Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets Malaysia

Malaysia Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

If you are looking for an essential oil diffuser bracelets shop in Malaysia, you can find these unique items sold at Green Daun Craft Shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

We have been selling essential oil diffuser jewellery since early 2015, when the trend started in the western countries back then. In Malaysia, very few people knew about this until brands like ‘Dearest Grace’ and ‘Young Living’ in Malaysia started to promote them in 2016.

Update January 2020 – We no longer sell these items.

Update 2021: We no longer do custom made bracelets at Green Daun, and we also do not do “Restringing Service” for bracelets or necklaces. Please take note of this.

The essential oil diffuser bracelets we sell are all hand made by us, and each one has its own unique design. Based on customer preferences, we also do custom made bracelets as we have all the required materials in our boutique craft shop.

For those who make jewellery in Malaysia, we also carry many types of diffuser stones, charms, crystals and other jewellery making materials in our shop.

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets Malaysia

Due to the trend being still new, there are actually not many places that carry these items. After two years since we started selling the essential oil diffuser bracelets, we only noticed some vendors at bazaars recently selling them in 2017.

Sadly, when we approached them, they lacked the full knowledge of the product, which is very important when doing business.

As we have been doing this for over two years now, we have researched the product, materials and so on to share the knowledge and information with our customers, even if you are a buyer or maker.

We strongly believe in sharing, rather than the typical Malaysian style of not sharing but selling only.

Update January 2020 – We no longer sell these items.

Malaysia Diffuser Bracelet
Some of the essential oil diffuser bracelet designs we make

How to Use Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

Generally, you add a lava stone or stones to your bracelet as the lava stone works best as a diffuser agent. This means you can drop the essential oil on the lava stone of your diffuser bracelet, and the scent will always be around your hand and body.

In Malaysia, since the trend is still new with Young Living and Dearest Grace, they use sponges or felt pads as the diffuser agent, a cheaper alternative to using lava stones or beads. Therefore, when a brand introduces this, consumers tend to follow without doing much research.

Why we prefer lava stones is because it is organic, versus a piece of felt or sponge. The lava stone also absorbs the essential oils better and last much longer. In one experiment, certain essential oils lasted up to three days, with just two drops.

Again, not all essential oils will last long; therefore, it is vital to know your product before selling them. If you want to know where to buy lava beads in Malaysia, we have them in our shop, in many shapes and sizes.

Update January 2020 – We no longer sell these items.

Essential Oil Bracelets in Malaysia
Creative and unique essential oil bracelets from Green Daun

Types of Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

The kinds of diffuser bracelets we sell range from simple entry-level ones to intricate designs. It all depending on your budget. They are;

  • Diffuser Bracelet in Beaded Style
  • Diffuser Bracelet in Cord Style
  • Diffuser Bracelet in Chain Style

At the end of the day, the customer would always want a choice, and the above is catered to almost all styles. Alternatively, if you are creative enough, you can design something beautiful and unique which will stand out from the rest.

Some consumers like simplicity, and some want to be different; therefore, we offer many choices regarding style and designs.

Update January 2020 – We no longer sell these items.

How much is a Diffuser Bracelet in Malaysia?

The price range for a diffuser bracelet starts from RM25.00 and above, depending on your design. You can have it simple and practical or even fancy or even trendy.

In some scenarios, we have had customers who custom-make their designs that cost up to RM100.00. This is also because of the types of crystal stones they want to include in their diffuser bracelet.

At the end of the day, we cater to all kinds of budgets, and if you have a minimal budget, we can always work around it for you. Just contact us or best to drop by our shop and talk to us.

Malaysia Esential Oil Bracelets
Vibrant colours of the essential oil diffuser bracelets at our retail shop

Types of Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery in Malaysia

We sell different types of essential oil diffuser jewellery at our shop. They range from diffuser necklaces, diffuser earrings, diffuser bracelets, and diffuser anklets that work well as mosquito repellents.

Drop by Green Daun to see the full range of essential oil diffuser jewellery, and if you need to custom make them, we are ready to serve you.

For re-sellers or those selling Young Living in Malaysia, you are welcome to drop by and see our products as you can custom make bracelets or other types of jewellery for your customers. And if you have some jewellery making experience, you can buy the materials and make them for your customers.

Update January 2020 – We no longer sell these items.

Currently, the trend is on essential oil diffuser necklaces in Malaysia. Many are only getting into this latest trend where caged pendants are used as the diffuser holder, and these pendants are worn around the neck.

We have many different designs for diffuser pendant and necklaces with prices starting from RM25.00 only. They come in silver, gold and rose gold finishing, which is categorized as fashion jewellery.

To clear the air, some caged pendants are being sold out there at higher prices, and to be honest, they are similar. Meaning the diffuser pendants are electroplated on copper and given a layer of finishing.

These are not stainless steel as claimed by some sellers. Stainless steel diffusers are priced above RM100 per piece, and they are usually 316l hypo-allergenic surgical grade material. These are suitable for those who have allergies, but we do not stock these at Green Daun for now.

Some of the men’s diffuser bracelets available at Green Daun.

Green Daun Business Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday (including PH) – 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM
Monday – CLOSED

Update January 2020 – We no longer sell these items.

Update 2021: We no longer do custom made bracelets at Green Daun, and we also do not do “Restringing Service” for bracelets or necklaces. Please take note of this.

The next time you look for essential oil diffuser bracelets in Malaysia, you can contact us at Green Daun, located in Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya. Here are directions to Green Daun New Age Shop for those who are driving.

If you are using Waze or Google Maps, key in Green Daun’s new age shop, it will show you the way here. Alternatively, do call us if you are unsure or if you need to know where to park.

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