California White Sage Smudging Sticks in Malaysia

California White Sage Malaysia

California White Sage Malaysia

You can find California White Sage smudging sticks in Malaysia at the Green Daun new age craft shop. We sell a variety of sage smudging sticks that suit other types of purification and cleansing purposes.

These natural herbs have been used since humans have existed and many natives believe that the Sage carries its own energy, just like our bodies and surroundings.

This natural herb also goes by many other names like Salvia apiana, white sage, bee sage, or sacred sage, but overall it is known simply as California White Sage and also the king of all sages.

California White Sage Smudging Sticks in Malaysia

Californian White Sage Malaysia
What the Californian White Sage looks like.

Why are people so attracted to this particular smudging stick? This may be a question that a first time user would be asking.

And the answer is quite simple – When most people search for this online, almost all the online articles will mention using California White Sage smudging sticks.

This species of sage has a very long history dating back to the Native Americans, who have been using the local sage for for ceremonial and personal purposes.

According to some native beliefs, Smudging cleanses, rebalances and opens fresh energy and spirit so that our life and chakra energy continues to flow much like an open river where we can move forward.

White sage is also a broad leaf sage that is highly prized for its strong aromatic properties, and it is the strongest of the different types of sage.

Nowadays, many people seek the California White Sage smudging sticks for cleansing, purification and also to attract positivity in their space, office, objects or on themselves.

California White Sage
California White Sage dates back to the Native American culture.

How to Use California White Sage?

Generally, the art of smudging requires one to light the California white sage on one end and move around the space, object or person. However, simple as it sounds, there are some general rules to adhere to.

The first thing is that your intent is clear before you begin your smudging otherwise it would be not effective. Below are some basic steps on how to burn white sage smudge sticks;

  1. Clear up any clutter in your space
  2. Prepare a glass or ceramic bowl or even an ashtray
  3. Before you start, open windows and doors so that the smoke can escape
  4. Set your intention before you start
  5. Light the California White Sage on one end with fire until a flame is seen, then put off the fire
  6. Let the smoke naturally smolder through the sage
  7. Some people prefer to smudge themselves before smudging a space, object or another person
  8. Start at the back of your space, namely at the corners
  9. Move around clockwise from the back to the front of your space
  10. Pay attention to corners and back of doors, cupboards, desks and so on
  11. Use your hand or a smudging feather to spread the smoke around
  12. Once you have completed smudging the space, object or person, simply put it out
  13. You can also reuse again the next time around

If you should also know, the most common use for White Sage is namely for meditation, divination, smudging, cleansing and purification.

Where is California White Sage from?

Simple, it comes from the state of California in the United States. But to be exact, this herb grows in Southern California and Baja California, and also on the western edges of the Mojave and Sonoran deserts.

There have been people who buy the white sage seeds and plant them in their own countries, and then sell them, hence this is quite tricky.

Our California White Sage smudging sticks come from California, and from a reputable seller who practices responsible farming.

Bundling White Sage Smudge Stick
How California white sage is bundled. Photo by Patti Wigington.

How are the White Sage smudging sticks made? 

Usually the growers will harvest them and leave them to dry before bundling them according to size. Cotton string is used to secure each smudge stick.

When you burn your sage smudge stick, the cotton string will also burn along, and there is no need to worry. Just make sure that when you burn, you have a ceramic or glass container to catch the ashes.

Malaysia White Sage
California White Sage is highly popular.

Where to Buy California White Sage Smudging Sticks in Malaysia?

You can buy them at the Green Daun new age craft shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. Due to limited fresh stock, we order them in small batches to maintain the freshness and quality.

Our smudging sticks are all sized from 4 inch to 4.5 inch or 10 cm to 12 cm long. The width is around 1 inch diameter or 2.5 cm.

White Sage Smudging Sticks Malaysia
There are many species of white sage, but the Californian White Sage are some of the best.

Where is our new age shop?

We are located in the township of Damansara Perdana which is in Petaling Jaya. It also takes about 20-30 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur.

A near landmark would be IKEA Petaling Jaya or The Curve Shopping Mall, and from there, it is a five minute drive to our new age shop.

For those who use Waze or taking Grab, just use “Green Daun craft shop” and it will bring you to our place. Read this article for more info on directions to our shop using public transport to reach us.

Smudging Sticks Malaysia
Some of the different smudging sticks sold at Green Daun.

If you have been looking for California White Sage Smudging Sticks in Malaysia, just visit us at our new age craft shop. We have ready stock available for individual purchases, but please take note that we do not do wholesale.

We used to sell local sage smudging sticks, but now we no longer stock those due to the popularity of the California White Sage.

Apart from the white sage, we also sell other types of sage like Black Sage, Desert Sage and a few other types of smudging herbs. We also sell sacred frankincense resin, sacred myrrh resin and Palo Santo sticks.

There are those who love to use different types of smudges for different purposes, hence if you want to know more, just visit our store.

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