Huge Large Giant Dream Catchers

Huge, Large and Giant Dream Catchers

If you are looking for huge, large and giant Dream Catchers in Malaysia, you should visit Green Daun craft shop as we have them on display at our shop.  Currently, we are the only specialized dream catcher shop in Malaysia where you can walk in to buy ready made ones or custom make them to your size and color.

Green Daun has been making dream catchers since 2014 and we have a proper retail shop in Damansara Perdana. At our craft shop, we also sell dream catcher materials to anyone who wants to make their own dream catchers.

Due to our strong passion in doing this, we have created all kinds of designs over the last few years which ranges from really small ones to extra large dream catchers.

Giant Dream Catchers
Some of the Boho Giant Dream Catchers made by Green Daun

Huge Large Giant Dream Catchers

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says extra large, humongous, massive or giant dream catchers? Well, these are beyond the standard size that you are used to seeing. Especially the ones hanging in cars or the ones being sold at some bazaar or shopping mall.

If you have been to Bali, you may have seen some of the large dream catchers being sold in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak area. Most of them are mass produced, meaning there are multiple of the same designs available.

This also says that if you get those, and someone visits your home or business, they may end up saying “I saw that in Bali”, which is then a very common thing.

Huge Dream Catcher
One of the giant dream catcher designs by Green Daun

When you custom make a special large design dream catcher with us, you are guaranteed that it will be one of a kind, and no one else has it. That is what makes a statement and lets you be different from the usual. You want people to say “Wow, that’s really nice and unique” when they see it.

Giant dream catchers are those that you usually see in Pinterest when you are doing  research for dream catchers or party themes. Well, it is no longer a myth as you can now custom make them at our shop or you can buy the ready made huge designs on display if you cannot wait.

Where do you hang these large dream catchers?

Generally, the giant dream catchers are hung in the room, living hall or at any area in the house. There are people that even hang them as wall decoration in homes, offices or retail shops, which turn out to be excellent conservation pieces.

For events, weddings or parties, these huge dream catchers are used as decoration for the Bohemian theme or Boho theme. Others may even have a Coachella theme and these large dream catchers play a very important part in the theme.

Massive Dream Catchers
Giant dream catchers hanging as window displays at a shop

They are also perfect for any shop, restaurant, cafe, bar or club that wants to have something different in their theme. For example, a beach restaurant or bar would be a perfect place to hang the giant dream catchers. This way, customers will appreciate the decoration and even take photos of them.

Of our many customers, there has been an upscale boutique that custom made various giant dream catchers for their display, an office that wanted a special theme colored extra large dream catcher, a private school that wanted a dark colored giant dream catcher and even individuals who wanted massive dream catchers for their home decorations.

Why they choose Green Daun is simple – Because we listen, create and deliver. Understanding what clients want is one of our specialties and that, you can assure that you are getting quality finished products from us.

Big dream catchers Malaysia
Working on a large dream catcher at Green Daun craft shop

How big is a large dream catcher?

Most people will say that 30-50 cm is large, but let us correct that because large or huge  does not stop at those sizes. In Malaysia, many makers stop at 50 cm, because that is the largest ring size available (which we also sell), but we create giant dream catchers that are 80 cm (32″ inches) in diameter.

When finished, each of the dream catchers are about 5-6 feet (150-180 cm) in length, which includes the drop down designs. These are all created to be one of a kind designs, that you will not find anywhere else.

Malaysia Large Dream Catchers
The large Bohemian dream catcher designs compared with a person for perspective

Read made designs are available at our retail shop and come in various large sizes. To see them, it is best to visit our shop and see the large dream catchers with your own eyes. It is very different from seeing them in photos.

We also specialize in creating unique dream catchers at our shop. One of the designs for 2018 is our LED fairy lights dream catchers, which is very special and comes in a series of colors. They are from medium to large sizes and you can also see these on display at our retail shop.

Malaysia Dreamcatcher Shop
Some of the dream catchers on display at our shop

Where is our dream catcher shop? 

You can find Green Daun craft shop at Damansara Perdana, as the retail shops on the ground floor of the Perdana Exclusive Condominium. We are also located just five minutes drive from IKEA PJ and The Curve Shopping Mall and you can get detailed directions on how to go to our shop.

If you need more information, just contact us via phone, whatsapp or social media and we will gladly respond back on your inquiry. Also, for custom made giant dream catchers, it takes around 2-4 weeks to complete one and this is depending on our order list.

The next time you think you have seen a design that you like, just remember that we can create any huge, large or giant dream catchers for you. We strongly believe that nothing is impossible and our finished quality is on par with international levels.

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