Where to Buy Wooden Rings for Macrame in Malaysia

Buy Wooden Rings Macrame Malaysia

For those who are doing Macrame, you would surely want to know where to buy wooden rings for macrame in Malaysia for your projects.

These natural wooden rings or hoops are used commonly in macrame making, namely to connect the cotton cords.

No Longer For Sale
Some of the items are no longer for sale at our shop.

Macrame wooden rings are not easy to get in Malaysia as there are not many places selling them, but at Green Daun craft shop, we stock a wide range of rings that can be used for macrame and also for other crafts.

*Update Jan 2020 – We no longer sell these items, and we are clearing out our old stock for wooden rings.

Malaysia Macrame Wooden Rings
Two of the round wooden macrame rings

Where to Buy Wooden Rings for Macrame in Malaysia

Currently, Green Daun craft shop in Damansara Perdana sells a few types wooden rings for all kinds of craft work including macrame and dream catcher making. They also come in various sizes and widths which are sold individually instead of large quantities.

Some Malaysian crafters prefer to buy just small amounts, hence we cater to this market. We are not your wholesale seller who just wants to sell for the sake of business. We are also makers and crafters, therefore we understand the needs of this genre.

As for where else can you buy macrame rings in Malaysia, we are not very sure because when we used to do macrame, we could not find a proper shop selling the materials required.

Hence after starting our new age craft shop, we decided to import them in and sell the macrame wooden rings.

Macrame Rings in Malaysia
9mm diameter wooden macrame ring

While you may have been searching on Google for where to buy wooden rings for macrame, most of the results will either show you results from those large online portals, but almost of the products are shipped from China.

Again. you know how it is like when you order from online markets and portals as at times, what you see in the photo is not what you may receive.

However, if you landed on our macrame article, then you can get them immediately when you visit our shop in Petaling Jaya as we carry a wide range of macrame materials.

Wooden Macrame Ring Suppliers in Malaysia

We would not call ourselves as suppliers because the term usually indicated large quantities or wholesalers. We are a retail shop that sells niche crafting supplies including macrame cords or ropes, dream catcher materials, metal and plastic rings and so on.

Small wood rings for macrame in Malaysia
4.5mm diameter small wooden ring

You should also know that the wooden rings for macrame are not as cheap as you may think. They come in sizes as small as 2 cm right till about 9 cm and are made from quality wood.

The unfinished wood design gives the ring a raw look, which is usually sought after by macrame makers. However, you can still lacquer them to a darker share or any other color you want.

These are the perfectly round unfinished wooden rings which are raw and uncolored. These are the perfect rings to be used for macrame making.

Wood Ring Supplier Malaysia
The two common wooden rings used for macrame making

We also have other types of wooden rings which are sized from 10 cm to 50 cm in diameter. These are slightly different from the general complete round finished rings. They are circular but square on the edges.

And for those wondering where to buy macrame rope cords, we also sell them in many different sizes. Plus we sell large wooden beads that can be used for your macrame making.

The only thing we do not sell is the cut tree branch, which makers usually get on their own.

Macrame Wooden Ring Ideas
Some of the macrame wooden ring ideas. Images combined from www.pinterest.com

What Can You Use The Wooden Rings For?

These wooden rings are mostly used for macrame pot hangers, mainly as the hanging section. Some makers will use smaller wood rings to connect the macrame ropes in the middle.

Again, it is all up to your creativity in design. Different makers will have different designs and ideas like a macrame chandelier or a macrame door curtain.

Another popular use for the wooden rings is for making dream catchers. While round metal rings are commonly used to make them, some choose thicker wooden rings as the base of the dream catcher.

Alternatively, plastic and acrylic rings are the most popular for making dream catchers as they are much cheaper in cost.

At Green Daun craft shop, we sell all kinds of rings that can suit your craft projects. Wooden rings, metal rings, plastic rings and acrylic rings in all size are available.

We even sell wreath rings for those wanting something different. Besides macrame and dream catchers, you can also use the wooden rings for many other craft purposes.

Ideas for Macrame in Malaysia
Some creative macrame ideas for Malaysians. Photo collage by www.pinterest.com

Where to Buy Wooden Rings for Macrame in Malaysia

Right now, you can visit our boutique new age craft shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya to buy the wooden rings.

Find out how to go to Green Daun craft shop for those planning to visit us. For those living out of the Klang Valley, you can always contact us from the form or via telephone.


Again we will stress that it is not easy to find wooden rings for macrame in Malaysia, but we at Green Daun have taken the initiative to stock them in our retail shop.

Just drop by our retail craft shop to see the many macrame products we sell among the many other items.

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