Dream Catcher Web Thread String

Web string cord for dream catcher

What is the best material to use to make a dream catcher web? Most makers will use wax or nylon cords to make the web, but there are many other options that you can use.

Update 2020 – We no longer make or sell dream catchers or materials anymore.

At Green Daun, we use a type of yarn string thicker than thread and not as thick as the other cords.

No Longer For Sale
This item is no longer for sale at our shop.

Because we are a dream catcher supply shop in Malaysia, we carry an extensive selection of materials, including web threads.

As you can see from the photos here, we have 41 colours for you to choose from. These have been tested and used by us for the last five years of making dream catchers.

Web design for dream catcher
Some of the detailed web designs that Green Daun creates

Dream Catcher Web Thread String

These stings that we sell are all cut to 10-meter lengths, which means that you can easily web an 8-10 cm dream catcher with excess materials. Depending on how detailed your web is, you can use the string for two dream catchers if you make a standard web design.

Current daydream catchers are very modern contemporary, and creative makers tend to develop unique designs for their websites. Hence, the selection of colours we provide will suit just about any maker. Again, creativity is always the essence in coming up with beautiful designs.

The safe makers will always go with the standard colours, while the creative makers will explore using different colours and techniques to come up with beautiful dream catcher designs. An example would be the photo above, made by Green Daun.

You may be asking why we sell the string in 10-meter packets, and the answer is because many hobby or business makers only need small amounts. One entire large roll of string would be too much, and by having smaller packets, you can save on your material cost and have more options.

These string or threads can also be used for many other craft projects, depending on how you want to use them. You can also find many other types of yarn, stings and cords at our shop as we have a pretty good selection. For those looking for Macrame string, rope or cords, we also carry the cotton strings in many different sizes too.

Dream Catcher Thread Cords
Dream Catcher Web String Selections from Green Daun Craft Shop

Where to buy a dream catcher web string? 

You can get these strings or threads at our retails shop as they are sold at RM0.80 per packet. Our shop is located in Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya, and we also sell everything you need to make a dream catcher.

We also stock over 20 different feathers in over 40 colours, tiny rings to enormous rings that come in metal, wood and plastic, wooden, glass and plastic beads,  dream catcher charms, and jewellery accessories.

Update 2020 – We no longer make or sell dream catchers or materials anymore.


We also have ready-made dream catchers for sale in our shop, which ranges from small to hug ones. Apart from selling dream catcher materials, Green Daun also conducts private dream catcher making classes for anyone interested to learn.  If you need more information, you can just contact us or drop by our shop to buy the dream catcher web strings.

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