How to Get Rid of Bad Luck?

Bad Luck and How to Get Rid

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of bad luck? This is a common thing that happens to everyone, and often it can lead to disaster if not taken care of.

We are all humans, and sometimes we experience good luck and sometimes bad luck. Why this happens is unexplainable, but it does, especially when you believe in this.

Therefore, we at Green Daun have decided to come out with some possible ways that you can try for getting rid of bad luck.

Why Do I Have Bad Luck?

Gambling Bad Luck Life
People go through all kinds of bad luck, some in life, some in gambling, some in business.

Getting bad luck is totally out of our control, and sometimes we pick it up without knowing, and in the long run, we will start to see changes in our lives.

Some people say that life is like a ladder, you do up, and you go down. Up are when things are going great, and down is when things are not doing well in our lives.

But it does not mean that we will remain down forever as we will eventually overcome it. It is just human nature unless we do not understand what is happening and keep trying to change our luck without doing anything.

Bad luck also affects us in many different ways in which we live. It can be in the form of our work, relationships, family, and even our daily lifestyle.

An example is when we suddenly trip when walking, or someone banged your car while parked, or you keep losing whenever you gamble, or even your loved ones leave you. Bad luck can represent a lot of things.

Even while working, we can experience a streak of bad luck, like not getting promoted, suddenly no sales, boss, management or colleagues always giving you problems. This can also represent lousy luck to some people.

The worst-case scenario happens to our families, especially when the spouse, children, or relatives ignore you or keep picking on you, which means something is incorrect.

It is very common among Malaysians to immediately go and Mandi Bunga to “Buang Suay” from all of this. Well, in the urban areas, this practice is almost lost, but some still do so.

And at the end of the day, we have to believe in the luck factor as it can be a positive thing or a negative thing, how we experience it. Of course, everyone wants to have good luck all the way, but as they say, nothing is one-sided in life.

There is positive, negative, and where there is up, there is also down, so we need to accept it and go through the hard times with a positive mindset.

You never hear people complaining about good luck. Only bad luck, and this is something human, so if you are going through a streak of bad luck, you may want to continue reading below.

A grandmother showers her grandchildren with a flower bath. Image: The Star

Ways to Getting Rid of Bad Luck

Depending on your faith, there are several ways that you can try to use to get rid of any bad luck surrounding you. The most important is that you believe in it and have strong intentions to do this.

Some methods are well known among us Asians while others may be learned from western practices; therefore, it depends on which way you are more comfortable.

  1. Visiting a Place of Worship – Some people resort to this as a first step, visiting a holy place like a temple or church, as it can help cleanse away negativity or bad luck that surrounds you or your family. The process is pretty simple, where you find the time to go there and set your intentions. Usually, this is done in the mornings and with positive choices.
  2. Throwing Salt over your Shoulder – This is a very western practice that has gained some interest among eastern people like Asians, and some do believe that throwing salt over the shoulder will rid of bad luck. There are also other ways to use salt, like lining your home parameter with it or even just at the entrance of your house.
  3. White Candles – Another western theory of lighting a white candle in your home will purify your space of all bad luck and negative energies. But this is not practised as much.
  4. Feng Shui Methods – This can cost hundreds to thousands of Ringgit or can be done for very minimal, depending on how you do it. Some people will call a Feng Shui master, which will be pretty expensive, while the do-it-yourself version is much cheaper. One of the common Feng Shui methods is running water or removing any sharp plants in your home, like a cactus plant. Of course, when you invite a Feng Shui Master over, you may or will have to listen to their recommendations like placing a flute or moving your bad, table and so forth.
  5.  Cleansing Your Space – This is another method to use herbs like White Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse your space by smudging the area. Cleansing is a form of smoking the area to rid it of negativity or bad luck accumulated in that space. Usually, the bedroom and living room are the common areas to cleanse. Some older generations believe in using Kemenyan to do this. Smudging can be done in many ways, and it is up to the individual to do it.

    The objective is to use the smoke and walk around clockwise, letting the smoke rise to the ceiling of your space. When doing so, you also set your intentions or say a prayer or mantra without any distractions. Best done in the mornings, and make sure you open doors and windows when performing smudging.

    Traditional Mandi Bunga Style
    Some of the traditional ways of Mandi Bunga.
  6. Taking a Mandi Bunga bath (Flower Bath) is practised by many different religions and has been done for centuries, even here in Malaysia. It is said that when you shower with seven other flowers, it will help to wash away any bad luck that you have accumulated. The process is pretty simple and needs to be done with pure intentions. Some faiths will add various additions to the flower bath like Limau Kasturi or Pomelo Leaves to enhance the bath or give it more power.

    But the most common method is just by using seven different flowers in your bath. One alternative is Green Daun’s Mandi Bunga Tea Bag, where we have created the bath using seven dried flowers and set with intentions to “Buang Suay” when performing the mandi bunga. The teabag method makes it easier to do without being messy.

Bad Luck How To Rid It
Sometimes bad luck can follow us for days, weeks or even months if we do nothing.


Most of us will go through this experience in life, some a few times, some too many times, and we eventually get through it. But not everyone will have the luxury of getting through bad luck quickly.

This is when we need assistance to help us get rid of bad luck, and we may resort to various ways of doing so. After you have read this article, I trust that you have a better idea of how to do this.

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