Dream Catcher Materials in Malaysia

Materials for dreamcatchers in Malaysia

If you are looking for dream catcher materials in Malaysia, you have landed on the right page. Green Daun craft shop sells almost everything you need to make a dream catcher, and we are the only specialized shop doing this in Malaysia and even Southeast Asia.

Certain places only sell the finished product and perhaps a bit of accessory, and that is if you can locate them. But we, as passionate makers, have been selling dream catcher materials in Malaysia since 2015.

*Please Note – As of Jan 1, 2020, we no longer sell any materials for dream catcher making.

No Longer For Sale
Some of the items are no longer for sale at our shop.

Our dream catcher shop is called Green Daun craft shop and is located in Damansara Perdana in Selangor, Malaysia. We have had this shop since mid-2016, and it is well stocked up with all kinds of materials you need.

Some of the dream catcher materials from Green Daun.

Buying Dream Catcher Materials in Malaysia

For dream catcher makers out there, you most likely have been ordering your materials online, and we can share some of your frustration of receiving low-quality items, especially from China or even local sellers.

We have been through what you are going through. Hence we decided to import the materials and filter them for quality. This means you will be getting the best quality from our shop.

Aksesori penangkap mimpi
In the process of making a dreamcatcher at Green Daun craft shop

For example, you may have bought round metal rings online, and they arrived broken or bent. Or maybe buying feathers, only to receive damaged or inconsistent quantities.

Yes, many say it is a little cheaper, but we all know, cheap does not always mean good.

So, when we sell dream catcher materials, we ensure that all the items we put up for sale are checked, filtered and in good condition. Our prices are also very reasonable if you compare them with others.

As makers, we fully understand what other makers go through; hence we practise good business ethics by providing quality products at reasonable prices.

At the end of the day, we are still the only proper dream catcher shop in Malaysia that sells all the required materials.

Feathers supplier in Malaysia

Yarn and cords to make a dream catcher in various colours.

What Kind of Dream Catcher Materials Do We Sell?

We sell almost everything a person needs to make a dream catcher. It ranges from all kinds of rings, feathers, yarn,  beads and charms.  First-time visitors to our shop are usually overwhelmed with the items available.

The dream catcher materials are also sold individually or in small packets; therefore, you only need to buy what you want to use. Unlike other places, they sell almost everything in bulk.

Dream Catcher Materials We Sell Include;

  • Rings – Meta, Acrylic, Plastic, Wood, Wreath and Bamboo. We also carry heart-shaped dream catcher rings and square rings for those who want something different.
  • Feathers – Rooster, Goose, Duck, Turkey and over 15 different types of bird feathers. They come in multiple colours to suit your projects and also in multiple sizes.
  • Binding Materials – Faux leather cords, Chinese cords, Yarn and other materials.
  • Webbing Material – Metallic string, fine yarn and other materials. These are sold in various lengths.
  • Beads – Wooden, Glass, Plastic, Semi-precious stones in many different sizes. They are sold in small packets or individually.
  • Charms & Findings – We carry an extensive range of charms and findings in silver, gold and antique gold. Also, findings for jewellery making like jump rings, clasps, connectors, spacers and more.
Dream Catcher Materials
Various types of beads for craft and dream catchers

Besides selling dream catcher materials, we also sell ready-made dream catchers in many sizes. We do that based on the customers ‘ design for those who want to custom make a dream catcher.

Our customers include all kinds of dream catcher makers, those who make for fun or as a hobby, for business and even for those into wellness and healing.

We even have customers who believe in Feng Shui dream catchers, specially made in the colours of the Five Elements.

Nowadays, dream catchers are categorized as modern contemporary decorative items and hung in cars, homes, or even offices.

Some hang dream catchers in their businesses as well, like offices or cafes.

Rings for dreamcatchers in Malaysia
Different types of dreamcatcher ring sold at Green Daun craft shop in Malaysia.

The dream catcher culture originates from the Native Americans, which date back over 400 years old; hence it is not new.

There is no religious or spiritual meaning to the item except that it is made to catch bad and good dreams. Some even believe that the dream catcher also traps bad and good energy.

As dream catcher makers ourselves, we fully understand what the makers out there need. Well, this is for those who actually take the time to make their own items.

Dreamcatcher Malaysia
A Rasta inspired dream catcher made by Green Daun craft shop in Malaysia.

You should know that many sellers out there take stock from mass-produced makers in Indonesia and sell them for low prices.

For anyone wanting to learn how to make one, we also have classes for dream catcher making at our shop. Just inquire with us on this as we only do private classes.

*Update 2019 – We no longer offer general dreamcatcher classes but special one-to-one classes by appointment only.

As a buyer, you should know the difference between actual handmade dream catchers versus mass-produced ones. The prices are a huge difference, and the quality is really low.

*Please Note – As of Jan 1, 2020, we no longer sell any materials for dream catcher making.


If you are looking for dream catcher materials in Malaysia, you can always visit our retail store. Please take note that we are not your regular Instagram or Facebook sellers.

This means we do not make online sales. If you wish to see the items, visit our shop, and you can see everything. Please do not ask us to send you photos of the materials as we have too many.

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