Energy Healing Oils in Malaysia

Energy Healing Oils Malaysia

Energy Healing Oils Malaysia

Did you know that you can get energy healing oils in Malaysia from the Green Daun New Age Craft Shop in Petaling Jaya? Yes, they are now available in eight different types under our sub-brand called Elevate.

The energy healing oils are also 100% made in-store and with positive intentions set into each batch that we make. You should also know that they are one-of-a-kind and like no other out there.

Malaysia Energy Healing Oils by Elevate

Since early 2019, we have painstakingly studied about herbs, oils and various energies to create one of the best natural concoctions for everyday use.

We just want to highlight here that our energy infused healing oils are not based on the typical essential oils that everyone blends.

Energy Essential Oil Herbs Malaysia
Natural herbs and flowers are one of the products that we use to make the energy infused oils.

We actually use carrier oils that are infused with natural herbs, flowers and crystals to create our blends of energy healing oils. Each of the bottles contain different types of crystals to enhance the power of the healing oils.

You may also be asking why use energy infused healing oils and the answer is simple – There are many things that cannot be solved by visiting a doctor or by taking pills hence a more natural and alternative method is this.

These energy oils are non evasive and external use only. The positive energy that has been infused into the oils will help to resolve issues that we often face on a daily basis.

For example, if you think that everything is going wrong in your life, then perhaps you need to cleanse yourself of all the negativity that has been built up. Our Negative Away energy healing oil will be the best for this.

Or if you are facing a hard time by not being able to let go of past unpleasant experiences, then our Open Heart energy oil will be the right choice for this.

The above are just some of the common examples that a lot of people face but rarely discuss them with family of friends and find it hard to resolve by themselves.

You can also read more about energy healing with aromatherapy on Wikipedia.

Miracle Healing Oils Malaysia
The energy healing oils in oil dropper bottles.

Types Of Energy Infused Healing Oils We Sell

At the moment of writing this article, we have created eight different types of energy infused healing oils that cater to different needs and they come in two types of packaging.

The first one is a 10ml oil dropper bottle while the other is a handy travel rollerball 6ml bottle that can be used while on trips or even a vacation.

The types of energy healing oils we sell are;

  1. Negative Away – Repels all things negative, including black magic and evil forces.
  2. Divine – Getting in touch with your higher self.
  3. Abundance – Attract and improve your luck, happiness and prosperity.
  4. Chakra Balance – Re-aligning and balancing out the seven chakras.
  5. Protection – Protecting oneself from negativity and to ground yourself.
  6. Open Heart – Healing your old wounds, past trauma, forgiving and letting go.
  7. Clear Mind – Decluttering your mind from confusion, managing stress and assisting to stay more focused.
  8. Fertility – A special blend for couples trying to conceive.
Malaysia Healing Oils
These energy healing oils are all store-made.

Where to Buy Energy Healing Oils in Malaysia?

Well, after reading this, I am sure you now know where you can get them. The products are available in small quantities as each batch of energy healing oils are made in small quantities.

You can just Google Green Daun or use Waze to find our shop in Damansara Perdana. Alternatively, you can also read our detailed article on directions to our shop.

And one more thing, if you are serious, please visit our shop if you have questions about this product. We are not online sellers who sit by the phone all day long.


If you have been looking for energy healing oils in Malaysia, we hope that this article has provided you with enough information about them.

And if you truly are interested in these unique products, please visit our retail store to get them or even to ask us more questions. We do have testers for those who want to smell them.

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