Malaysia New Age Shop Green Daun

Malaysia New Age Shop Green Daun

We want to inform everyone of our new Green Daun New Age Shop Business Hours for 2022. Effective 1st January, we will be taking our off days on Monday and Tuesday, and this means that our new age shop will be open from Wednesday to Sunday, and from 12.00 PM to 6.00 PM.

Green Daun New Age Shop Business Hours 2022

After six years of operation, it has only been the two of us running the business, and it can get tiring with just one day off. And during this time, we need to make our products and run around to restock on some of the new age items in our shop.

Plus, for 2022, we would like to take more time off to focus on ourselves, meaning having more time to relax and do more grounding. After all, the Covid19 pandemic did affect many people, including us.

We also want to stress that the revised hours are more accessible for our customers to visit our retail shop. Since the reopening of the local borders after the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, traffic has normalised.

To get to our retail shop after 6.00 PM is a nightmare because there is only one road in and out of Damansara Perdana; therefore, we have carefully thought about the convenience of this.

After all, you can always visit us on a weekend as this is probably the best time to move around the Klang Valley with minimal traffic on the roads. Plus the parking will also be much easier too.

For those taking ride-hailing services, remember to key in Green Daun, and we are located at Block C of the Perdana Exclusive Condominium and not Jaya Grocer. Often, the system may put the marker at Jaya Grocer, which is Block E, and we are at the next building.

Malaysia New Age Shop
What Green Daun new age shop looks like.

More Information About Green Daun New Age Shop

Green Daun is a new age and metaphysical shop in Malaysia, and we are indeed a new generation concept store. We cater to all walks of life and are open-minded about our views. As some may think, we are not a healing centre, but we are more like a pharmacy.

For all our updates related to our business, we highly recommend you follow or like our Green Daun Facebook Page to get regular updates. We have other social media accounts, but we are less active based on choice.

For those on Instagram, we have our account there, but we have decided not to participate on IG due to too many social media platforms. We feel FB is good enough as we do not want to live in social media because we have a proper walk-in retail shop.

Metaphysical Shop in Malaysia
A section of Green Daun displays raw crystals.

Most genuine customers would rather walk in and connect with the new age products before buying them. Just like how people touch and feel crystals before buying them, this is something that many people may not understand.

We are more concerned about the positive energies surrounding our products, which the metaverse or the online world cannot provide. Some things are best as they have been for centuries, rather than recent times.


As of 1st January 2022, Green Daun New Age Shop will be closed every Monday and Tuesday as our off days. We will be open as usual from Wednesday to Sunday and our business hours will be from 12.00 PM to 6.00 PM.

Thank you for viewing this article, and we wish you the best in everything you do. Please be safe and have a great year for 2022.

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