Where to Buy Steampunk Parts Accessories in Malaysia

Shop selling Steampunk Accessories and Parts

Having being a very niche genre, many do not know where to buy Steampunk parts and accessories in Malaysia.

This trend has been around for years and highly popular in the western countries. Here in Malaysia, it is still a very small market for the Steampunk trend and also accessories.

*Please note that we no longer stock Steampunk accessories. We only have limited stock for the gears and cogs in our shop as we are clearing up our collection with 50% discount on the parts.

No Longer For Sale
Some of the items are no longer for sale at our shop.

Places That Sell Steampunk Parts Accessories in Malaysia

Since our craft shop was opened in 2016, we have been carrying Steampunk parts and accessories, and even finished Steampunk products like jewellery, pendants and necklaces.

Again, many may have heard about this unique fashion and trend, but most are unsure. So if you have been wanting to know more about Steampunk in Malaysia, you can always drop by our shop to see and ask questions.

Steam Punk Accessories in Malaysia
Clock face Steampunk accessories sold by Green Daun

Currently, there are only two places that sell Steampunk accessories and parts in Malaysia, an they are Green Daun craft shop and Spotlight stores.

However, in this article, I will elaborate on both places for you, so you know where to get what you need.

  1. Green Daun Craft Shop – A small boutique craft shop that specializes in hand made craft and jewellery and located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. Our shop is actually just five minutes drive from IPC Shopping Mall, IKEA PJ or The Curve Shopping Mall.
    At our boutique craft shop, we sell Steampunk parts and accessories by the piece. Meaning, you can just buy what you need and prices are very affordable.We have a wide collection of Steampunk gears or cogs, keys, clock faces, and animals associated to Steampunk. Each of the items start from RM1.00 per piece and they come in silver, antique gold and bronze finishing.We also have custom made Steampunk jewellery for sale, and they are all handmade by us. We have been making Steampunk jewellery since 2014 as our customers are from all over the world.

    Our specialty remains in the Steampunk jewellery  while we have the widest selection of small gears and cogs.

  2. Spotlight Stores – An Australian home decoration franchise that also sells some art and craft. However, you should know that they are premium priced because the items are all imported from China to Australia, repacked and then exported to their stores worldwide.The Steampunk you can find there are just pre-packed parts and they are quite costly, almost five times more than what you can get at Green Daun.They usually pack a few of the same items into one packet, and that is it. At times, some of the products are damaged or broken as we have noticed. You will not find any finished products at Spotlight.

There you go, the only two places where you can find Steampunk products in Malaysia. Depending on what you want to get, I have narrowed down the pro’s and con’s of both places as you have read above.

For those wanting a wide selection of Steampunk parts, Green Daun has them and if you want to see samples or ready made Steampunk jewellery, you can find them on display at our shop.

We take stride in our finished work and they are all one of a kind pieces, and for sale. At Green Daun, you can also get advice, tips and tricks on how to use the parts, what kind of glue is required and so on.

We are always eager to share knowledge and information to our customers, and you will not be getting this kind of service at other places.

As we sell individual pieces, hence you only need to buy what you need versus buying one entire packet and ending up with extras that will be put aside.

We like to cater to the smart consumer to help them save money for their projects.

Malaysia Steampunk Parts
Various charm elements connected to Steampunk

What are Steampunk Accessories? 

Generally, Steampunk revolves around the world of industrial steam power from the 19th century. Born in the 80’s, it is also a cross culture blend with the English Victorian era and Wild West Culture of back then.

A good example would be the hit movie Wild Wild West from 1999 starring Will Smith. There are also many other movies that focus on this genre, like Hellboy and Van Helsing to name a few.

You may be thinking what kind of accessories are used for Steampunk,  there are actually quite a bit, but in this article, I am listing down the basic accessories for Steampunk jewellery;

  • Gears or cogs
  • Pocket watches, clocks
  • Bronze or antique keys
  • Themed charms like hot air balloons, octopus and others
  • Black Lace
  • Feathers

DIY Steampunk in Malaysia 

Usually, Steampunk accessories or jewellery is personally handmade, but due to today’s lifestyle and busy schedules, many do not have the time to DIY their own.

This is where Green Daun comes in as we can custom make designs for anyone. You just need to drop by our shop and we can go through the layout or design that you may have in mind.

From there, we will create the piece for you and it usually takes a couple of days, pending on our schedule too. However, it is still best that you get your own Steampunk parts and do it yourself.

If you have a top hat or any other costume that needs accessorizing, you can also bring it here to see what you need to add on to it. Or you can just make a mental note and come get the parts you require.

For heavy duty accessories like Steampunk guns or corsets, we do not do them as they are quite costly. We do have toy guns that can be modified into Steampunk guns. We also have Steampunk Goggles which is not accessorized for sale.

Malaysia Steampunk Goggles
A pair of Steampunk goggles sold at Green Daun craft shop

Types of Steampunk Accessories

There are many different types of Steampunk accessories available. Most of them are DIY or modified from existing pieces, but the best is to create from scratch.

Below are a list of common Steampunk accessories that are easy to make.

  • Steampunk Necklaces – Created by adding various parts to an existing necklace or by affixing individual gears to make a custom Steampunk necklace from scratch.
  • Steampunk Chokers – Using Victorian lace as the base and adding gears and other charms to the choker. Alternatively, you can use ribbon, suede or leather to affix the gears and parts.
  • Steampunk Bracelets – Joining the gears and parts to one another to create a bracelet. Lots of design ideas can be achieved from this. You can also use existing bracelets to modify by adding gears and other accessories.
  • Steampunk Brooches – This one requires more detailed work where you can use gears and other parts to create a Steampunk brooch or pendant.
  • Steampunk Charms – Commonly made for those wanting a Steampunk charm for their journals or bag. Leather, suede, chains, gears and other parts can be used for this.
Malaysia Steampunk Jewellery
Types of Steampunk jewellery in Malaysia

Where To Find Steampunk In Malaysia? 

Because this trend has not caught on in Malaysia, it is quite hard to find Steampunk in Malaysia and there are multiple sub-categories branched out from the main genre.

The sub-categories are Fantasy, Alternative and Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk genre, which is a little more accepted in Malaysia.

The reason or this is that those sub genres are easier to manage compared to the traditional Victorian and Wild West genre of Steampunk.

They are actually the original genres of Steampunk, which is highly influenced by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells in their fictional work.


Finally, as mentioned above, you can find small accessories and parts for Steampunk decoration at Green Daun craft shop in Petaling Jaya.

For Cosplayers, this is something you should look into as it is quite interesting to cosplay a Steampunk character.

In other words, you will definitely stand out from the rest of the cosplayers who are more focused into the fantasy, anime or Marvel characters.

If you have been looking for where to buy Steampunk parts and accessories in Malaysia, you now know where you can find them. If you have any questions, please comment below or contact us anytime.

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