Florida Water in Malaysia

Malaysia Florida Water

One of the highly popular cleansing liquids is Florida Water, which is a great tool for cleansing and purifying and spiritual or ritual-work.

For those who have not heard about this, I will share some information about the Florida Water in Malaysia, made in-house by the Green Daun new age shop.

Most of the time, this amazing water can be used for general aura or energy cleansing for your space, items or even for a person.

Florida Water in Malaysia

Florida Water from Malaysia
Our own blend of Florida Water sold in 100ml glass bottles.

Before we go into details, let us share a little history about the world-famous Florida Water which originated in New York in 1808. So you can imagine this has a 200-year history created by Murray and Lanman.

However, there has been some confusion on the original one because there are actually two names: the New York Florida Water and the Agua de Florida from Peru, which is also under Murray and Lanman.

The Peruvian Florida Water brand seems to have gained more attention due to Shamans worldwide swearing by this version.

But in fact, it is how the water is made at the end of the day. Some people claim that mass production of the water doesn’t give it the required powers or energy and personal-made ones seem to be more powerful.

This is why we at Green Daun make our own blend of Florida Water in Malaysia, and it is done according to age-old recipes using the correct herbs and oils.

Florida Water Type in Malaysia
The Original Murray & Lanman and the Green Daun Florida Water.

The important factor that people should know is the amount of energy or positive intention put into the water when making it. And no, not everyone can make it correctly which will serve the purpose.

We have actually bought some homemade Florida Water locally, and it did not contain any form of energy or intentions. It was just a cologne spray, and that was it.

This means that people make it for selling and with the wrong intentions and just about anyone can do this nowadays, especially if the people hide behind social media.

So, when you buy from us at Green Daun, you can be 100% sure that our products are all made purely with intentions and energy channelled into them.

Malaysia Spiritual Ritual Water
Close up of the Florida Water bottles.

Florida Water History

There are some interesting theories about the existence of Florida Water, but nothing is accurate. Only assumptions on how this became a staple in peoples lives.

Some magickal workers claim that in the mid to late 1800s, Florida Water was adopted by witchcraft workers in America and eventually spread worldwide. How it came about, there are no actual theories.

Below is an excerpt from the History Bandits who tried to understand the myth of Florida Water in general;

Both men and women would apply Florida Water to their skin and clothing, drink it, spray it in the air to prevent infection, use it as aftershave, fill their bathtubs with it, and more. With so many uses, Florida Water was an indispensable product for any nineteenth-century home.

Its multi-faceted nature gave the product adaptability necessary for sustaining demand. Florida Water tapped into centuries-old traditions in which manufactured scented spirits were not distinguished from natural medicinal waters.

Malaysia Florida Water Shop
The two types of Florida Water we sell at Green Daun.

Where to Buy Florida Water in Malaysia?

Actually, it is quite hard to find Florida Water in Malaysia; therefore, you can now get it from our retail new age shop in PJ.

Alternatively, if you live out of the Klang Valley, you can also buy Florida Water in Malaysia from our online Shopee shop. Please note we only sell the 20ml spray type at our online shop.

To locate our retail new age shop, just key in “Green Daun” into Waze or Google Maps, it will lead you to our shop.

Water for Spiritual Sacred Ritual Work
A close-up of the Florida Water that we make and sell at Green Daun.


At the end of the day, we all have our own little preferences regarding spiritual or ritual waters, and the best way is to test the water.

Some people just read online and pass judgement on what they want, but it is the connection between the creator, the water and the user that is important.

Therefore, this special Florida Water in Malaysia was created by Green Daun based on traditional recipes and catering to not only spiritual or ritual wor, but also for cleansing and purifying.

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