Jaya One Markets and Bazaar

Bazaar at Jaya One

The Jaya One Markets and Bazaar in Petaling Jaya is one of the most prominent and successful bazaars in Petaling Jaya. The reason for this is that the organisers hold this event only four times a year.

This local bazaar is also known as Markets at Jaya One, located at a commercial centre, concept retail and entertainment hub in the Section 13 area of Petaling Jaya or PJ.

Jaya One Markets and Bazaar Information

One of the highlights in the last few years was that Jaya One Markets and Bazaar introduced food trucks as part of their overall concept.

This allowed local food trucks to park in the outdoor area where customers would move around to sample the various types of local and international food sold here.

The outdoor section also saw several food vendors selling interesting snacks, local and international ones.

Bazaar at Jaya One PJ
A top view of the Jaya One Markets and Bazaar (Image Nic Seow/Markets@Jaya One)

The last Jaya One Bazaar was held on 15-16 October 2016 and followed the theme of “Markets 20”. This concept indicates that they have successfully run twenty markets over the last five years since opening in 2011 and catered to thousands of visitors.

The next Jaya One Markets and Bazaar is scheduled for 14-15 Jan 2017 as it was originally supposed to be in December 2016, so there will not be a year-end bazaar at Jaya One.

However, another bazaar organizer named Weekend Markets holds weekly bazaars at the opposite area called Jaya One, The Square. This market, however, is not as huge as Markets @ Jaya One, but it still has around twenty stalls and opens till around 10.00 PM.

Visitors checking out some of the vendors at the Jaya One Bazaar
Visitors checking out some of the vendors at the Jaya One Bazaar (Image Nic Seow/Markets@Jaya One)

Markets @ Jaya One

What can you expect at Markets at Jaya One? You will find most vendors selling accessories, clothes, bags, jewellery, shoes, handmade soaps, aromatherapy products, scrapbooking items (standard ones), journal planners and makers, modern collectable toys, kids items, pre-loved items, badges and some other general items. There are food trucks, food stalls, and an area to sit, eat, and relax before continuing to shop on the outer section.

Vendors selling all sorts of things at the Jaya One Weekend Bazaar
Vendors selling all sorts of things at the Jaya One Weekend Bazaar (Image Nic Seow/Markets@JayaOne)

You should take note that there are, in fact, more clothes and jewellery accessories vendors compared to the niche ones; therefore, if you are into fashion and accessories, you will have a good time browsing through the many stalls that sell this item.

The place gets crowded just before lunch and right after lunch as many come here to have their lunch and explore the Jaya One Bazaar.

How to book a table at Jaya One Markets and Bazaar?

Generally, you need to go to the main information counter and get the contact of the organizer. You then need to email them with your products to approve what you are selling, as this is to control the quality of vendors there.

Meaning, if you are planning to take stock from GM and try to bring it here to sell, they will not approve your request. High preference goes to those handcrafted items as these are unique and highly sought after.

Food trucks at Markets @ Jaya One
Food trucks and vendors at Markets @ Jaya One


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For more information, you can also check out the Jaya One Markets Facebook Page.

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