Essential Oil Diffuser Earrings in Malaysia

Malaysia Aromatherapy Diffuser Earrings

Essential Oil Diffuser Earrings in Malaysia are one of the new items that we are selling in our shop in Petaling Jaya. These are also called EOD jewellery which is suitable for those who prefer to have the essential oil scents around them.

The essential oil diffuser earrings are currently a trend in the essential oil world, where top brands like Young Living is promoting the oils and its benefits for a healthy living environment.

With this new trend catching up, now essential oil diffuser earrings in Malaysia are also gaining interest from many local consumers.

The whole point of the EOD is to carry the essential oils in a diffuser piece where ever the person goes. In most cases, sponge balls are used to diffuse the oils, but a much better alternative is by using lava stone.

Update January 2020 – We no longer make this product.

Malaysia Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Pendant
Small essential oil diffuser locket in 15mm size.

Essential Oil Diffuser Earrings in Malaysia

The EOD Earrings are sold in a pair and the size of the ball is 15mm or 1.5cm in diameter. Each pair is priced at RM40.00 which comes with two free 12mm lava stones.

The material for the diffuser holder is electroplated copper with a silver coating. The earring hooks are standard fashion jewellery materials.

The diffuser cages are currently the trend but there are other ways to make diffuser jewellery which we create in our shop.

While some consumers may prefer simple designs, we carry a variety of these designs which are contemporary and can be used on a daily basis. Read this article on essential oil diffuser jewellery in Malaysia for more information.

Update January 2020 – We no longer make this product.

Malaysia EOD Earrings
Some of the different types of essential oil diffuser earrings we make.

How Does An Essential Oil Diffuser Earring Work?

Here is a rough guide on how to apply the essential oils on the diffuser jewellery. These are general steps for first-time users, as regular users would already know how to do it.

  1. Generally, you apply the essential oil on the lava stone by gently massaging it into the stone.
  2. Normally, 3-5 drops of essential oil are used for the first time.
  3. You then let the lava stone or bead dry for a few minutes.
  4. After the essential oil has dried, insert the lava bead into the diffuser holder.
  5. Re-apply the essential oils when required

Essential Oil Diffuser Earring Lockets

  • Price: RM40.00 per pair
  • Free: 2 x 12mm Lava Stones
  • Size: 15mm (1.5cm) Diameter
  • Material: Electroplated Copper with Silver Finishing
EOD Earrings
A series of small essential oil diffuser earrings using coloured lava stones, made by us.

Green Daun new age shop is located in Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya and we are only a five-minute drive from IKEA Petaling Jaya.

Read this article on how to go to Green Daun craft shop if you need more information or you can contact us for directions.

Update January 2020 – We no longer make this product.


If you have been looking for essential oil diffuser earrings in Malaysia, we have them in our shop and we can also custom make them to your liking. Drop by Green Daun craft shop in Damansara Perdana to see our collection of essential oil jewellery.

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