Feathers for Flower Arrangement in Malaysia

Floral Arrangement Flowers Malaysia

Feathers for flower arrangement in Malaysia is something not common but is being done by certain people in this field.

In most cases, flower arrangements would use leaves but with so many ideas out there nowadays, feathers are also being used for flower arrangements, especially for hand bouquets or even general decoration.

Feathers for Flower Arrangement in Malaysia

In most floral arrangements, the feathers used are peacock feathers or Lady Amherst type of feathers. The reason for this is that these two types of feathers tend to bring out the design of the arrangement.

Especially when the Lady Amherst long feathers are used, they stand out. The peacock feathers tend to give the arrangement some colours and life. So, if you have been looking for feathers for flower arrangement in Malaysia, read on.

Update January 2020 – We only have limited stock left for this.

Floral Arrangement Designs with Feathers
Samples of floral arrangements using feathers. (Photos from Pinterest)

While most general florist is conventional and conservative, there are some that want to try new things in their creations.

They say, with new creations, comes new business. So depending on how creative you are and how you market your business, the ball is always in your court.

At Green Daun craft shop in Petaling Jaya, we carry a wide range of feathers to suit your needs. For those looking where to buy peacock feathers in Malaysia, we have ready stock and in various types and colours too. Not only do we sell the general peacock feathers, but we also sell the beautiful peacock sword feathers.

Below are sample photos were taken from Pinterest showing you some of the creative ways of using feathers for floral decorations.

Update January 2020 – We only have limited stock left for this.

Ideas for feather bouquet
Ideas for some flower bouquet with feathers (Photo from Pinterest)
Floral Arrangement Malaysia
A simple buy beautiful flower arrangement with Peacock feathers.
Malaysia Flower Arrangement
Another sample of flower arrangements using feathers. (Photo Pinterest)
Malaysia Feather Flower Arrangement
Some unique designs using feathers with flower creations.

Types of Feathers for Flower Arrangement in Malaysia

Other types of feathers we sell are the Lady Amherst feathers, which come in short or long pieces. The short ones are usually around 12″ inch to 16″ inch (30.5 cm to 40.5cm) long, while the really long ones are around 2′ feet to 3′ feet (61cm to 91cm) long.

Some even like to use short feathers like the Guinea Fowl Feathers, which come naturally with polka dots and various sizes. We sell them from small to large sizes which are anywhere from 2″ inch (5cm) to 4″ inch (10 cm). They come in multiple colours as well as natural colour.

Update January 2020 – We only have limited stock left for this.


Other types of feathers we sell include rooster tail, turkey and goose feathers which come in a variety of colours too. For unique and rare feathers, we also stock some of them in our shop.

To see all the feathers for flower arrangement in Malaysia, visit our shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya as you can see them in person and even gauge what you need for your floral designs.

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