Lava Beads Wholesale Information Malaysia

Lava Beads Wholesale Malaysia

Lava Beads Wholesale Malaysia

You may be looking for Lava Beads wholesale information in Malaysia, and you have come to the right place for this valuable information.

UPDATE 2021 – We no longer do wholesale or sell loose lava or crystal beads at Green Daun.

Lava beads have been around for centuries, as they are made from natural lava rocks created from molten lava spilt out from volcanoes.

However, due to technology, modernization, and fashion trends, lava beads have become popular worldwide, even here in Malaysia.

So, the big question is – What are lava beads? And where can I find them? Hopefully, this article will provide some basic and general information for anyone wanting to know more about these beads.

Whilesale Lava Beads in Malaysia
Different sizes of lava beads

Lava Beads Wholesale Information Malaysia

If you have been looking for where to buy lava beads in Malaysia, not many places sell them in Malaysia.

They usually provide the lava stones and have very little or no knowledge of this product if you find them.

What the businesses do is that they order the items and sell them as is. That is the modus operandi of these businesses.

The trick about wholesale is that you must buy a large quantity to receive a lower price.

Lava bead types
Lava beads in different shapes and sizes, which are limited in stock

But not everyone wants 96 pieces of lava beads to make just one small bracelet. So, it is always best to do your research and homework before you buy your lava beads.

We have been selling lava beads at our specialized boutique craft shop since early 2016 in our shop after starting to use them in 2013.

The lava beads we sell have been tested using them daily, in the rain, saltwater and even in the desert, before selling them to end-users.

Lava Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant Malaysia
A custom wire wrapped essential oil diffuser pendant made by Green Daun

How do we sell lava beads?

We do not sell lava beads wholesale but in individual pieces, which means if you want to do a small project, you only require 10 lava beads, and you can buy that amount from our shop.

While many may think that we sell wholesale, we no longer do this. This is due to the many fake lava beads or faux lava being readily available in the market.

On the other hand, we have ready-made lava beads with wire wrapping, and these are great as a mobile essential oil diffuser unit. You can wear them on your necklace, bracelet or even key chain.

UPDATE 2021 – We no longer do wholesale or sell loose lava or crystal beads at Green Daun.

Lava bead stone wholesale
Original lava beads sold by Green Daun

Lava Beads Wholesale in PJ and KL.

Where do you find wholesale lava beads in PJ or KL? Few places sell these natural volcanic stones, and if you do find them, they are usually only the common small sizes.

When you visit the Green Daun craft shop in Petaling Jaya, you can see our entire collection of lava beads, including real, unprocessed pieces of lava rocks.

Just so you know, as of 2018, we do not sell wholesale lava beads anymore. We only sell individual beads for any kind jewellery of craft project.

We can share with you that when you visit our shop, we can sit down with you and guide you through the pros and cons of the lava beads. Please note, we do not do Whatsapp explanations.

We can also provide you with the do’s and don’ts of the lava beads, what to avoid, how to maintain them and even the origins of the lava beads.

With additional information on this, you can easily share your knowledge with your customers. We also sell the most shapes and sizes of lava beads in Malaysia.

We have them from small to large beads in many different shapes and sizes like square, cylinder, flat, etc.

And if you plan to buy them from China or some other Chinese online platforms, you must consider the possibilities of receiving fake human-made lava or face problems with shipping and so on.

Essential Oil Diffuser Earrings
One of our handmade essential oil diffuser earrings

Use for Lava Beads

Lava beads are used mainly for jewellery making, but they have been known as a good agent for essential oil diffuser jewellery in recent years.

You use the essential oils on the lava bead itself or put them in the essential oil diffuser pendants. This allows you to carry the scent along with you.

Not only essential oils, but you can also use pure perfume oils on the lava beads, where the scent is always with you where ever you go. This is one of the currently growing trends in Malaysia, which only started in late 2016.

EOD Lava jewelry
Some of the customs made essential oil diffuser lava jewellery from Green Daun.

We also sell ready-made lava bead bracelets for men and women in our shop, especially those who want to use them immediately.

Or you can even walk into custom make a special lava bead bracelet with your own design. It only takes less than 20 minutes to make one simple design.

We carry a wide range of jewellery accessories, charms, crystal beads, and findings to custom make bracelets and other jewellery accessories.

We also custom make the beautiful Chakra bracelets with lava beads in our shop for wellness, and we have ready-made designs.

Man essential oil diffuser bracelet
A full lava bead bracelet for men

We have done extensive research on these organic lava beads over the years because we find them fascinating and unique.

We do not simply sell products without knowing about them, and that is our promise to our customers. We believe that you should know your product before selling them to others.

Artificial lava beads
Some of the fake lava beads

Fake Lava Beads in Malaysia

Yes, if you did not already know, there are also fake lava beads in Malaysia. This is because sellers who lack knowledge in this area will sell them as lava beads. After all, they look like it.

At our shop, we can share with you how to tell if the lava bead is fake. Even better, we can show you samples of the fake lava beads, which seem to be sold openly in Malaysia, namely at bazaars.

Artificial Lava Bead
Close up on one of the artificial or artificial lava beads

Because consumers do not know the difference, they end up buying fake lava beads. This is a common problem in Malaysia, the lack of product knowledge.

There are also special coloured lava beads circulating in the market, and we also have them in our shop. But it is recommended not to use them as we have experienced testing them before.

If you want to know more about your lava beads or be sure when buying the real lava beads, visit our craft shop in Damansara Perdana. We will be glad to share our knowledge with you.

Lava beads in color
Coloured lava beads that we have

If you have heard sellers claiming the lava beads are from the USA, Iceland, Hawaii or Japan, do not be easily fooled. Most of the lava beads come from one main source, which is China.

The shocking thing we learned is that even international re-sellers are importing these lava beads from China to be sold online or at their stores.

But it is the quality and grade of the lava beads that make a difference. Again, to know more about this, visit our shop, and we will be happy to share the information with you.

For further reading, Wikipedia has more technical and detailed information on lava beads, which you can learn additional information about.

Lava beads 4mm
A small 4mm size lava bead

Lava Beads Wholesale Price in Malaysia

The price of lava beads varies from the different shapes and sizes. While most common sizes are 8mm and 10mm for bracelet making, they can range anywhere from RM10 to RM30 for 40-50 pieces.

Larger lava beads and odd-shaped ones will cost a bit more, and those are limited in stock. We also do not do wholesale for those kinds of lava beads.

Online platforms may show lower prices, but don’t forget the shipping. The heavier it is, the more you have to pay for your shipping. But remember, online equals not seeing, feeling or touching the product.

UPDATE 2021 – We no longer do wholesale or sell loose lava or crystal beads at Green Daun.

Lava beads 8mm
8.5mm round lava bead size

There are a few cases where some customers have come to us with their online purchases, showing how bad the quality is, and they regret ordering them.

Again, it is always a gamble when you buy things online. Moreover, you are not going to get extra special customer service when you buy items online.

Large lava beads
A large lava bead measuring 16.7mm


Some online shops in Malaysia sell lava beads for even lower prices, but online shopping is always a risk of product knowledge, authenticity, etc.

You will not get additional information, experienced and genuine customer service as you will get from us at Green Daun.

UPDATE 2021 – We no longer do wholesale or sell loose lava or crystal beads at Green Daun.

If you have been looking for lava beads wholesale information in Malaysia, we hope this article has helped answer all your questions. If you have other questions, please get in touch with us anytime.

Also, we do not sell wholesale for these lava beads, as they are sold individually or in small amounts for any users, crafters or jewellery makers.

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