How to Use Cedar Leaves

Cedar Leaves How To Use

This article will share how to use cedar leaves in various ways as many people are into herbalism, and cedar is one of the oldest herbs in the world. Cedar has also been referred to as a Tree of Life- you will find it mentioned in everything from Druid to Judaic tradition.

In Malaysia, Cedar is something new and only surfaced during the Covid19 lockdowns when many people wanted to learn something new, resulting in many contemporary herbalists, Wicca and witchcraft students.

How to Use Cedar Leaves?

Cedar Leaves Malaysia
What the American Cedar Leaves look like.


Cedar is a powerful ingredient; the leaves can be burned, used in incense, and often burnt with other herbs like sage. Its fragrance clarifies and expands the mind, carries prayers to the creator, and is used for protection.

  • Cedar is connected to the sun and the element of fire. It may be used in divination, dream work, healing, purification, money and protection. It can also be kept in the wallet or purse to draw money, used in love mojo bags, and, if burned as incense, is said to induce psychic powers.
  • Cedar can be used in charms for long life and growth or added to spells to increase their potency.
  • It can attract love and is best used when burnt or added to sachets and charms.
  • It can be utilised in protection charms, spells, rituals and incenses. When hung above a door, it will repel negative energy and spirits.
  • It can aid in the summoning of spirits during rituals, invocations, and evocations.
  • It will also aid in healing magic, can be burned to attract money, and boost psychic abilities.
  • In incense, it is burned for clearing and protection, and its magic is often invoked in healing circles and rituals.
  • Cedar also works to bring balance and focus, its energy bringing about both grounding and elevation.


Cedar Leaves (Thuja Occidentalis)
Magical Properties: Longevity, Protection, Luck, Purification
Sign: Leo
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire, Earth
Sabbat: Yule
Folk Name: Tree of Life
Medicinal Uses: Astringent

Cedar Leaf
Raw cedar leaves are sold in Malaysia.

Where to Buy Cedar Leaves in Malaysia?

If you have been looking for where to buy cedar leaves in Malaysia, you can always check the Green Daun Online Shop, as we have them for sale. If they are sold out, you need to wait a while as we will restock them as soon as possible.

Please note that the Wicca herbs and products we sell are all positively cleansed before we send them out. The positive energies we have in our space are also very important for buyers; hence you should be careful where you buy your herbs, crystals and other ritual products.

There are several cases we heard from customers where they have bought items from unknown sources online, only ending up with negative results. This is mainly because the energy of the seller is not good, or the seller’s intent is not pure, so you should always take note of this. Hence why we have a proper walk-in shop for our customers.


If you are new to the above, you can always do more research online through websites, blogs or even YouTube. But please note that you should be cautious about practising in Wicca or Witchcraft and always be neutral in what you do or plan to do.

I would also not recommend following those TikTok or Instagram witches or Wicca fans, as many are inexperienced or just doing it for the views and likes. Actual witches or herbalists have years of experience, and I mean more than five years of practice. Not overnight MCO witches ya.

I also hope that this article on how to use Cedar Leaves has come in handy for you and that you will choose wisely on what or how you want to use them.

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