can now purchase these beautiful bowls at Green Daun by testing them at our new age shop.

Please note that our new age shop is only open on weekends if you want to come and see or purchase these beautiful and unique singing bowls. We also have others like full moon singing bowls and other exciting sound tools.

Lingam Singing Bowl in Malaysia

These Lingam Bowls are so unique that you need to try them before buying them because they are not your standard singing bowl and are not that easy to sing. They have a long history that dates back to the 16th century and were often given as wedding gifts to noble people back then.

Malaysia Lingam Bowl
7 Metal Lingam Bowl sold at Green Daun new age shop.

Lingam singing bowls are characterized by a lingam placed at the centre of the inner bowl and were used for ritual and ceremonial use. Ancient lingam bowls have a distinct rounded style, similar to Jambati and are very rare. There are also several different types of Lingam singing bowls which have a high value in the market.

The decoration in this handcrafted singing bowl is minimal, while the sound produced has a soothing effect on the listener as it is sweet with a long sustained sound. Due to their unusual shape and unique design, these singing bowls are also hard to find.

These bowls are solid and heavy for their size and have a flat base with a lingam (protrusion) that signifies the union of the male and female energies. The sound is pure, resonating and powerful, and due to this unique structure, they can be quite challenging to play.

A modern Lingam bowl will have thinner metal and discolouration; however, you should check properly as many fake Lingam bowls are available in the market.

Lingam Bowl Fake
Many fake Lingam Singing Bowls are available on Lazada, Shopee and other online platforms.
Malaysia 12 cm Lingam Singing Bowl.
The bowls measure 12 cm across.
Malaysia 5 Inch Lingam Singing Bowl
The bowl measures 5 inches across.
Malaysia Lingam Bowls
The bowl and mallet.
Lingam Bowl Photo
The navel-like shape is in the centre of the bowl.
Malaysia Lingam Singing Bowls
The back of the 7-metal Lingam Bowl.
Malaysia Lingam Singing Bowls
The Lingam Singing Bowl set that we sell.

Where to Buy Lingam Singing Bowl in Malaysia? 

You can buy the seven metal Lingam Bowls from Green Daun as we have limited stock as they are quite rare compared to the standard singing bowls available in the market. We only have 7-metal Lingam Singing Bowls in stock.

When you buy a Lingam Bowl from us, you will also get a beautiful cushion and a singing mallet. These are packaged along with the price, which starts at RM400 and above. Please note that we do not sell accessories like mallets, strikers and cushions.

Singing Bowl Lingam Style
The 5″ inch 7-metal singing bowl.


To locate our shop, please use Waze or Google Maps and search for Green Daun. It should show you the SS2 address in Petaling Jaya. We are no longer located at Damansara as Green Daun moved to a new location in June 2022.

For anyone interested in a Lingam Singing Bowl in Malaysia, you now know where you can get them and that we have been selling singing bowls since 2017 at our new age shop. We are not one of those online sellers who mushroomed during the Covid 19 pandemic. We are an ethical new age business with years of experience gained through wisdom and not the internet.

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