Feng Shui Dream Catchers

Feng Shui Dream Catcher MalaysiaWhat are Feng Shui Dream Catchers? And how did this come about? We have been making this kind of dream catchers in Malaysia since 2015 for customers who believe in Feng Shui and who love the idea of a dream catcher.

UPDATE JANUARY 2020 – We no longer sell dream catchers or custom-make dream catchers at Green Daun.

As dream catchers have a straightforward meaning of catching one’s bad and good dreams, the Feng Shui Dream Catcher works similarly.

Except that the five elements of feng shui are incorporated into the dream catcher design. It works to reduce the bad vibes and enhance the good ones.

Feng Shui Dream Catchers

The basic principles of feng shui are the principle of five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They are easily represented in colours which are brown, red, yellow, white and blue. However, there are substitute colours that can be used for individual elements.

As the general style of dream catchers is straightforward, we also make unique mobile feng shui dream catchers. This is something unique and different, and most likely, no one else has them.

One of the Feng Shui Dreamcatcher designs we make

Feng Shui Elements in a Dreamcatcher

  • Wood Element – This represents growth and creativity where wood fosters personal growth and increases a person’s intuition.
  • Earth Element – This helps to ground and stabilize a person and is the most peaceful, calming, and stable element.
  • Metal Element – This is related to mental power and sharpness, and metal is known to influence intelligence.
  • Fire Element – This represents transformation and expansion and is the most volatile of all the five feng shui elements.
  • Water Element – This represents release and renewal where it is used for clarity, inspiration, relaxation, and letting things go.

UPDATE JANUARY 2020 – We no longer sell dream catchers or custom-make dream catchers at Green Daun.

Feng Shui 5 Elements
The 5 Elements of Feng Shui

Feng shui elements are known to play a strong role in balancing the energy in your home, office or car. Depending on the size of your feng shui dream catcher, it is up to the person where they want to hang it.

We at Green Daun have custom made over 20 different types of Feng Shui Dreamcatchers over the last two years. All of them, having individual designs that the customers want. Some prefer it small, while others want them medium or large-sized.

5 Elements Dream Catcher
5 elements represented in crystals, weaved into the dream catcher web

The custom made designs can be done with metallic gold, silver or white string. However, many prefer the metallic shiny gold thread due to gold equaling to money. Most of our customers are business owners who want to improve their feng shui in their establishment.

Our latest feng shui dream catcher is made especially for our own business. The diameter size is 13 cm, accompanied by the five-element rings and finished with peacock feathers. The web is accompanied by gold beads and semi-precious stones that also make up the five elements.

Malaysia unique dream catcher
Our latest feng shui dream catcher design with peacock feathers from Green Daun
Mobile Dream Catcher Malaysia
The mobile feng shui dream catcher hanging in our shop.
Dream catcher feng shui design
Another custom design feng shui dream catcher for one of our customers
Mobile Feng Shui Dreamcatcher
A mobile feng shui dreamcatcher made by Green Daun

Where To Buy A Feng Shui Dream Catcher?

If you would like to make your own feng shui dream catcher, you can contact us or visit our shop in Damansara Perdana, where we can custom make it based on your preferences. We also sell dream catcher accessories and materials in Malaysia.

For international customers, you can always contact us as we ship internationally from Malaysia. The price of this depends on the size and design that you want.

To visit us, use Waze or Google Maps and search for Green Daun Craft Shop, or contact us for details. We are a boutique craft shop that specializes in dream catchers in Malaysia. We also do semi-precious stone bracelets, yarn craft and a few other unique things here.

UPDATE JANUARY 2020 – We no longer sell dream catchers or custom-make dream catchers at Green Daun.


Feng Shui Dream Catchers are not common worldwide, but at Green Daun, you can now custom make your own one or even buy our ready-made designs.

Please note that since January 2020, we have been rather busy, and now when you walk in, it will take a minimum of 7 to 10 working days to complete a Feng Shui Dream Catcher.

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