Green Daun Business Hours


Since Covid19 hit everyone in 2020, we have updated the Green Daun business hours after the 3rd Movement Control Order or MCO in 2021.

We have thought about it and adjusted it to suit the recovering society after many lockdowns and work-from-home orders nationwide.

Green Daun Business Hours (2021)

Therefore, our new business hours for Green Daun is now: 12.00 PM to 6.00 PM daily except Monday, which is our off day.

It would be best to note that we might also close on Tuesdays from time to time; therefore, the best is to follow our Green Daun Facebook Page for updates.

Or you can always Whatsapp us during business hours to find out if we are open, especially on Tuesdays. The reason for additional closing days is that we need time to make our products and with just one-off day, it is hard to do it.

We want our customers who come here to get most of the handmade products that we offer, and because only one of us makes these products, we need additional time to do this.

Because we are also a new age shop, our products are primarily specialised and different from a regular shop in a mall. I am sure most of you will know this.

This information is specially made here for new customers or those just getting into the alternative and metaphysical world. We hope that you will also understand where we come from when it is about handmade products.

Please feel free to contact us or talk to us when you visit our new age shop in Petaling Jaya if you have questions.

Be safe, and thank you for reading this article about the new and updated Green Daun business hours.


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