Crystal Beads Shop in Malaysia

Malaysia Crystal Beads Shop

Green Daun is a crystal beads shop in Malaysia that sells individual semi-precious beads. Unlike regular crystal wholesale shops around Kuala Lumpur, you spend a lot to get the wholesale price.

Update Jan 2021We NO LONGER sell individual beads or custom-made bracelets and necklaces at Green Daun. We also do not do any restring or repairs for bracelets and necklaces.

The whole objective of this concept is to provide an avenue to small jewellery makers who only need a few crystal beads for their projects.

How often have you walked into a crystal wholesale shop to find that you need to buy a certain amount to get the wholesale? Well, our mission is to cut that step and give you what you only need.

Crystal Beads Shop in Malaysia

Malaysia Crystal Beads Shop PJ
Some of the beautiful semi-precious crystal beads that we sell.

As we are a very modern concept crystal beads shop in Malaysia, we do not sell those large natural uncut crystal pieces. We tend to be slightly different by providing individual beads for customers to choose from.

First of all, let us explain what are crystal beads. They are round cut polished semi-precious gemstone beads like Tiger Eye, Clear Quartz, Morganite, Moonstone, Citrine, Tourmaline, Black Obsidian and many others.

If you are thinking of the Swarvoski crystal beads, we are sorry but we do not sell those kinds of crystals. Our crystals are the natural healing crystals, which is very popular as healing bracelets or jewellery.

In total, we have over 50 different types of healing crystal beads, and we also carry a solid range of wooden healing beads.

Update Jan 2021We NO LONGER sell individual beads or custom-made bracelets and necklaces at Green Daun. We also do not do any restring or repairs for bracelets and necklaces.

How do we sell our Crystal Beads in our shop?

Our concept of selling crystals is simplified, where you can walk into our shop and buy what you want. This means you can walk into Green Daun and buy five pieces of tiger eye beads.

Because we carry over 50 different types of healing crystal beads that are of high quality, this makes us stand apart from other crystal wholesalers in Kuala Lumpur.

Apart from crystal beads, we also sell wooden healing beads like Raja Kayu, Agarwood and Black Ebony beads. These are for those who prefer to work with wooded healing beads in Malaysia.

Malaysia Faceted Crystal Beads
Some of the beautiful small faceted crystal beads that we also sell.

What Kind of Crystal Bead Quality Do We Sell? 

Did you know that there are in fact different qualities in crystal beads? Yeand at most crystal wholesalers in Ma, they usually sell the entry-level or lower quality till the medium quality beads.

How can you tell if they are high-quality crystals? It took us a few years to learn and understand that the higher quality beads are, in fact, much nicer to look at; hence we only carry the medium to high-quality crystals in our shop.

When you visit our shop, you will know that we sell some of Malaysia’s best high-quality crystal beads. And we can even show you the difference in them.

Update Jan 2021We NO LONGER sell individual beads or custom-made bracelets and necklaces at Green Daun. We also do not do any restring or repairs for bracelets and necklaces.

What Do You Mean By Lower Quality Crystals? 

This is something that we learned from our suppliers overseas. All crystals are cut and shaped according to the quality of the stones.

The shocking fact is that low-quality crystal beads are enhanced by heat treatment and other techniques that are used to bring out the colours of the crystals.

Lower quality crystals are common in types like Moonstone, Citrine, Morganite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli and Green Adventurine. There are of course many other crystals that fall in this category.

While certain crystals are lab-made and not the real thing, these are usually for the Golden Rutilated Quartz or Jarum Emas, called in Malay. Why? Because of the high price of these gemstones.

Shop Selling Crystal Healing Beads Malaysia
A view of our crystal beads shop from the inside.

What Makes Us Different From The Crystal Wholesale Shops In Kuala Lumpur?

We are a boutique new age craft shop and not the conventional crystal wholesale shops. If you have been to one before, you will know how they look like, and our concept is a more modern and comfortable concept.

Another thing about our shop is that we are not a 100% crystal shop like those you see at shopping malls or wholesale outlets. Just take a look at the photo above, and it gives you an idea of how different we are.

For communication, we speak good English, Malay, Chinese and even a little Japanese, and customers can even sit down comfortably when they want to choose their crystals.

Are Our Crystal Beads Expensive?

Well, if you are prepared to spend RM2,000 at the wholesale crystal shops in KL, then we are considered cheap, especially if you start to look at the medium and high-quality individual beads that we sell.

If you buy them online, you pay for what you get – meaning, you cannot choose what you want, and the sellers will send you whatever. You cannot tell the quality of the gemstones, which we find is very important when you buy them.

After all, when you buy crystal beads wholesale in Malaysia, you buy them by the strand, and also, you can not choose. But at our shop, you can choose them one by one, taking the best looking beads.

Here is another example. You want to search for Larimar crystal beads, and we doubt you can get them in a strand. So you have to buy them as ready-made bracelets, which can cost you RM2,000 to RM3,000 for just one bracelet.

At Green Daun, you can buy just one Larimar crystal bead, and even choose which one you want. That is the difference between our price and the crystal beads wholesalers in KL or Malaysia.

Malaysia Crystal Beads Wholesale
An overview of the crystal beads that we sell. Click to see the large photo.

Do we sell Wholesale Crystal Beads? 

If you have read the above, you will know that we sell the beads individually, and we are not a wholesale crystal shop in Malaysia.

Wholesale is an old concept that used to work more than 10 years ago, but with the dawn of the internet, social media and online shopping, everyone seems to be a wholesale crystal seller in Malaysia.

Long gone are the days of opening an account with a wholesaler, because if you put some effort in doing your research, you will know that the entire crystal wholesale idea is to make you commit to buying a large amount, and in the end, the wholesalers win.

Nowadays, most people have changed along with the times, and with this current lifestyle generation, many smart people do not want to spend RM2,000 to get wholesale.

The reason for this is because many do not want to be caught with deadstock, and below is a sample scenario;

Update Jan 2021We NO LONGER sell individual beads or custom-made bracelets and necklaces at Green Daun. We also do not do any restring or repairs for bracelets and necklaces.

Buying Wholesale Crystal Beads Versus Buying What You Need

Let us say you want to start a small online business selling crystal bead jewellery; first, you look for a design or concept to create some interesting jewellery pieces.

Then you visit a crystal bead wholesale shop in Malaysia to buy your raw materials. You need to come up with a minimum RM2,000 in order to get the wholesale price of 50% from the published price.

So you end up with multiple strands of tiger’s eye beads, clear quartz, black obsidian and so on. But suddenly after buying the crystal beads, you realize that everyone is throwing price for the tiger’s eye online.

This means that you either join in and undercut others, or you will be stuck with a lot of unwanted beads. Such a waste, but this has actually happened to some of our customers.

Nowadays, some jewellery makers have become smarter, and they visit our retail shop to buy some of the more exclusive beads in small amounts and then make unique pieces to sell them, setting them apart from the others. ‘

This way, they know they can control the spending and only buy what they need without having to take out thousands of Ringgit to start a small online business.

And if the project does not take off, or do well, they can easily absorb the minimal cost spent, and use the crystal beads for themselves, saving a lot of money. It’s actually a smart business thinking plan.

And the best part is that when you buy from us, we assure you that the crystal beads are genuine and of high quality, cutting out any doubts you may have about the crystal being real or enhanced.

Wooden Bead Bracelet In Malaysia
Some of the unique wooden bead bracelets we sell.

What else do we do with Crystal Beads? 

Apart from selling crystal healing beads, we also do custom made healing crystal bracelets. This is on a walk-in basis only, and you need to visit our shop for this.

What it means is that you can come and create your own crystal healing bracelet with the type of stones that you want. Even if you want to customize a bracelet with Super 7 crystals mix with other gems, we can do that.

For example, you may want to have just five Super 7 crystal beads and mix them with a few Rutilated Quartz beads and some Flourite crystals that can be done on the spot. Plus we do it according to your wrist size too.

Have you ever walked into a crystal shop only to find that they sell you the crystal bracelets as-is, and even it is too loose or tight, you have to buy that?

At Green Daun, we customize the crystal bracelets according to your wrist size, which will fit perfectly. This is something that many people want – personal customization.

Wholesale crystal beads shop Malaysia
Where our crystal beads shop is located in Damansara Perdana, PJ.
Where is our Crystal Beads Shop in Malaysia? 

Our crystal beads shop is located in Damansara Perdana, and in Petaling Jaya. To give you a landmark, it would be near IKEA Petaling Jaya, which is a five-minute drive to our shop.

Another landmark would be the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri or LHDN Petaling Jaya office. From there, it is only a two-minute drive to Green Daun.

We also have a special article on how to go to Green Daun, for those driving or even taking public transport like MRT, LRT, Grab and so on.

Update Jan 2021We NO LONGER sell individual beads or custom-made bracelets and necklaces at Green Daun. We also do not do any restring or repairs for bracelets and necklaces.


Over the years, many people have had a one-way mindset where if you want to buy things cheap, you must buy them wholesale. Deep down inside you already know that by doing that, you end up spending more.

Cheap does not always been good quality, and I am sure many of you may already experience that with low quality online bought products.

Even we have seen customers bring in crystal bracelets they bought online for high prices, yet they have been fooled with low-quality crystal beads or mixed with fake glass beads.

Nowadays, the crystal beads industry has grown so fast that everyone seems to be an online or offline seller. One of the online trends in Malaysia is the selling of crystal bracelets on Facebook Live, which is often a joke.

Just take a look at the weekend bazaars at the shopping malls, at any one time, you will see five to ten vendors selling all kinds of crystal bead bracelets. And many are in the price war, trying to undercut each other.

At the end of the day, some things still require passion and honesty, and hence we at Green Daun provide just that, as we are one of the unique and modern concept crystal beads shops in Malaysia.

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