Devil’s Claw Bat’s Head Seed and Root

Bat Head Wicca

For those who are into ritual or Wicca herbs, you can now get the unique Devil’s Claw Bat’s Head seed and root from Green Daun. These are quite hard to source as they are not found locally or in the region.

Devil’s Claw is also known in the Wicca or Magick world as Bat’s Head due to the uncanny resemblance of the nocturnal creature and has been used for hundreds of years, namely in the old world Hoodoo practice.

Devil’s Claw Bat’s Head Seed and Root

Scientifically, Devil’s Claw is called Martynia Annua and the dried seed pod are fang-like claws that resemble the upper jaw and skull of a pit viper. It is also known also as the Unicorn plant, devil’s horn, double claw, cat’s claw, Tiger claw and ram’s horn.

It is actually from a pink-flowered annual with unusually small seed pods and is native to Mexico, Central America and is naturalized throughout tropical regions of the world.

Both the pod or seed can be used for various purposes, each having its own individual purpose depending on the person. But take note that the Devil’s Claw root is usually from another species called Harpogophytum Procumbent and originates from Africa.

Malaysia Devil's Claw
The size of the Devil’s Claw.

How to Use Devil’s Claw Bat Head?

  • This pod or seed is used for drawing magick, specifically to return lost or stolen things and also to bind spells to hold onto things you don’t want to lose.
  • The sturdy, sharp pods are also used to create protective charms, and this is done individually in their own way.
  • Native American folklore says keeping the possession of seed pods with more than two claws will increase the likelihood of twins.
  • It is used to enhance any spell by carrying your intentions onto the four winds and into the universe.
  • You can anoint a Bat Head root with Protection Oil and keep it near your door or window
  • The Devil’s Claw can also be carried in a black or red bag for protection.
  • Have a Bat Head root present when you cast your spell and it will allow your spell to work in secrecy.
  • You can also place a piece of Devil’s Claw or Bat Head Root in the spell bag or spell box if you are using them to hold your ritual work.


Root Devil's Claw
Cut pieces of the Devil’s Claw root.

Devil’s Claw Root (Harpagophytum procumbens)

The root from the Devil’s Claw plant is also used for several purposes, namely for protection or hexing spells. Again, this is entirely another species of the plant, which is known as Harpogophytum Procumbent or Grapple Plant.

It is commonly found in some countries from Southern Africa, and mostly from Namibia where for centuries, it has been used as a traditional treatment for a variety of illnesses, including fevers, skin complaints, arthritis and diseases of the digestive tract as well as an appetite stimulant.

Devil’s Claw root is a powerful magickal root that can be used for positive or negative purposes. As with all magickal tools, the practitioner determines how the tool is used.

How to Use Devil’s Claw Root?

In Wicca or ritual work, it is used for several purposes as below;

  • Exorcism – Removing or evicting demons, jinns, or other spiritual entities from a person or animal.
  • Protection – Carrying in a gris-gris bag for protection from negativity or by placing it around entryways of your house to keep out evil forces.
  • Black Magick – A powerful hoodoo herb that can be used in rituals to hex an enemy, to bring bad luck, misfortune and suffering. (Not recommended)
Devil's Claw Root Plant
The plant and root. Photographer: DCH Plowes. Website:


You can now buy Devil’s Claw or Bat’s Head from our online shop, providing it is in stock. As for our new age shop, we now operate as a by appointment only. As an important disclaimer, these items are sold as a curio, for informational use and for magickal purposes only.

Devil’s Claw Bat’s Head Seed and Root is not intended for internal consumption and a health care provider should be consulted prior to taking any herbs internally.

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