Ganesha Charms in Malaysia

Ganesha Charms MalaysiaYou can now buy Ganesha Charms in Malaysia from Green Daun craft shop. Yes, these sought after elephant god charms are now available at our shop in Petaling Jaya.

Update Nov 2019 – We no longer sell the Ganesha Charms as they are totally out of stock.

Most people like to use the Ganesha charm as a add on to hang on their dream catchers, while others use them for jewellery making. They are small and meaningful hence easy to be used with a jump ring in the same colour tone.

Size of the different Ganesha Charms we sell in Malaysia

Where To Buy Ganesha Charms in Malaysia

There are actually not many places you can find the Ganesha charms in Malaysia, and if you do, they are usually sold in the silver color.

The size of the popular Ganesha charm is approximately  26mm x 13mm (2.6cm x 1.3cm) and is hollow back. The thickness of the charm is also 4mm. There is a small hoop at the top to fasten the charm with a jump ring.

You can buy the Ganesha Charm from our craft shop  in Petaling Jaya. Just search for Green Daun Craft Shop in Waze or Google Maps and it will direct you to our shop.

The Ganesha charms come in two color, silver and antique gold, and the material is alloy nickel free.

A selection of Ganesha Charms sold at our shop. Note the popular ones are the top two pieces.

Usually, crafters use the Ganesha charms to be hung on Dream Catchers as it looks really unique and different.

However you can also use them for bracelets, earrings or necklaces. Some even use it as a charm for their traveler’s notebook or journal.


Green Daun is also a specialized Dream Catcher shop in Malaysia and we custom make them, sell ready made dream catchers and even the materials to make a dreamcatcher. We carry from the smallest to the largest sizes in our shop.

We also sell a wide variety of other types of charms, findings, beads and accessories for jewelry making, traveler’s journal or for other crafts like dream catchers and so on. It all depends on the person’s creativity for the finished product.

The next time someone asks where you can buy Ganesha charms in Malaysia, just tell them Green Daun craft shop sells them in individual pieces. If you need to order them and have it posted to you, please contact us.

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