Desa Park City Bazaar

Desa Park City Bazaar

Desa Park City Bazaar

A Desa Park City Bazaar has been in operation for a while now, which occurs on weekends. This community-based bazaar caters mainly to the many residents of Desa Park City in Kuala Lumpur.

Desa Park City is more of a large gated modern community residence with a lifestyle concept that has attracted many outstation Chinese Malaysians and a growing number of expatriates.

Please take note that I am NOT the organizer for the Desa Park City Bazaar.

Desa Park City Bazaar

At this award-winning gated property, they have the main community shopping and entertainment area called The Waterfront, where this bazaar is held only on selected weekends.

Desa Park City Bazaar
The bazaar at The Waterfront of Desa Park City

The bazaar here consists of about 10 to 20 vendors who sell mostly fashion, jewellery and accessories, kids items and the occasional mix and match products.

During festive seasons, the organizers have special themed bazaars that cater to the different festivals, usually about 7 to 10 days.

Desa Park City Bazaar Waterfront
Bazaar vendors at the main Waterfront area

Not to be confused, other specialized bazaars take place here, which is the Desa Park City Pet Bazaar and over at Arkadia.

You can also find the Arkadia Weekend Market, which takes place on selected weekends throughout the year. Arkadia is relatively a new lifestyle concept area that recently opened in 2017.

The Desa Park City Waterfront weekend bazaar usually occurs at the main entrance where the Kluang Station restaurant is located.

You can find the bazaar vendors located in this open area, while other vendors are found in the covered area of the Waterfront.

Weekend Bazaar Desa Park City Waterfront Area
A vendor selling weaved bags and other items
Desa Park City Craft Bazaar
One of the vendors at Desa Park City Bazaar

What can I find at this bazaar?

Generally, just the standard bazaar vendors. You will not find any unique items for sale here by mostly clothes, jewellery, accessories, maybe pet accessories, food, and bags.

There may be new vendors trying to sell something new at times, but it is all luck. On average, you will find the same vendors that you see at other bazaars.

Because the Waterfront at Desa Park City also offers retail outlets, certain products cannot be sold here due to conflict.

Waterfront Desa Park City
The Waterfront at Desa Park City

How to get to Desa Park City Bazaar?

Desa Park City is located in the area of Menjelara, which borders Petaling Jaya from the Taman Tun and Mutiara Damansara area.

To get here, you can either travel from KL through the Jalan Kepong road or via Petaling Jaya through the LDP Highway, passing the toll and then making a u-turn at the Sri Damansara junction.

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur city to get here, and from Petaling Jaya, it only takes you about 10-20 minutes drive.

Weekend Bazaar Desa Park City
Bazaar vendors at The Waterfront in Desa Park City

Desa Park City Bazaar

  • Venue: The Waterfront, Desa Park City
  • Day: Fri, Sat and Sun
  • Time: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm

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Please note that Green Daun is not the bazaar organizer; we only publish bazaar news and information for readers if you are interested in participating in this bazaar, contacting the organizer.

If you have nothing to do on a weekend and love to explore bazaars and markets, you can head to the Desa Park City Bazaar to see what is being sold. Who knows, you may even find something there.

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