Kapachi Palo Santo Incense

Palo Santo Kapachi Incense

Kapachi Palo Santo incense is made by the local indigenous people of Peru, especially near the Cusco region and practice the old traditions of cleansing and purifying.

These are also slowly fading away as the younger generations move away from old traditions and towards a more modern lifestyle in Peru. Therefore, it is not easy to find Kapachi or Q’apachi Palo Santo incense these days.

Kapachi Palo Santo Incense

First of all, you will want to know what it is made from; Kapachi is made from a combination of Palo Santo wood pieces, lavender (alucma), anise, quinoa, copal wiraqoya, and some other Andean herbs. It is then combined with gregeas (small pieces of coloured round sugar paper), providing a colourful finishing for the Kapachi (Q’apachi).

This incense mix is still used by the Quechua people who live in the Cusco region of Peru. They traditionally offer prayers and perform ceremonies expressly for honouring their revered Apus.

It is also widely used in the ritual Q’apaq Kapachi by the Q’ero people, namely the Paqos (Nature Mystics or Priest) and in a ceremony for purification and honouring the Apus or Apukuna (Spirit of the Sacred Mountains).

Palo Santo Kapachi Incense
Kapachi, Palo Santo incense, sold at Green Daun new age shop in Malaysia.

What is Kapachi Incense used for?

Nowadays, in modern times, many locals use Kapachi for bringing luck and good fortune in many areas of life, which usually includes work, love, and health. It also provides cleansing and purifying of an area, space or even a person.

Most commonly, you can use Kapachi incense to cleanse and purify an area, space for your home or business to get rid of bad or negative energies and invite in positivity. Just like white sage or palo santo, this incense is very much more traditional.

Other people worldwide have started to explore and experience various types of incense; hence, Kapachi was sought after by a few. It is commonly accepted due to its relation to Palo Santo as more people are familiar with the sacred holy wood.

How does Kapachi smell?

As always, natural organic incense tends to smell great, minus the chemicals you usually find in other common or general incense being sold out there. This is more of an organic incense that many will enjoy using.

The scent is slightly earthy and deep with the wonderful woodsy scent Palo Santo is known for, and the combination of herbs and wood will energetically cleanse and purify your space or area.

Loose Kapachi Incense
Two ways of burning Kapachi Palo Santo incense.

Can I use Kapachi with other herbs and resins?

Yes, you can mix Kapachi with other herbs and resins and burn them together. The most popular is the combination of Kapachi and White Sage or Dragon’s Blood Sage, where they are burned together in a fireproof bowl.

You can try using different herbs and resins to explore the various scents and energies combined at the end of the day. Some people also burn the mixed herbs and Kapachi on a charcoal tablet.

Where to Buy Kapachi incense?

In Malaysia, you can buy it from the Green Daun online new age shop or visit our physical retail shop to buy it in person. We can also explain in detail how you can use this blend of incense.


Kapachi Palo Santo incense is an ideal blend to use for shamanic ceremonies, purification, balancing, and clearing of bad or negative energies in your space or area. You can use this as and when you like, burning a little at a time or a lot at one go.

The most important is always remember to set your intentions when doing any cleansing or purifying. We always recommend doing this in the morning when you wake up, as this is when your mind is fresh and clear.

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