Cleansing A New Home Or Office

New Home or Office Cleansing with Sage

One of the things that people will do before moving in is cleansing a new home or office, and this is quite normal or common among urban people.

However, if you look back at the many different cultures, you will find that cleansing a home or space is quite common but using each culture’s method or style of cleansing.

If you have been curious about this traditional practice, you should understand why cleansing a new home or office is important before moving in.

Cleansing A New Home Or Office

The one simple and straightforward answer on why people do this is that they want to eliminate any bad or negative energy found in that area or space.

Cleansing practice date back thousands of years and from various ancient cultures from around the world. The most prominent ones would be the Native Americans, as they have been using White Sage to do this for centuries.

Room or House Cleansing with Sage
Cleansing a room, apartment, or house is a good way to get rid of negative energies.

But even when you look at our Southeast Asian cultures, we, too, have been cleansing our homes for centuries, namely using the common Kemenyan resin otherwise known as Benzoin.

And if your parents or grandparents have used them, you would probably know how horrible the smell and scent can be.

Well, in today’s lifestyle, we have sourced some of the best cleansing materials for you, which are equally or much stronger than the common Kemenyan, and they smell way much better too.

Why Cleanse a New Home or Office?

Simple – You want peace of mind when you move in, and you do not want any unwanted energies or entities to occupy your new space while raising the positive vibrations. This applies to both home and office too.

Cleansing Your Home – For homes, the entire place must be cleansed properly before moving in. This is to ensure that you cleanse away all negative energies, auras or even entities that may be lurking around or wandered in.

What happens if you do not cleanse your home? Some people can live with it, while others feel uncomfortable if the area or home is not cleansed. This can lead to many issues ranging from arguments to feeling uneasy or even feeling down, depressed, moody, or frustrated.

Cleansing Your Office – This is highly important to those who believe in negative and positive energies as it can affect or disrupt our lives, namely when we do business. Bad energy or aura in your business premises will often spell problems in sales or harmony among your staff.

In most cases, business owners will cleanse their office, retail space or warehouse once in a way, but it all depends on the individual. Some people find that cleansing it every other day or weekly has huge changes. And some do it for the sake of doing so, and they do it once in a way.

For example, we at Green Daun new age shop cleanses our space daily because we are strong believers in the energies that people carry, and because we receive customers in and out of our shop, we tend to cleanse our retail space daily.

Sage Cleansing for Condo Apartment or House
Cleansing can be done at a condominium, apartment, studio or house.

How to Cleanse a New Home or Office?

Basically, you need to use a product of your liking to cleanse, and it could be anything from White Sage, Palo Santo or Frankincense Resin.

The best way is to connect with the product you will use to cleanse; hence, we recommended that you visit a shop that sells them to touch, see, feel, and smell the items before buying them.

Some people may think they need white sage to do it because they read it online or their friend told them so, but they do not connect well with the smell of the sage, and it does not work out.

Another common issue is how do you do it? Meaning what is the correct way to smudge a space? There is just one simple way to open your doors and windows, set your positive intentions, and walk around clockwise.

This is probably what every other website or blog shares, and you can follow what they say, or you can talk to the experts like us at Green Daun, and we can share with you how to do this.

Some will hold the entire smudge bundle and walk around with the smoke, while we choose to do it the traditional way of burning loose sage in a container or abalone shell.

Anyway, if you have been doing this before, you should know what needs to be done, and if you are new to this, it is recommended you find out the correct way of doing this.

Also, what type of cleansing product you are required to use depends on the severity of the space or the amount of bad energy piled up.

White sage space cleansing
White Sage is one of the items that can be used to cleanse a room, house or business.

When to Cleanse a New Home or Office?

The best possible time to do cleansing for your new space is just before moving in. Some people get the keys early, and they can conduct the cleansing before moving any furniture in.

And then they do another round of cleansing when they just moved in as well. There are no set rules on how many times or when you should cleanse your space too. But we always recommend doing it in the day, especially in the mornings.

When to Cleanse a New House? Basically, when you get the keys to the place, you should conduct one round of cleansing without any furniture. Then, after moving in your items, you can conduct another round of cleansing.

Some people will do weekly cleansing after moving in, but it all depends on the energy of the place. Otherwise, they do it fortnightly or monthly.

When to Cleanse an Office or Business? This one is tricky as most people are cautious about the smell of sage and palo santo when they cleanse their space. Because of this, they may only do it once in a way.

And if you feel that the place’s energy or vibration is low, you need to do it more regularly to raise the positive vibrations of your office or business.

As mentioned above, we at Green Daun cleanse our retail shop daily and do a thorough cleansing once a month.


At the end of the day, we all want things to run smoothly, whether at home or at your office or business, and one way of making sure of this is by doing cleansing.

Anyone can do the cleansing, but best if done by the home or business owner as the intentions set will be important to the area or space.

So for anyone curious about cleansing a new home or office, I hope this article has provided you with the information you need. And, you can always drop by the Green Daun new age shop to see the products.

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