Dream Catcher For Cars

Car Dream Catchers

If you have wondered where to get dream catchers for cars in Malaysia, you have found the right article. We at Green Daun create these beautiful handmade dream catchers for cars in various sizes for our customers.

Generally, the car dream catchers are hung around the review mirror of your car, and our dream catchers come in an adjustable cord for you to choose your preferred length you want to hang it.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell or Make Dream Catchers for Cars.

Dream Catcher for Cars

If you have noticed lately, in the last one to two years, many people have started hanging dream catchers in cars here in Malaysia as it is one of the trends due to the popularity of this decorative item.

However, many do not know that when you buy certain cheap dream catchers, they will bend (bengkok) and warp in our tropical weather.

So, we at Green Daun have researched this, and we know the right materials to be used for car dream catchers.

A simple dream catcher in a car

Car Dream Catcher in Malaysia

Have you ever noticed some of the dream catchers for cars in Malaysia that are bent with so many choices out there? You can see them at car parks or parking lots most of the time, and they really look bad.

The problem is that these customers have bought the cheap, mass-produced stock from Indonesia, Bali, China or from dream catcher re-sellers in Malaysia. As they say, cheap is not good and good is not cheap; therefore, you get what you pay for.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell or Make Dream Catchers for Cars.

The best dream catcher accessories make a huge difference for the finished product, and at Green Daun craft shop, we sell a variety of them.

Usually, the rings or hoops are made from metal, wood or acrylic plastic, which are great for all weather conditions here in Malaysia.

Where to buy Dream Catcher for cars

Most people would either look at Instagram or search for where to buy a car dream catcher. And most of the time, they are only sites that are selling them. This means you do not know the quality as photos are always deceiving.

Green Daun is a proper dream catcher shop in Malaysia specialising in all kinds of dream catcher for cars, rooms, halls, restaurants, offices or even boutiques.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell or Make Dream Catchers for Cars.

One of the car dream catchers with a single feather.

We also custom-make and sell dream catcher key chains, bag charms, necklaces, bracelets and many more. At our craft shop, we have ready stock, and you can also walk into custom make them according to the colour you like.

Most Malaysians currently like the trend of hanging a dream catcher in their cars, and especially when the feathers are fluffy and when the car air condition blows, the feathers move with the airflow.

A lot of people also like to match the dream catcher with the colour of their cars. Green Daun understands the trend, and we have many unique designs available to be hung in the car.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell or Make Dream Catchers for Cars.

Some people even choose dream catchers for cars as gifts to loved ones or friends, for birthdays or any other occasion. One of the reasons is that it is unique and can be hung in the car or home and always be seen.

We also cater to custom making and sending the items to you or your loved ones via post. You can always contact us for outstation customers if you need to make a dream catcher for your car.

Dreamcatcher for Car in Malaysia
One of the simple designs for the car dream catchers we make

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell or Make Dream Catchers for Cars.

Make your own car dream catcher.

And for those who would like to learn how to make your own dream catcher for cars, we offer dream catcher making classes at our shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

Please contact us about the dream catcher workshops as we provide one to one and group classes to get more information.

Alternatively, you can buy the materials needed to make a car dream catcher from our shop and refer to YouTube for the tutorial. This is at your own leisure and easier as there are many different tutorials out there.

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