Etsy Made Local Bazaar Malaysia

Etsy Made Local Bazaar Malaysia 2017

The Etsy Made Local Bazaar Malaysia will be taking place at PAM Center in Bangsar this 25th November 2017. For all you handmade lovers, this is one of the best bazaars to visit, as you can see some of the most creative Malaysians showcasing their handmade work.

This once a year bazaar is also organized by Team Etsy Malaysia, which has successfully run a few of these bazaars over the last few years. Each year, the venue may change from different locations, and the event attracts those who are into the handmade art and craft scene of Malaysia.

Etsy Made Local Malaysia 2017
Visitors at the Etsy Made Local Bazaar in 2016

Etsy Made Local Bazaar Malaysia

This is one of the more art and craft types of bazaars where vendors are selected based on their creative designs and work. Vendors also need to be active on their Etsy account, and Team Etsy Malaysia will be the one that selects the vendors for this once a year bazaar.

To apply for the Etsy Made Local Bazaar in Malaysia, you need to fill in a form. The organisers state that your chances are slightly better in getting selected if you volunteer at their events. But again, not all who apply will be guaranteed a spot as they have limited booths or tables for the event.

We visited the Etsy Made Local Bazaar 2016, held at the Battery Acid Club in Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. It was a two-day event that saw two sets of different vendors on both days. And for this year, we will also attend the Etsy bazaar to see if there are repeat vendors selected or new and interesting ones.

Etsy Malaysia Craft Bazaar
View of the Etsy Made Local Bazaar last year

One of the things you should note about this bazaar is that you will not find your regular weekly type of bazaar vendors. Meaning, Team Etsy Malaysia are very picky about who they select. There are over 100’s of vendors in the Klang Valley alone, and most of them are selling ready-made products that are not handmade.

A lot of these vendors are always hungry to seek new bazaars and events to sell their products. If you are a regular bazaar visitor, you will know who these vendors are. Some of these vendors go to certain lengths to claim that the products they sell are handmade, just not by them.

Malaysia Etsy Bazaar 2017
What an Etsy Made Local bazaar looks like

The reality of bazaars in Malaysia is that everyone wants to sell at bazaars thinking that there is a huge market and money to be made. This brings out the worst in people when they start sourcing items from Thailand, China and Korea, to sell at bazaars.

Even many vendors buy ready-made products, especially new items that are probably trending in other countries. They will mix them with their handmade items or modify them to qualify as handmade. I mean, if you are selling vintage stickers or Washi Tape, how do you justify they are hand made by you when you know you can buy them online?

This is a very grey area that needs to be looked into. I mean, anyone can import in a load of stickers, stamps, scrapbooking tools and create some stuff and sell the imported items as accessories to their products. It is a catch 22 situation, but at the end of the day, if no one highlights this matter, it will always be left as bazaar gossip.

To see a list of craft markets and bazaars in the country, look at some of the shopping mall bazaars in Malaysia. It showcases most of the popular bazaars that take place on weekends all over the country.

Malaysia Etsy Craft Bazaar
One of the vendors selling handmade products at the bazaar

What is Etsy Made Local Bazaar Malaysia?

It is an initiative by Etsy to promote the international online marketplace for handmade art and craft. A dedicated and passionate team in Malaysia, called Team Etsy Malaysia, organizes this every year and handpicks the vendors for Etsy Made Local Malaysia or EML.

Because of the niche success over the last few years, many have tried to get into this. Some even go to lengths of quickly set up an Etsy account to participate at the bazaar. And shockingly, some even get selected for doing so.

But the core of being involved rotates around volunteering with Team Etsy Malaysia, especially before and during the event. You can look at this as a little Etsy local community project where chores are shared among one another. In simple words, you need to volunteer to get selected, or unless your products are awe-inspiring and outstanding.

Team Etsy Malaysia also has a group section on the Etsy main website. Registered members can join the team and participate in discussions and so on. They also have a Team Etsy Malaysia Facebook Page where information and photos are shared from time to time. So for anyone interested, you need to apply to be in the groups.

Malaysia Etsy Made Local
The official Etsy Made Local M’sia 2017 banner

Etsy Made Local Bazaar 2017 Information

Date‬: 25 November 2017
Day: Saturday
Time: 11.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Venue: PAM Centre (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia), Bangsar KL (near APW, NST)
Rental: RM130 (+ RM100 refundable deposit)


For art and craft lovers, the Etsy Made Local Malaysia Bazaar 2017 (#EML2017) is something to look out for as you will see some of the best handmade vendors from Etsy Malaysia participating. It is held once a year, usually in November and attracts crafty people or those interested in art and craft.

Who knows, you may even walk away with some unique Malaysian made items or probably ignite your inner creativity to start your own projects and sell on Etsy?

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