How to Remove Negative Energy?

Removing Negative Energies

In our line of work, one of the commonly asked questions is how to remove negative energy from a person or space and in this article, we will share how you can do this on your own without having to engage a Sifu or so on.

Negative energies can come in various forms, which most people will not see, but in most cases, feel it. This can badly impact your daily lives in work and relationships and disrupt the positive flow, resulting in everything going wrong.

How to Remove Negative Energy?

Removing Negative Energy
We often absorb negative energies without knowing.

You may have read online or heard from people that one of the best ways to remove negative energy is by smudging with California white sage or Palo Santo. That is true, and just for your added information, many other types of herbs and resins can be used for this.

In the old days in Malaysia, people used to burn Kemenyan to cleanse their houses or businesses, which is still being practised by some people today. This is the same thing compared to today’s multiple choices of cleansing materials like resins and herbs.

Apart from the typical White Sage or Palo Santo that we read about on Google, there is also Frankincense, Myrrh and Dragon’s Blood resin, protection and cleansing crystals, black salt, singing bowls, healing oils or even candles that can also also be used to clear away negative energies.

Stressful Moments
Encountering sudden stress is one of the signs of negative energDragon’sounding us.


Each of the items listed below has its way of use, and I will share them here;

  1. White Sage – By burning it in a bundle or loose leaves over a bowl or abalone shell and walking in a clockwise manner to cleanse an area, space or even person.
  2. Other Sages – There are many other sages like Dragon’s Blood Sage, Blessing Sage, Cedar and others available that can be used for cleansing and purifying.
  3. Palo Santo – BurningDragon’sck or shredding it into pieces and burning in a shell/container, and cleansing a space or area. Some people prefer using the Palo Santo incense as it is easier to burn.
  4. Frankincense Resin – This sacred resin is thought to be one of the best ways to remove negative energies by burning it over a gold charcoal tablet and cleansing a space or area with the smoke.
  5. Dragon’s Blood Resin – Burning dragon’s blood resin over a gold charcoal tablet or mixing with other herbs, known to be powerful in cleansing or used as an amplifier with other herbs and resins.
  6. Crystals – Black Tourmaline crystals are known to be the best in removing, absorbing or protecting from negative energies. Place them at corners or the entrance of a home or business.
  7. Singing Bowls – Cleansing an area by playing the singing bowl or striking it with a mallet as you go around your space.
  8. Black Salt – Place black salt at the four corners of your room, house, office or shop. Another way is to sprinkle in front of your entrance as an invisible fence to block out unwanted bad energies.
  9. Using Energy Healing Oils – No, not essential oils, but specially made external use energy healing oils to help clear away negativity. Specialists only make these, and we at Green Daun has been making these unique negative cleansing oils for years now. You can test these oils at our new age shop.
  10. Burning Special Intention Candles – These are not ordinary candles you see online (like handmade ones or Yankee), but intention-purposed candles that we make at Green Daun. They are specific candles like Protection Candles which you can burn to protect your space.

Important: You must have a positive intent when cleansing your space to remove negative energies. It means that you should not be angry, sad, frustrated or depressed when performing any smudging or cleansing.

Negative Energy Removal
When things start to go wrong, it is also a sign of negative energy at work.

Types of Energies

Before you continue reading, you should know that negative or evil energies come in various levels, and I will try my best to explain this as simple as possible.

Energies can be categorised under various levels, ranging from mild to intense energy. Sometimes, the energy can be really bad, classified as a disruptive kind of energy, which of course, will create chaos in our daily lives.

The energy levels can only be measured by someone who can feel or see them, and it is often hard to gauge them by ourselves, hence why we often overlook this as one of the causes for our sudden change or downfall.

It also means that the ordinary person cannot tell what type of negative energy is in their space or surrounds them because they cannot feel it and pass it off as nothing. When it starts to be a problem affecting our daily lives, we should acknowledge it by taking action.

How do you know if you have attracted Negative Energy?

This is a common question that many people will ask, and I will do my best to explain it as simple as possible. For those who can feel, they would instantly know the feeling.

However, for those who are unable to feel, below are some signs of negative energy you can look out for;

  • Heavy Shoulders – A sudden weight on your shoulders is felt throughout the day and gets worst at night.
  • Feeling Extremely Tired – Extra tiredness is felt throughout the day, even in the morning when you just woke up, even after a good’s night rest and with a balanced diet. You experience up, and downs like a rollercoaster, and you feel bad about yourself.
  • Feeling Frustrated – You feel stressed and unable to cope with everyday activities, while before, everything was fine. Plus, you find it challenging to care for yourself, and you cannot find any time for yourself.
  • Feeling Very Negative – A sudden change in your thoughts to become negative for just about anything.
  • Loss of Focus – You feel unable to concentrate as your mind tends to focus on random things while you experience a feeling of emptiness.
  • Communication Failure – Your overall communication is affected, people seem not to understand you, and you feel that you don’t understand others.
  • Constant Arguing – You suddenly find yourself arguing with your loved one more, or even with family members, friends, or colleagues.
  • Character Change – You may witness a drastic change in your character or another person, which is not the usual character.
  • Change in Immunity – You are suddenly more prone to infections than usual, and you start getting sick more often.
  • Uneasy Sleep – Your sleep pattern is affected by strange dreams and nightmares while your subconscious mind alerts you that something is incorrect.


Negative Energy Absorption
Others can easily absorb negative energies.

Where Does Negative Energy Come From?

This is another common question asked, and one of the best ways that negative energies appear in your home is that you or someone at home unknowingly carried it back from somewhere.

Negative energy is found everywhere, in homes, open spaces, hospitals, offices and just about anywhere. This means that we will never know where we picked it up from.

Hence when we feel uncomfortable at times at a particular place, this could be a tell-sign that the area is not good or carries bad energy. When you feel this, it is best to cleanse yourself immediately or get home.

This is why some people choose to carry a small bottle of energy sanitiser or smudging spray in their bag or car, especially if they are very sensitive to energy.

It is also highly recommended that after you visit a funeral, cemetery or hospital, you should cleanse yourself as these places are well known to carry a lot of negative or bad energy.

Resins to Cleanse Negative Energy
Frankincense Resin is one of the powerful ways to cleanse away negative energies.

How to Remove Severe or Stubborn Negative Energy?

This is a little harder than usual when the energy is too strong. How you will know is when you do a cleansing on yourself or your space, the energy is stubborn and makes it a little more complicated.

When you cannot cleanse stubborn energies, there are two ways you can go about this. One is to try a much stronger resin, namely Myrrh, to wake up the stubborn energies and Black Frankincense to cleanse them away.

And if the stubborn energy is still there, perhaps you may need to call in a specialist to do the cleansing for you. In most common cases, people will call a master, sifu, pawang or priest to cleanse the space or person. But we will advise not to engage an online one as there are too many untrustworthy people out there.

If you are still clueless or need to know more, you can always visit our retail new age shop in PJ, and we can assist you in using some of the products to cleanse your space. Provided you must believe in this; otherwise, it is pointless if you do not believe in any of this.

Sage Cleansing Negative Energy
Burning White Sage is one of the ways to cleanse away negative energies.


At the end of the day, this article was created for those who want to know a little more about negative energies and how to remove them from a space or area. And also how to remove any bad energy from the person.

The most common way to remove negative energy is by cleansing your area, space, or person by burning white sage, palo santo or frankincense resin. And each energy is not the same, and just like humans, we still have to try and see which one works the best in our space or area.

Again, you can always visit our retail new age shop, and we can share information with you. Or, if you buy any of the cleansing or saging items from our online store on Shopee, we will also include a simple cleansing guide.

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