Full Moon Singing Bowls in Malaysia

Singing Bowl Full Moon

Singing Bowl Full Moon

If you have been looking for where you can buy full moon singing bowls in Malaysia, you are in luck as they are now available at Green Daun new age shop.

We have been selling full moon singing bowls for a few years now, among the other types, which include full handmade and even crystal singing bowls.

Full Moon Singing Bowls in Malaysia

These unique singing bowls are made during the full moon and by artisan crafters in Nepal. It simply means that not everyone can make these bowls.

How you tell a full moon bowl is from the specialised chop and Sanskrit words placed on the rim of the hand made bowls.

Historians claim that the origin of singing bowls dates back 5000 years to the Mesopotamian era, where they were made with only brass for medicinal and musical purposes.

Singing Bowl Old Ancient
What an ancient singing bowl looks like.

However, the claims could not be verified as the craftsmanship and knowledge died along with the makers because it was not properly documented.

A more solid reference would be that 2000 years ago, brass singing bowls appeared in northern India and Nepal, but it was around the 10th to 12th Century AD where singing bowls were prominent.

This reference states that these bowls originated in Nepal and Eastern India rather than Tibet, as many think of the name Tibetan singing bowl.

Other names for this include the Tibetan healing bowl, Tibetan meditation bowl and even the Himalayan singing bowl, so people assume it is from Tibet.

Tibetan Full Moon Singing Bowls
Some of the full moon Tibetan singing bowls that we sell in our shop.

What Are Singing Bowls Made From?

For those interested, singing bowls are made from various metals, including tin, mercury, copper, gold, silver, lead, and iron.

Some common singing bowls are made from five metals, while others are made from the full seven metals mentioned above.

And just to reassure you that the full moon singing bowls we sell at Green Daun are all hand-made in Nepal from seven metals.

Shop selling Full Moon Singing Bowls Malaysia
Small to large full moon singing bowls available at Green Daun.

Where to Buy Full Moon Singing Bowls in Malaysia?

You can buy full moon singing bowls from our new age shop – Green Daun, located in Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya.

We carry a range of bowls in small to large sizes and also other types which include the beginner singing bowls and also the crystal singing bowls.

If you need to know where we are located, just read this article on how to go to our new age shop in PJ, and it provides various ways to get here. This includes public transport as well.

How Much Does a Full Moon Singing Bowl Cost?

These type of singing bowls do not come cheap, and often, they have been seen sold at around RM2,000 to RM3,000 per bowl.

Again, if you have seen them online with such a steep price, it would be wise to actually go and test the sound and vibration before buying your own personal bowl.

Hence, we at Green Daun always recommend that you see, touch and feel the product before buying it, especially when it is for healing or cleansing purposes.

In terms of price, each of them varies from size and we are looking at an average of RM1000 to RM1,500 per bowl. This is just an average to give you an idea of how much we sell ours at Green Daun.

Full Moon Singing Bowls Malaysia
Notice the full moon chop on the singing bowls.


Many may think that a few places sell full moon singing bowls in Malaysia, but there are now. If there is, you may only see one or two of these special bowls.

We at Green Daun have many selections ranging from five-inch to 12-inch bowls, and we also sell crystal singing bowls for those who prefer something different.

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