Cleansing and Smudging Products in Malaysia

Cleansing and Smudging Products in Malaysia

At Green Daun, we sell cleansing and smudging products in Malaysia which are hard to find, and we have been doing so since 2018. These are also all natural products and guaranteed genuine.

If you are reading this, then would would know that these cleansing and smudging products have become highly popular in the last few years. Perhaps you may have even heard about this from someone else.

Malaysia Cleansing and Smudging Products

Smudging Products Malaysia
White Sage and Palo Santo for cleansing.

What are these products and what do they do? This is probably the main question that many first times will have and our job is to provide you with simple explanations here.

Cleansing and smudging has been done for centuries and even dates back to ancient times and practised by various cultures and tribes all over the world.

The Native Americans have been using natural herbs and spices for their cleansing and smudging rituals while the Aztecs and Mayans have been doing the same in South America with Palo Santo for the cleansing benefits.

Chinese medicine men in ancient China have also indulged in these practices thousands of years ago, and this is also thanks to the Silk Road that opened up connection to many other cultures who practised this.

Even in the Middle East, the Gulf Regions have been using frankincense resin for various properties like warding off evil, cleansing space and just for calming purposes too.

What are the Cleansing and Smudging Products we Sell?

Frankincense Myrrh Resin Malaysia
Sacred frankincense and myrrh resins that we sell in jars.

Below is a list of the items and products that we sell. Please note that each of them come from different parts of the world and some of the store-made items are made only by us.

Again, we do not sell online, and if you are interested, please visit our retail shop in Damansara Perdana.

Resins for Cleansing, Meditation and Relaxation 

  • Sacred Frankincense Hojari Raw Resin (Green, Brown and Black Grade)
  • Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil (Premium Grade)
  • Sacred Myrrh Resin (Premium Grade from Yemen)
  • Black Copal Mix (Colombian Grade)

Sage and Herb Smudging Sticks

  • California White Sage
  • Dragon’s Blood Sage
  • Mountain Sage
  • Blue Sage
  • Black Sage
  • Juniper
  • Cedar
  • Pinon Pine

Raw Smudging Sticks and Incense

  • Palo Santo Raw Sticks(Peru)
  • Palo Santo Incense Pyramid (Peru)
  • Palo Santo Pure-Pressed Incense (Peru)

Other Smudging and Cleansing Products

  • Smudging Feathers (Natural)
  • Smudging Feather Fan (Custom-made)
  • Singing Bowls (Handmade ones, not the machine made)
  • Smudging Spray (For those who cannot take smoke and those who travel often)

Energy Healing Oils

The following energy healing oils are something very special that is made only by us, that is by carefully using selected herbs and flowers that are infused with oils.

Energy Healing Oils Malaysia
Our energy healing oil series that we sell.

They are also programmed with intentions set by us which makes it very special. No essential oils are used in this and they are not essential oils as some may think. These energy healing oils are made to be very strong too.

  • Protection Energy Oil
  • Negative away Energy Oil
  • Abundance Energy Oil
  • Chakra Balance Energy Oil
  • Clear Mind Energy Oil

Bath and Protection Salts

  • Protection Bath Salt
  • Purification Bath Salt
  • Abundance Bath Salt
  • Black Salt Protection and Shield Mix (Protection and shield against negative energies for homes and space)
Mandi Bunga Set
Our unique Mandi Bunga seven flower bath tea packs.

Bath Flowers and Herb

Energy Soaps

  • Purification and Protection Energy Soap
  • Abundance Energy Soap
  • 7 Flower (Mandi Bunga) Soap
  • Chakra Balance Energy Soap

And also sell Crystal and Wood Beads

  • Healing Crystals, Beads Jewelry
  • Crystal beads (medium to high quality individual beads)
  • Crystal raw stones and tumble stones
  • Crystal Pendulums
  • 108 Mala for meditation or prayer (Custom made)
  • Raja Kayu beads, bracelets and mala (Custom made)
  • Agarwood or Gaharu beads, bracelets or mala (Custom made)
  • Rudraksha seed beads, bracelet or mala (Custom made)
  • Lava beads in many different sizes
Smudging Cleansing Spray Malaysia
Our liquid smudging and cleansing spray series that is made by us.

Why visit our new age shop? 

To be very honest, when it comes to personal procedures, this is something you do not go online to buy. Online shopping is for general consumer goods and those do not require knowledge.

By saying that, if you think of contacting us on Whatsapp or Facebook Message to ask us 101 questions, we are sorry but we cannot entertain you. Why? Because there is too much on to share and it is best done in person.

But the more important matter is that by visiting our shop, we can test some of the cleansing and smudging products for you. Meaning, we can burn some Palo Santo or Sage for you to smell.

There is a common misconception that many think Sage smells really nice, but you will know when you visit our shop and we test it for you. The smell of Sage is quite strong compared to other herbs or resins.

Do we offer classes for cleansing and smudging?

Sorry, we do not. At most, when you visit our shop, we will take the initiative to explain on how to use the products so you will have a better understanding.

It is not rocket science, and you do not need to attend any class for this. By visiting our retail shop, we will guide and explain the simple steps in order to use these products.

Where is our shop?

Green Daun New Age Shop Location
The location of our new age shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

We are in Petaling Jaya and in the Damansara Perdana area. From Kuala Lumpur, it only takes about 20 to 30  minutes to get to our place.

There are directions to our shop for anyone wanting to visit us via driving or public transport.  We recommend coming during the non-peak hours too and we are also open on weekends.

What are our business hours?

While we specialize in cleaning and smudging products in Malaysia, we open from Tuesday to Sunday and from 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM. We are closed every Monday.

You may want to follow our Green Daun Facebook Page as we normally update there. Sorry we don’t quite believe in Instagram as that is not a good social platform for businesses.

At times, we may close for a few days to travel overseas for product sourcing and we update that information on our Facebook page.

And yes, we do not sit down at our computers and order online. We need to touch, learn and feel the products that we sell.

Petaling Jaya New Age Shop
What the interior of our shop looks like.


If you have been looking for cleansing and smudging products in Malaysia, you have come to the right place as we sell quite a number of items related to this.

And no, we are not one of those new age centers where we greet you ‘Namaste’ and so on. We are a very modern concept new age retail shop that is simple, comfortable and straightforward.

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