Crochet Dream Catchers in Malaysia


Crochet Dream Catchers in Malaysia

One of the latest trends is the crochet dream catchers in Malaysia, and Green Daun has a large collection of these beautiful hand made crochet dream catchers available in our shop.

These beautiful crochet style dream catchers have been popular around the world, but only in late 2017, they eventually became a trend here in Malaysia.

The good news is that we have been making our own crochet dream catchers since early 2017 here in Malaysia.

Crochet Dream Catchers in Malaysia

Malaysia Crochet Dream Catchers
Some of the ready made crochet dream catchers at Green Daun

Crochet dream catchers require a lot of work as the crochet part is the most tedious to make, hence they do not come cheap, and depending on the size and design of it.

If you have seen cheap ones out there, please have a look at the crochet design, as those are probably the most simple designs available in the market.

And for those who are interested, the history of crochet goes a long way back to the 16th century, and speculations says that it originates from Chinese needlework. Take a look a this statement;

Research suggests that crochet probably developed most directly from Chinese needlework, a very ancient form of embroidery known in Turkey, India, Persia and North Africa, which reached Europe in the 1700s and was referred to as “tambouring,” from the French “tambour” or drum.

At the end of the 18th century, tambour evolved into what the French called “crochet in the air,” when the background fabric was discarded and the stitch worked on its own.

Crochet Dreamcatchers Malaysia
A large 65 cm custom crochet dream catcher made by Green Daun

At Green Daun, we hand make all our own crochet designs, meaning each and every piece is custom made by us. The larger pieces take a lot of time to make, hence they can take weeks to months to do.

You can buy ready made crochet designs from our shop as we have smaller sizes for sale, and prices start from RM7.00 and above.

We do have some medium and even large size crochet pieces for sale and you can see them in our shop.

However, we do not take custom orders for crochet designs, so you can walk in and see what are the available designs for sale.

Crochet Dream Catcher Malaysia
A white crochet dream catcher in 30 cm diameter with multiple rings

Where to Buy Crochet Dream Catchers in Malaysia?

Right now, we cannot think of anywhere that sells crochet dream catchers in Malaysia, as there are no other dream catcher shops that specialize in this.

The best place you can find crochet dream catchers in Malaysia is at Green Daun craft shop. We have many ready made designs available in small to large sizes, and in various colors.

Each of our crochet designs are different as we love to explore creative patterns in crochet making, and you can see various designs in our shop.

Crochet Design Dreamcatchers in Malaysia
A blue tone crochet dream catcher in 10 cm diameter ring

Some retail shops may be selling one of two of them, but those are all usually brought in from Nepal, China or even Indonesia.

And you should also know those are mass produced types of dream catchers, and not made passionately.

This means that you do not know who the maker is, or was it made with good intentions. Why we say this is because that dream catchers should be made with good intentions, a good heart and a positive mindset.

Malaysia Crochet Dreamcatchers
A pink and Tiffany blue crochet dream catcher made by Green Daun

Custom Made Crochet Dream Catchers

For anyone who wants to custom order a crochet dream catcher in Malaysia, just visit our dream catcher shop and we can sit down and discuss your size, color and design.

Some customers love the baby room dream catchers which are made with soft colors and in the crochet designs. They are usually in the 30 cm diameter size and come with either feathers or laced yarn.

Please note that to custom make a crochet dream catcher, it will take around 1-2 weeks time, and this depends on the amount of orders we have then.

Crochet Dream Catcher For Sale
A Black and turquoise crochet dream catcher in our shop

Crochet for Dream Catchers

Green Daun has been receiving many inquiries about buying just the large round crochet, and we apologize as we do not custom make those.

We have what is readily available, and while stocks last too. These are random, due to time to make them.

Round Crochet For Sale Malaysia
Small round crochet for sale at our shop, while stocks last

At our shop, we also sell the small crochet designs in various colors, and while stocks last. The size of these smaller crochet are around 7 to 15 cm in diameter, and are priced from RM7 to RM19 per piece.

For the crochet yarn materials, we only sell the mini yarn balls that come in various colors. The length is 10 meters per ball.

Crochet Dream Catcher For Sale Malaysia
Some of the 15cm crochets for sale at Green Daun Craft Shop

How Much Is A Crochet Dream Catcher?

This is probably the most asked question by many people, about the price of a crochet dream catcher in Malaysia.

And to be honest, the prices range anywhere from RM60.00 to a few hundred Ringgit for one crochet dream catcher.

The price also depends on the size and design for each of them, hence when you walk into our shop, you can see some of them on display.

You should also know that doing a crochet takes time, and the larger it is, the more time is required. Many do not see the little things that go into making a crochet.

For example, a 65 cm crochet can take a few weeks to complete for us, and it also depends on the time doing it.

If a housewife sits at home and just crochets from day to night, she could probably finish the 65 cm crochet in a couple of days.

That is the luxury of time that is hard to come by for Green Daun as we are running a retail shop, which also sells other things.

Malaysia White Crochet Dream Catcher
A native design dream catcher with white crochet made by Green Daun

Where is Green Daun? 

Our craft shop is located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. Just use Waze or Google Maps to search for Green Daun Craft Shop. For those who need verbal directions, just contact us anytime.

We are open daily except Mondays, and refer to our business hours on the main website. We are also open on weekends and public holidays till 6.00 PM.

Read this article if you need exact directions to Green Daun craft shop, as it highlights where we are in Damansara Perdana.

Malaysia Crochet Design Dream Catchers
Some of the different types of crochet dream catchers we make at Green Daun


While we sell crochet dream catchers, we also sell many other types of unique dream catchers and also materials to make them.

Some of our products include very unique and large dream catchers which are specially made for events, weddings or even for home decorations.

If you are looking for specialized ring sizes or materials, we stock a wide variety of them in our retail shop here in Damansara Perdana.

Finally, if you are wondering where to get those crochet dream catchers in Malaysia, you can now find them at our dream catcher shop.

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