Lava Stone Bracelets Malaysia

Malaysia Lava Stone Bracelets

Malaysia Lava Stone BraceletsMany Lava stone bracelets are being sold in Malaysia, and each of them has different designs, depending on where you get them.

Update 2021: We no longer do custom made lava bracelets at Green Daun, and we also do not do “Restringing Service” for bracelets or necklaces. Please take note of this.

If you are looking to custom make them, you can drop by Green Daun craft shop as we have an extensive collection of lava stone bracelets and beads that come in various shapes, colours and sizes.

Lava Stone Bracelets Malaysia

Lava Stones come from various parts of the world; however, lava stones’ mass production actually comes from China. There is no doubt about it, especially when the lava bracelets in Malaysia are sold below RM60.00.

Some sellers even claim that their lava stones are from Japan or America. It is quite hard to test them.

Since we have been selling them, we know that mass production lava beads come from China. There are high-grade lava stones that come from Iceland or Hawaii, but those are really expensive.

Even jewellery makers in the United States or Europe use China grade lava stones nowadays, so do not be easily fooled.

Lava Stone Bracelets in Malaysia
One of Green Daun custom made Lava Stone Bracelets

Malaysia Lava Stone Bracelets

The lava stone bracelets are usually made in various designs; some are full lava beads with charms or other crystals added, while others may come with full crystal beads and just one lava stone. Again, these are all based on each jewellery maker.

Because Lava stone bracelets are a niche trend, many jewellery makers are making them and selling them at bazaars or craft markets. Certain boutiques also sell them, and you can expect a price range from RM35 to RM100 and above.

Some makers use pure silver spacers and charms while others use the common fashion jewellery findings, which are quite hard to tell. Some even term these as Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets; therefore, they are actually the same.

Lava Beads in Malaysia
A lava bead bracelet with antique gold bead spacer.

Another name used for this is Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewellery, which is also the same as above. As long as you drop your essential oils onto the lava stones, it falls into the diffuser or aromatherapy category. They all provide the same function of diffusing the scents.

To add on, we at Green Daun have done much research on the Lava stone properties; therefore, if you have any questions, you can ask us anytime.

We make it a point to know our product before selling them to consumers, and our mission is to provide you with the best information and prices.

Lava Bead Bacelet
A Buddha Head Lava Bead Bracelet made by Green Daun.

Where to Buy Lava Stone Bracelets in Malaysia

Green Daun new age shop in Damansara Perdana sells ready-made lava stone bracelets. All you need to do is visit our new age shop in Petaling Jaya and see our collection on display.

And if you are wondering where to buy lava beads in Malaysia, our shop sells them in individual pieces for those who prefer to buy small quantities versus buying wholesale lots.

Update 2021: We no longer do custom made bracelets at Green Daun, and we also do not do “Restringing Service” for bracelets or necklaces. Please take note of this.


Please note that there are no White Lava Stones available in the market. The off-white ones are chemically dyed, which we carry in our shop, and you can see them.

However, some sellers claim that the coloured lava stones are actual lava stones, but they are actually air-dried clay moulded into balls and then poked with pins to give it the lava stone look and feel. This is to give you some information about the lava stones in Malaysia.

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