Where to Buy a Dream Catcher DIY Kit in Malaysia

Malaysia Dream Catcher DIY Kit

Are you planning a special event, party or team building event and want to know where to get or buy a dream catcher DIY kit in Malaysia?

You can now get them at Green Daun craft shop as we sell these DIY dream catcher kits which is custom made by us.

In Malaysia, there has been a growing trend for bohemian or boho theme functions, team building, events, birthdays and parties since 2017, and more people are looking at fun activities to do nowadays.

Where to buy a Dream Catcher DIY Kit in Malaysia?

For anyone who is looking for these, you can specially custom order the DIY dream catcher kits from Green Daun craft shop in Damansara Perdana, PJ.

We do not have ready stock as most customers or event planners prefer to have their own theme, design or even colors for their dream catcher kits.

Sometimes it could be the corporate color of the company, an Eco-friendly earthly theme, vibrant rainbow color theme or even a pastel colored theme.

Green Daun can prepare the theme colors according to your request, but you must know that it takes time to prepare this. Usually we require at least three to seven working days to prepare the dream catcher DIY kit.

The quantity can be as little as ten sets or as many as 50 sets, depending on your numbers. The more sets, the longer we require to prepare.

Even better, you can walk in to our retail shop, sit down and discuss with us about your theme color for the DIY set.

Dream Catcher DIY Kit PJ and KL
In the process of making some dream catchers.

Dream Catcher DIY Kit in Malaysia Ideas

These DIY kits are best used for for those planning to organise a children’s party, team building event or any kind of Bohemian themed function.

The main objective is to create a team or group event where you can participate in making a simple dream catcher using this kit.

It is a great way of social networking and communication among one another and often a successful concept in mind building.

There are even school activities that use these dream catcher DIY kits for their projects or special classes.

In most cases, you will not find them in stores around Malaysia, as it is not easy to get them readily available.

Malaysia DIY Dream Catcher
Custom orders come in various styles, and one of them is a webbed design.

Price of a Dream Catcher DIY Kit in Malaysia

The price of the dream catcher DIY kit in Malaysia starts from around RM12.00 per kit, and this also depends on the design and materials required.

This means, if you want a fairly larger kit, the price is a little higher. The standard size for the dream catcher hoop is usually around 10 cm diameter.

Some of our clients prefer to use 7 cm diameter rings as it is faster to complete, but it is entirely up to your event.

The feathers for the dream catchers also play an important role, and the more unique feathers you select, the price will be higher. Again, it is best to visit our shop to see the difference in the sizes.

Please note that there is a minimum order of 10 sets, and a waiting time of three to five working days for this. And if the order is larger, we may need around five to seven working days.

Malaysia DIY Dreamcatcher Kit
A close up of the Dream Catcher DIY Kit that we make.

What Does The Dream Catcher DIY Kit Consist Of? 

A standard DIY kit will come with one ring, a ball of yarn or suede cord, web string, feathers and beads, and with simple instructions on how to make a dream catcher.

The kit also depends on the package you are getting where it is flexible and we can discuss the final materials required.

In most cases, one person from the event company or party host should at least know how to make a dream catcher before conducting the event.

We can give that person very basic information on how to make one, and also provide additional sources on making a dream catcher.

Just to inform you that we do not attend the workshops that you are conducting.

Green Daun Location
A photo of the front of the shop by the main road.

Our Location

Our shop is located in Petaling Jaya, at Damansara Perdana, which is near Mutiara Damansara. Use Waze or Google Maps and key in “Green Daun Craft Shop” and it will direct you here.

For detailed information, we have an article on how to go to Green Daun craft shop with photos and more. We have our own parking bays which is located in the front of our shop.


Dream Catcher DIY kits are a great party or event activity where people will use their minds to create a dream catcher.

Over the years, we have made over hundreds of DIY dream catcher kits for many event companies, schools and parties, and some of the clients have even come back for more detailed kits.

If you have been looking for where to buy a dream catcher DIY kit in Malaysia, hopefully this article can solve your questions on where to get them, and you can always contact us.

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