Malaysia Dragon's Blood Candle

Malaysia Dragon's Blood Candle

One of the unique creations that we have made is the Dragon’s Blood candle, which is highly sought after by certain people who embrace the energy of these artisanal candles.

Dragon’s Blood has been one of the special herbs and resins that are not easy to get, and if you do acquire some, they should be of high quality because there are many fake ones out there.

And no, this is not Blood from a dragon, as some may even wonder. It is just natural sap from a specific species of tree that is hardened.

Dragon’s Blood Candle

Having a history dating back hundreds of years, Dragon’s Blood has been used by various people and groups ranging from medical to typical household uses to witchery.

The colour of the resin is blood red and comes from the sap of several trees called Calamus draco, Dracaena draco, cinnabar or Daemonorops that grows in selected countries around the world.

Overall, approximately 25 different trees worldwide supply a red resin called Dragons Blood, so this is something you should note.

The main countries that produce the best quality Dragon’s Blood natural resins are the Dracaena cinnabar from Socotra Island, off the coast of Yemen in the Gulf.

Other species include those from the Canary Islands, Morocco, Sumatra, India, Thailand, and South America.

This unique red resin has also been used widely in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China, dating back many centuries.

We at Green Daun tend to use the Dracaena cinnabari and Calamus draco species to make out Dragon’s Blood candles by mixing the extract, resin, and powder, creating a fantastic experience when burned.

Dragonsblood Candle Malaysia
The handmade Dragon’s Blood Candle from Green Daun.

Dragon’s Blood Candle Benefits and Uses

This is what everyone wants to know, and overall, there are many uses for this unique handmade artisanal candle that we sell.

This is not the raw item as it has been infused into the candle; therefore, a different set of uses apply as below;

  • Meditation in general
  • Space cleansing when moving into a new room or home
  • Negative energy cleansing for your room, house or space
  • Protection and purification of your room and space
  • Banishing evil from your room, home or space
  • Creates an aura of protection
  • It helps amplify your internal vitality, love, healing, and manifestation.
Tree of Dragon's Blood
What the Dragon’s Blood tree looks like.

You can light this candle when you want to meditate or manifest something for the general user, and the best is to cleanse your space and yourself before doing this.

One great way to cleanse is by using California White Sage or Palo Santo to smudge your room, house or area and only light the Dragon’s Blood candle.

The candle also comes in a special glass jar medium-sized and can burn for up to 15 hours straight. This is, of course, without a direct fan or air-condition blowing on it.

Alternatively, you need not burn it in one go as you can but the candle for an hour and then put it off. You can then re-burn the candle at a later time.

Malaysia Handmade Candle
What the handmade Dragon’s Blood candle looks like.

Where to Buy Dragon’s Blood Candle in Malaysia?

You can get them in two ways, one by visiting our new age retail shop in Damansara Perdana where you can smell and see the actual product among the many other unique candles that we handmake.

Or, if you live out of the Klang Valley, you can visit our Shopee shop to buy Dragon’s Blood candles online. Do note that these are handmade, and we only make limited numbers at one time.

If the product is out of stock, do not worry, as we will replenish the stock when possible or when we have made a new batch. But this is not immediate as it takes time to do this, and we do not simply make it for the sake of selling.

At our retail shop, we also have handmade candles for protection, purification, success, abundance, love and serenity that are for sale.

Malaysia Handmade Candles
Our unique handmade candles are different from others.


I hope that this information about the Dragon’s Blood candle has come in handy in understanding its use and how it can be used in our everyday lives.

If you are looking for something equally interesting, you can also check out our Dragon’s Blood Oil, especially for external use.

With stress levels getting high due to multiple reasons, such as the Covid 19 pandemic or work-related stress, we need some balance, and this candle is one of the recommendations.

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