Energy Healing Soap Malaysia


Energy Healing Soap Malaysia

One of the latest products from Elevate by Green Daun is our handmade Energy Healing Soap in Malaysia, which is made purely by us, and using natural products with positive intentions set.

Energy healing soaps are considered one of the new alternative and natural products in the market, and in Malaysia, it is still considered uncharted territory. Let us guide you through this very interesting product.

Energy Healing Soap Malaysia

First of all, an energy healing soap is a soap that is made and infused with the desired energy that can assist people in specific areas for inner healing.

When you walk into any apothecary in Malaysia, most of them are selling already branded or semi-branded products. These may include personalised or speciality soaps that look homemade.

Well, the truth be told, those are purely consumer goods, which are mostly made in large quantities and shipped around the world.

At Green Daun New Age Shop, we are a very niche retail outlet, and we create our own range of unique healing products to aid people in need of it.

This simply means we are not mass-makers of soap and other healing products. Our mission is simple – we create to help people, not with a mindset of just making money.

The energy healing soaps that we make are in very small batches, meaning we do small quantities on a weekly basis. The process is not as simple as general soapmaking as one may think.

When we create these healing soaps, we have to have a positive mindset to set the intentions while making them. Many may think it is a simple process, but let me just say that it is not.

Malaysia Handmade Soaps
Our range of Energy Healing Soaps that are sold at our new age shop.

What is the Difference Between Healing Soap and Energy Healing Soap?

This is a common question that some may ask, and there can be various explanations on the two types mentioned above. I will do my best to explain in a simple layman terms.

Healing Soap – These are handmade soaps are mostly astatic healing for the body and often this term is misused by many soap makers.

Energy Healing Soap – This is focused on the person’s energy, soul and aura, where the focus is on the inner healing of oneself.

There are also other types of healing soaps being sold, especially those made with raw crystals and lots of essential oils. These have been around for decades, which has been practised by the American new age movement since the 60s and 70s.

Only in the last few years, when the internet became an easy source of information for everyone, suddenly, everyone is into energy healing, natural products and so on.

Therefore, with information at your fingertips, anyone can make these so-called energy healing soaps, but are these people making it with the right intention? Do they have a positive and clear mindset? A tricky question if you ask me.

Well, for us at Elevate by Green Daun, we have taken our sweet time to learn and understand the concept of energy healing and what is related to this genre.

And the results have been very rewarding where we have created a range of products that can assist anyone who truly needs it.

Cleansing and Smudging Products in Malaysia

What other healing products do we sell?

Apart from the energy healing soaps, we also sell a number of other healing products which come in the form of energy healing oils, cleansing and smudging products and also energy healing crystals.

Our product range is rather interesting where we also sell ready-to-use seven flower bath packs to get rid of bad luck. That is just one of the interesting products we sell at our shop.

However, we do not conduct any kind of workshops or classes related to healing or making anything. Our retail shop is a walk-in style concept.

Who is Elevate by Green Daun?

Elevate is a sub-brand of Green Daun and we have been in this business since 2015 where we gradually shifted towards a fully new age shop in early 2018.

Our core business is to create energy healing products in Malaysia with a mission to help those who are in need. We are not bazaar runners, nor do we sell online and this is for a very good reason.

We think the main reason is because these products are very personal, therefore people need to walk-in to understand the product better.

Why we Do Not have an online shop?

While many may say that an online shop is the way to do it, but honestly, we find that many are not ready for this concept of online selling, especially when it is personal.

We only use online methods to talk about the products (like what you are reading now), but only on surface level, and if a person is truly in need of certain products, they will make their way to our shop.

At the end of the day, the person-to-person communication will help us understand what exactly a customer needs, versus trying to convince a buyer to add products in a cart when they really do not know what they need.

Green Daun New Age Shop Location
The location of our new age shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

Where is our shop located?

Green Daun New Age Shop is located in the area of Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. We are just a short drive from IKEA PJ, The Curve Shopping Mall and also One Utama Shopping Mall.

Use Waze or Google Maps to locate us by keying in ‘Green Daun’, and it will lead you directly to our shop. We also have reserve parking outside our shop for customers.

Our business hours are from Tuesday to Sunday and from 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM. We are closed every Monday and you can also get updates from our Green Daun Facebook Page.


To find out more about the energy healing soap in Malaysia,  you can always drop by our new age shop to have a look, feel and even smell these special one-of-a-kind handmade soaps.

And just to confirm, we make all our own energy healing soaps and other healing products. We do not do wholesale, dropship or consignment and we do not participate in bazaars and markets.

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