Chakra Dream Catcher in Malaysia

Malaysia Chakra Dream Catcher

Are you looking for a Chakra Dream Catcher in Malaysia? Good news is that you have come to the right place as Green Daun craft shop makes these beautiful Chakra dream catchers.

In Malaysia, the Chakra Dream Catcher is purely hand made by us using the best quality materials and done with precision weaving. We also offer alternatives for those who want cruelty-free dream catchers and feathers are replaced with yarn.

Update 2020: We no longer sell all kinds of dream catchers or custom-make them anymore. We also do not sell materials as we sold off our entire collection. In Malay, “Kita tadak jual atau buat dreamcatcher lagi”.

7 Chakra Dream Catcher
Different types of Chakra Dream Catchers at Green Daun

Chakra Dream Catcher in Malaysia

The Chakra dream catcher design can be in many different types, as it is entirely up to the customer to choose the style and design they prefer.

It can be as small as a Chakra key chain dream catcher or even a huge wall decoration dream catcher; we can make it to suit your style.

Size is not the problem as we can do it in many different sizes for our customers. All you need to do is walk into our dream catcher shop in Petaling Jaya to see some of our ready-made Chakra dream catchers.

Chakra Dream Catcher Wall Decoration
The 7 Chakra Dream Catcher Wall Decoration by Green Daun

What is a Chakra Dream Catcher? 

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel, where it spins for energy and is known to be the centre of energy for the human body.

The Chakra also dates back thousands of years in India, and the Seven chakras are positioned throughout our body, from the base of our spine to the crown of our head.

Each Chakra has its own vibration frequency and colour. The Chakra is an energy centre within the human body that helps regulate all its processes, from organ function to the immune system and emotions.

Therefore a Chakra Dream Catcher will carry the seven colours that represent the energy and elements. Sometimes, they are often called a 7 Chakra Dream Catcher.

Malaysia 7 Chakra Dream Catcher
7 Chakra Dream Catcher made by Green Daun

However, some may even call the Chakra a rainbow, as they bare the same seven colours. Another meaning is also related to the LGBT movement, where the rainbow colour is regarded as a rainbow flag for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

To learn more about this, you can also do further reading about Chakra on Wikipedia. It has in-depth information for anyone wanting additional information.

Special design dream catchers
Some of our unique and special web designs we make

Custom Made Chakra Dream Catchers

Update 2020: We no longer sell or custom make any dream catchers. Please check online for others who may do this.

From what we know, no ready-made Chakra dream catchers are being sold in the market. Many of them are custom made, and the finishing of the product determines the design’s outcome.

You should also note that many make dream catchers for the sake of business and overlook quality and finishing. However, at Green Daun, we are particular about our finished products; hence you will be receiving unique quality custom made Chakra dream catchers.

The custom made designs can be in many different designs where car dream catchers are the most commonly requested. We can also include semi-precious crystal beads in your Chakra dream catcher.

While you may have seen some Chakra dream catchers made using common stone chips, we at Green Daun prefer to provide our customers with natural healing power using proper semi-precious healing beads.

Below are some of the types of custom designs you can make at Green Daun;

  1. Chakra Bag Charm Dream Catcher (Small Size)
  2. Chakra Necklace Dream Catcher (Small Size)
  3. Chakra Car Dream Catcher (Small to Medium Size)
  4. Chakra Room Dream Catcher (Medium to Large Sizes)
  5. Chakra Wall Decoration Dream Catcher (Medium to Large Sizes)
Dream Catcher Custom Order Malaysia
The Chakra Dream Catcher at Green Daun Craft Shop

How to order a Chakra Dream Catcher in Malaysia?

Update 2020: We no longer sell or custom make any dream catchers. Please check online for others who may do this.

Green Daun is a specialized boutique dream catcher shop where we sell all kinds of dream catcher materials, ready-made dream catchers, and many other unique items. We also sell, and custom makes 7 Chakra Bracelets for men, women and even children.

Kedai Green Daun
Some of the dream catcher materials we sell at our shop.

Where is Green Daun? 

We are located in Damansara Perdana, at a shop lot in the Perdana Exclusive Condominium on the ground floor behind Splendid Laundry. A popular landmark is the Damansara Perdana Jaya Grocer, which is at the next building to us.

A more common landmark is IKEA PJ, KidZania or The Curve Shopping Mall, and we are just located five minutes drive from there. Just use Waze or Google Maps and key in ‘Green Daun Craft Shop’, and it will lead you to us.


Since 2020, we no longer sell or make dream catchers as we have transitioned into a full-scale new age shop. Please take note of this.

If you need more information, please note that we do not sell or custom-make a Chakra Dream Catcher in Malaysia since 2020.

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