Dragon’s Blood Resin

Malaysia Dragon's Blood Resin

For those of you who have been looking for Dragon’s Blood resin, the good news is that it is now available in Malaysia at Green Daun new age shop.

We have brought in a few types of this unique blood-red resin highly sought after by various people who use it for burning, mixing, or other purposes.

Dragon’s Blood Resin

Malaysia Dragon's Blood Resin
The resin is burnt on top of a charcoal tablet.

Dragon’s Blood resin comes from a few places globally, and it is not easy to obtain suitable resin. There are also a few species of trees that produce this deep red natural resin.

The most common is the Calamus draco species sourced from Sumatra, while a more commercial species would come from China, the Dracaena cochinchinensis. Remember, those who can feel energy will tell the difference among the types.

The most sought-after dragon’s blood resin is the Dracaena Cinnabari from Socotra, which is very hard to get in the world market, but we have been on a waiting list and finally got our stock since mid of 2021.

These resins are actually not cheap to obtain and are often sold by weight based on grams and, we at Green Daun sells them in 10-gram jars for a very reasonable price for both species.

Selling Dragon's Blood Resin
The resin is for sale at Green Daun new age shop.

How to Use Dragon’s Blood Resin?

Generally, you add this to other herbs or resins that you burn over charcoal. The resin can also be burned on its own to provide the following;

  • Power to Spells
  • Manifestation
  • Intention
  • Protection
  • Love Drawing
  • Money Attraction
  • Healing Rituals
  • Emotional Strength
  • Heightening Ritual Energy
  • Banishing
  • Love
  • Healing
  • Increased Potency
  • Honouring the Gods & Goddesses, Spirits or Ancestors


For a very long time, Dragon’s Blood has been used in magick to enhance rituals and strengthen manifestation power in spells, whether dealing with issues of banishment, love, healing or divination. It is a powerful booster to anything you put out into the universe.

In Ritual-work, the resin has been added to anything from magickal inks to protection sachets and continues to be a favourite among practitioners for its powerful properties.

Some people will add some powder of the resin to ink or paint, then write down or draw out your intentions to heighten their manifestation power.

Resin from Dragonsblood
What dragon’s blood resin looks like in natural form.

Where to Buy Dragon’s Blood Resin in Malaysia?

Green Daun new age shop sells them by the jars, and each lot is 10 or 20 grams, which is just nice for any burning or ritual work.

If you are not in the Klang Valley and live in other Malaysian states, you can also buy Dragon’s Blood resin from our online shop on Shopee Malaysia.

And if you are looking for other resins, we have quite a decent selection in our retail shop. Another popular one that we sell is the Palo Santo resin from Peru.


Please note that all the information provided here is for educational purposes only. There is no 100% accurate testament on how resins and herbs work. This is again all individual beliefs from various cultures and people.

However, Dragon’s Blood resin dates back hundreds of years ago. It was used for multiple purposes and reasons, including holistic, magickal, and general daily use like dying colours.

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