Dragon’s Blood Oil

Malaysia Dragon's Blood Oil

At Green Daun new age shop, we make our own conjured Dragon’s Blood Oil which is 100% original and using premium Daemonorops Draco resin mixed with organic Jojoba Oil and is unscented.

We also make this oil with powerful positive intentions. Our Dragon’s Blood oil is made 100% with real resins without additional colouring added to its unique red colour.

This Dragon’s Blood Oil is a very powerful conjure oil known to be very effective for protection, love, potency and cleansing, with a history dating back hundreds of years old.

Oil for Dragon's Blood
Our Dragon’s Blood Oil is made from the Daemonorops Draco species.

What is Dragon’s Blood Oil Used For?

  • It can be worn, dabbed on amulets and talismans, dropped into the bath, anointed on important papers or documents.
  • You can also drop a few drops in every corner of your home for protection and banish negative energy.
  • When performing candle divination, anoint on purple candles for power, black to rid negative energy or
  • people, white to draw in new energy or red for love and sexuality.
  • You can also use this for wound healing by rubbing it on the affected part.
  • Some people even use this oil for certain medical remedies.

You can also use this for setting intentions for what you wish to manifest into your life and for the oil to work correctly, and you must state your intention while using the oil. Also, please shake well before using oil.

Dragon's Blood Pure Oil Malaysia
What the finished product of Dragon’s Blood Pure Oil looks like.

What is Daemonorops Draco?

Daemonorops is a genus of rattan palms in the family Arecaceae. It is found primarily in the tropics and subtropics of southeastern Asia, with a few species extending into southern China and the Himalayas.

Commonly sourced from Southeast Asia, over 107 species of Daemonorops available, and Draco is just one of them.

Malaysia Dragon Blood Oil
It is made with Jojoba Oil as the base and is organic.

Where to Buy Dragon’s Blood Oil in Malaysia?

At the moment, you can buy Dragon’s Blood Oil at our online shop on Shopee, or you can also get it from our retail new age shop in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Because these conjured oils are handmade, we only make a very limited batch. This means that all our stock is fresh as we do not want to keep old stock on hand.

If you visit our online shop and the stock is finished, do not worry as we will restock it in good time. Again, we do not simply make for the sake of selling as we make only with the right mood and positive intentions.

Daemonorops Draco Oil
The conjured oil available for sale in limited quantities.


If you have been searching for Dragon’s Blood Oil, look no further as you can now get them from Green Daun new age shop in Petaling Jaya. We also sell Dragon’s Blood candles that are also specially made by us.

We also sell many other interesting products related to cleansing, purifying and smudging. For those living in the Klang Valley or around here, you can always visit our new age shop to see them.

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