Frankincense For Burning In Malaysia

Frankincense For Burning In Malaysia

There are many people who use frankincense for burning in Malaysia, and it can be used in many different ways, depending on how you want to do it.

Most of the time, the frankincense is used for healing and cleansing, but in certain religions, raw frankincense is burnt for ceremonies or other reasons.

The raw frankincense resin comes from the Boswellia tree that grows in the Middle East or Gulf areas, and the frankincense is also known as Loban, which has also made a name here in Malaysia.

Most modern day people will know this from the frankincense essential oils that have become very popular in today’s living and lifestyle.

Frankincense For Burning In Malaysia

Frankincense Resin Malaysia by Elevate
Raw Hojari Frankincense from Elevate by Green Daun

In Malaysia, more people are now starting to look for raw frankincense resin as an alternative healing for cleansing, purification, meditation and also spiritual protection.

However, certain religions in Malaysia have also been using frankincense to burn in their respective homes or places of worship for a very long time.

And Malaysia being a multi-religion country, we have many festivals and religious holidays, where each of these religions will have some use for the raw frankincense.

In science, there has been test and research done where scientists claim that frankincense does indeed have a powerful positive effect on the brain, as it relieves anxiety and depression.

Religions That Use Frankincense

Frankincense Gulf Region Countries
Countries in the Gulf Region where frankincense can be found

When you go back in time, you will be surprised that frankincense has been used dating back over 6000 years ago, and has been used by many religions.

There is also factual evidence that points to the use of frankincense burning for religious purposes in ancient Egypt, China, India and also in the Middle East.

Christianity – The word frankincense appears 17 times in the King James Bible, and Christians have used it to cleanse holy spaces of evil spirits for centuries.

Muslims – The Muslim world has also been using loban or frankincense for centuries, till this very day.

Buddhist – There are also Buddhist that us frankincense, though we cannot confirm this accurately.

Types of Frankincense In The World

Blue Hojari Sacred Frankincense
The rare Sultan Hojari Sacred frankincense which also comes in blue tint.

Among the best quality frankincense in the world, the Royal Green Hojari frankincense from Oman is noted to be of the highest grades for external and also for consumption.

Just for your added knowledge, there are many types of frankincense which comes from different countries and below is a list of where they are from.

  1. Oman – Boswellia Sacra Frankincense or Hojari Frankincense
  2. Yemen / North Africa – Boswellia Thurifera Frankincense
  3. Somalia – Boswellia Carterri Frankincense
  4. Ethiopia – Boswellia Frereana Frankincense or Maydi Frankincense
  5. India – Boswellia Seratta or Seratta Frankincense
Gold Charcoal Disc Frankincense
Green sacred frankincense and a gold disc charcoal burner

Many who do not know about this will assume that frankincense is just plain frankincense, but it is not. An example would be apples.

There are apples available from all over the world, but the best quality may come from Japan or from the USA, and this is probably the best comparison I can share.

Burning Frankincense Malaysia
The ran frankincense resin goes on top of the charcoal disc after burning it

Where To Buy Frankincense For Burning In Malaysia?

You can now buy raw frankincense resin in Malaysia from Green Daun as we sell them by the gram, and in packets or containers.

There are a few grades of Hojari Frankincense that we sell – Royal Green Hojari and Brown Frankincense, and we also have the super rare Sultan Grade Hojari frankincense plus the Black Hojari as well.

Each of the green and brown frankincense resin are sold in 20 gram packs or jars, making it easy for the consumer. This means, you need not buy huge quantities, and just what you need to use.

Burning Frankincense
After the frankincense starts to burn


If you have been looking for where to get frankincense for burning in Malaysia, I hope this article has provided you with all the information you may have been looking for.

Green Daun is not a wholesaler or supplier, but we are a new age craft shop that sells the highest grade frankincense in small amounts.

We are located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya and you can find us on Waze or Google Maps by keying in ‘Green Daun Craft Shop’. It should bring you right to our doorstep, or call us if you need directions.

Do contact us via phone or Whatsapp if you have any inquiries about the loban or raw frankincense resin for burning as we sell many types in our shop.

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