Dream Catcher Keychains

Dreamcatcher Keychains

Dreamcatcher Keychains

Dream Catcher Keychains are quite popular in Malaysia, and many people love to get them as gifts or premiums for events. More popularly, they are used to hang on bags too, but they are overall a great gift as souvenirs or presents to friends.

Nowadays, a few people are selling dream catcher keychains, usually at bazaars or online on Instagram or Facebook.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Dream Catchers Keychains.

The beauty about the dream catcher keychains is that they make their own unique design and creations, and prices vary from seller to seller.

Some of the dream catcher makers in Malaysia create beautiful pieces, and of course, some make them for the sake of making. So, when you want to buy a dream catcher keychain, you need to check the makers finishing and design.

Dream Catcher Keychains

At Green Daun Craft Shop, we sell ready-made Dream Catcher Keychains in various designs suitable for anyone. Our keychains come in small and medium sizes and many colours.

As for the material, we prefer to use yarn as it has more options for colours, plus the finishing is much neater and nicer compared to the faux suede cord (fake leather). However, we do have that option as well, if you prefer it otherwise.

Malaysian Dream Catcher Key Rings

Custom Made Dream Catcher Keychains

You can custom make dream catcher key chains at our shop depending on the colour and size you like. Usually, you can custom make the colour you want for the ring, web, and feathers for gifts or personal use.

And for those who are allergic to feathers, not to worry as we have alternatives like replacing them with tassels or even other materials. To custom make dream catcher rings, it is best to drop by our shop to see the choices available.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Dream Catchers Keychains.

Bulk Order Dream Catcher Keychains

For events, parties or door gifts, we can also take bulk orders for dream catcher keychains in specific colours for your party or event. Minimum orders for bulk purchase is 20 pieces, and we require at least one week to make them.

Larger orders may take up to two weeks to complete, depending on the quantity and also design. You should plan well ahead for this, and please note that we put passion and quality into our designs, and prices are not RM3.00 per piece.

Japanese style dream catcher key chains.

Most specialized parties with Coachella Theme or Bohemian Theme in Malaysia can create very trendy designs to suit your theme and colours. We can also add on other theme accessories to complete your event or party. Best to drop by our shop to see the materials, colours, designs, or even talk to us for ideas.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Dream Catchers Keychains.

Please call us or WhatsApp us for more information for outstation orders as we have catered to orders from other states around Malaysia. And if you are wondering where to rent dream catchers,  we also do Dream Catcher Rental in Malaysia for parties and events, especially if you need large or special theme colours.


Green Daun Boutique Craft Shop sells all kinds of ready-made dream catchers, metal, plastic and wooden rings, accessories, many types of feathers, a wide variety of beads and other materials for making dream catchers. Drop by our shop to see our products anytime, and if you are new or have any questions, we would be glad to assist you.

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  1. Hi. Do you make Personalised Dream catchers for birthdays where I can include the birthday girl’s name it?

  2. Hi there Sharmini, thank you for the question. Yes, this can be done, as for the name, we can do it below the dream catcher, not in the web. However, for better understanding, you can either drop by our shop or call us. Thank you.

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